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We had this topic on the sandbox forum, and I thought it was interesting, so I’m opening it here again.

What are some interesting places you’ve used Postcrossing’s Travel Mode on?


I used Travel Mode when I was visiting Greece with my family. Alas, I was very new to Postcrossing then, my first cards were still travelling and I was only able to send two cards in Travel Mode :sweat_smile:

I used Travel Mode in Strasbourg/FR and in the country of Luxembourg in Luxembourg-City and in several of the little towns there.
And because I live near the Netherlands I sometimes went across the border for a day trip and used Travel Mode to send some cards (but not this year).

I use it almost every time I travel somewhere for the last couple of years!
So far in Austria, the US, Estonia, Czech Republic and Greece. I really love it!


I’ve been using Travel mode avidly since it was implemented in 2017! :smile:
The rarest countries I used it from were Morocco and Luxembourg so far. I also have a lot of little houses in Portugal, and I will soon have many more in the Southern Italian regions I visited in the past few weeks.
I do hope I can send Travel Mode postcards from really rare countries one day, but it looks quite far away at the moment. :pensive:


I am an expat working out of Germany. So, when I am at home in Switzerland, I am really happy using Travel Mode.
In the current month I sent 17 postcards from my village.


Another expat here, so it’s either US or DE. Both not very thrilling to most. But I have also sent 2 cards from Canada and 5 from Greece when traveling. Maybe, one day, I’ll add more.

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Last time I visited Argentina, it was just before travel mode being launched. A pity to miss. I sent postcards from there, sold a liver to do that, but it was worth.
Would love to give to official postcrossers this joy of receiving a postcard from that beautiful land.
And… amazing beutiful postcards available in the country!


it’s always great to use travel mode, but especially when being in “rare” countries.
so one of my highlights was liechtenstein, because i got 4-digit-IDs when i drew addresses.
another highlight was being able to send cards with an ID from vatican city :smiley:


I have only used travel mode in Germany and Netherlands.

Next year I go to USA and Canada hopefully and will also use travel mode.

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I sent cards from Amsterdam, Netherlands and Oslo, Norway in travel mode. :slight_smile:
When I was in Svalbard, it didn’t work, since wifis there are shown to be in Norway. Too sad to miss that opportunity! (it’s a wonderful place though, so travel there if you get the opportunity!)

My next trip will be to Luxemburg (if the situation allows) and I’m very much looking forward to send cards from there! :luxembourg:


I was in Hong Kong when Travel Mode was introduced. My account was on inactive for the vacation, so it was fortunate that somebody mentioned it in the German forum. Of course I sent some postcards from there with HK id. Since then I’ve sent from Italy, Latvia, Lithuania and Switzerland.

The vacation I had booked for early summer this year would have brought me to two ‚rare‘ countries which still have 4-digit ids, well, I plan to go there when we can travel again and of course will use travel mode to send from there.


I have used travel mode abroad in Denmark and Åland Islands (where I drew four-digit IDs, that was so cool!) and in some places here in Finland too. I would have used travel mode in Iceland if I had been able to travel there in August.


Could you easily draw addresses with the Vatican ID? The last time I heard about postcards sent from the Vatican City in travel mode, the sender had needed to get in touch with Postcrossing and have their IDs changed manually, one by one.

Yeesh, was Travel Mode really implemented three years ago? Hard to believe, since of course I have not aged a day in the meantime…

I have used Travel Mode once, in the “between COVID Wave 1 and COVID Wave 2” trip I made in September. I posted about it on the “legacy” Forum already, but what impressed me is that there really were times when it made more sense to send an Official than to write a card to a friend or relative, and I was happy to be able to use Travel Mode to do so.

I’ve received Travel Mode cards a couple of times and have been happy because they have never been from “rare” countries yet. (Hmm… From a “rare” country, I am afraid if I get one from someone in travel mode it will reduce my chances of getting a card from a resident. But maybe that is not true… does anyone here on the Forum know about that?)

I used it from Portugal, Austria and Ireland :blush:

I have been on daytrips since travel mode got introduced but this is too much stress when just being some place for one day.

Yes, few weeks before my first meeting abroad, in Viana do Castelo :portugal:, the first of several Portuguese meetups I attended since. :wink: Unfortunately, it was not available when I travelled across Portugal for over two weeks in 2016, or Ireland in 2015.

Yes, because I remember it being a brand new thing when I was on a weekend trip in Copenhagen. Like it had been implemented a bit earlier that week or something. :smiley:

if you ever go to svalbard again let postcrossing know.
back then when travel mode was implemented i pointed out the svalbard/norway/same provider “problem”, and was told, they will switch your location to svalbard for the time being (or something like that) and you’ll be able to send cards with a svalbard ID.
(not sure, if this information is still up to date, though)


there was a certain spot in the entrance area of the pinakoteca where i was able to pick up the signal.
when i came back to the same spot an hour later it didn’t work, then i found the signal inside of the pinakoteca working only in the first room in one specific corner.
it was quite tricky, because if i moved for just 1 meter it disappeared again.
i guess i was lucky to get it at all. :innocent: