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Thanks for the info! I don’t know if I’ll ever go back there, but I really wish to and then I’ll keep that in mind!

I wish I didn’t read this thread, my feet are getting itchy!


I am in travel mode right now, the UAE:) this is my first travel mode time:)) hopefully not last!


I have used it from Greece, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, and love it.

Was planning to use it from Austria (meetup in Wien), North-Ireland and Greece this summer, but it was all cancelled or postponed, so no luck this year.


I’ve never used Travel Mode before. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to use it when I visit family in Jersey, and a friend in the Netherlands. Otherwise I have no big plans to travel, it will be a case of wait and see.

Do people use it when they’re in different parts of their own country?

I do. I used it during my recent Italian trip, when I sent postcards from four different regions in Southern Italy, but I had already used it for short trips to other cities, both in Italy and in France, when I was living there. It’s not as fun as using it abroad, but still…

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Organ trade?
Did you sell your own one?


I believe I sold my husband’s :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
But just to spare mine for next big buzz ! There is always temptaion around a postcrosser. :crazy_face:


Better think twice, I was told living without liver is hard! :rofl:


I used it from Netherlands, Belgium and different cities so far.
I preferred to keep all my organs in me and returned in one piece so far! :wink:

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I send three cards via travel mode in Italy last year.
Actually I sent four but I was so excited to use an other ID than Germany, I forget to change my settings into travel mode :sweat_smile:

IT-505236, IT-505237, IT-505238

These are also my only IDs with consecutive numbers, I think

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I have used the travel mode within the same country, but then again I live in Canada. I used it when we visited Winnipeg, but it was only 1 postcard - I only use travel mode after I have sent to my family / friends.

Otherwise, I have used travel mode in Ontario when I go to various places. Also, have used it in Las Vegas and Oregon. I will only request when I have the time to write a card, and I find that on vacation - I tend to run out of time to write a postcard (although, I plan to write many cards on vacation. Haha).

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Clever way to keep sending and receiving postcards!

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So far, I have used the travel mode in Scotland (my 1st time), Italy (twice), Spain (Lanzarote, to be precise), Slovakia and Czechia (also twice).

The 2nd time in Czechia was a 1-day trip right across the border to get to the Czech highest mountain by cable car - I could have just climbed it from the Polish side but wanted to try this way. On Snezka (the mountain) there is a Czech post office and there is also a cafe with wifi… perfect for postcrossing purposes!

I wish the travel mode had been introduced when I was in Iceland and Faroe Islands… maybe one day I’ll be back :smiley:

I have also used it while travelling in Poland, mostly to see how the distances would change and also to have the exact place of sending shown, as opposed to just my home. This year, while on vacation in the country and not abroad, I picked an address every day, and chose as my location the place I was visiting that day and sent a viewcard from there :slight_smile: Nice experience, I’ll definitely repeat it :slight_smile:


Since Postcrossing added the ‘travel mode’ I use it on my travels.
I used the travel mode in:

  • Bonaire (BQ) in May 2018;
  • Saint Martin (MF), Sint Maarten (SX), Puerto Rico (PR), Bahamas (BS) and The United States (US) in October/November 2018;
  • United Kindom (GB) and New Zealand (NZ) in March 2019;
  • Spain - Mallorca (ES) in June 2019;
  • Czech Republic (CZ) in October 2019;
  • The United States (US), Mexico (MX) and Cayman Islands (KY) in November 2019 (could not locate an open post office in MX and KY, so I mailed the postcards when I was back in the USA);
  • United Kindom (GB) in February 2020;
  • Spain - Fuerteventura (ES) in March 2020;
  • Germany (DE) and Luxembourg (LU) in August 2020.

Sint Maarten was just after hurricane Irma. The post office was closed/damaged and the suecurity guard could not explain to me where the temporary post office was, so I handed her my cards and she mailed them for me.

I do wish I could see seperate stats for the ‘travel mode cards’.


I spent 2 months on Svalbard, so I could easily change my address to my Svalbard address when I was there. But I did try the travel mode first (which didn’t work) as I didn’t want to receive any mail when I was there, in case it travelled slow and arrived too late.

Yes, I’ve done so several times when I’ve been at postcrossing meetups.


I’ve only used it in Czechia so far. The postage from Spain last year was expensive enough for my private cards and I didn’t bother with Amsterdam, because there are many more PCers from the Netherlands than from Austria. Could’ve used it in Slovenia in September, but forgot about it.

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I have just realized that the postcrossing map will show little houses of where you sent cards from - in travel mode or as a regular address (at least for the past ten years, my first pc address mail box is missing). Is that a bug or a time limit, Ana? @meiadeleite

For example: My map of Germany looks like this:

The houses are where I sent cards from. I also have houses in different places in the US, Greece and Canada.


There should be little houses where you’ve sent postcards from, and I don’t think there is a time limit to them… :thinking:

Where should your missing house be placed? Let’s see if we can find it!


The time frame is set from Oktober to November 2020 :slight_smile:

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