Twosday - 22/2/22

Next year the 22nd of February (22/2/22) falls on a Tuesday她r a Twosday :rofl:!

I feel like I might need to make a special postcard to celebrate地nd save up addresses to send out lots of cards on the 22nd.

My PO Box number is even #122! I hope I receive some cards on the 22nd.

Imagine if 22nd Feb was your birthday, and you were turning 22 in 2022!

Will you do anything special on 22/2/22?


What a nice idea! I am curious what your postcard will look like - I must admit, I did not even realize that we will have such a special date next year! What a pity that it is a tuesday, because usually my longset work day!
I would love to create a special postcard for that date as well, but I wonder what to do - I am not that creative but it is still time to think about it :slight_smile: Maybe I should take a day off as well?? Thanks for giving us the hint, that we can start planning :slight_smile:


Thats what I was thinking! If we start planning now, we will have time to get something made up. Itd be cool to have a meetup planned for that date but a/ its a weekday, so hard for many and b/ Im still yet to find another Canberran who is active in the forum存o my meetup might be party of one!

I was thinking of trying to find something that had lots of 2s in it to photograph. A post box numbered 22 or 222, a letterbox numbered 22 or 222. A groovy house number 22. A price tag for $22. Something a bit whacky like that. Ill think about it some more. Maybe a digital clock at 02:02? All of those things would be close-up images. There must be lots of other 2 things! :thinking:

Car rego plate with lots of 2s
Two of something宇wo trees, two tutus :crazy_face:!


Great ideas! I will watch out for 222 :slight_smile:

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Cushty, Twosday Love it, Postcrossing should create an event or something for it maybe? @postbot How about it?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @postbot display help.

22/2/22 = Palindrome.


I love this! The date is now in my diary. I dont know what I shall do, but I will do something. Sending postcards on that day is a good idea.


Also with 22.02.2022

(correct way of date-writing of course, not the one in your South, my FarWest :innocent: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


wow , thanks for pointing out. Would love to send out some special cards that day too but need more creativity so I can maybe make a great card. will definitly try to send out some cards that day.

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And of course its a Palindrome Day because it reads the same forwards as backwards. So maybe your cards could include that too. So special!


February 22 is not a happy day for me so for me this will be just a day like any other

I also didn織t think so far up to now.
I like the pun you made: Tuesday 22.02.2022 = Twosday.
Maybe one of us get a realy good idea for that day


I have already bought cards for this occassion :star_struck:

Ive sent a similar card last year:


I have already bought some Palindrome cards (at for this day. I think I will at least use one of them for a lottery then.
Last year I had Palindrome cards for 02 02 2020. :grinning:


I like the twosday term, and thanks for letting us know, I didnt realize yet.
Some thoughts I had: Sending 2 cards at the same time, same card. The card could also display anything paired, 2 sheep, 2 people, 2 cakes, anything.
So far for now, will keep it in mind.


There seem to be several palindrome days in February 2022 (depending on the used format and digits), also on the 2nd and the 20th of the month.
It would be a nice idea indeed to organize something funny, if there is enough interest.
Perhaps a one-off RR where interested postcrossers could send each other postcards written and stamped on a palindrome day?
Or a Secret Palindrome RR where you send 1 or more postcards (w/s on a palindrome day), without knowing from whom youll get a postcard in return?


If you have a Twosday meetup, you could have it in a suburb such as Toongabbie, Toowoomba, Toorak or Two Rocks (all in Australia) for some added toos/twos.

You could also use two stamps or have stamps with 2s in them. I have some 22 cent stamps to help make up my postage (and they could possibly also be involved in the image side of the card). We had several 22 cent designs from around 1980/1981. They wont be the only stamps used for postage匈d need about 18 of them for each card :rofl:.


Im so sorry that its not a happy day for you!

You and I both have 22 or in my case tutu in our names! Theyre everywhere :+1:t2:.