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@jarana I know that I restricted the time limit where my sent cards show up (as blue and red lines). But the houses show up nevertheless - I haven’t sent cards from Braunschweig for almost ten years.

My first mailbox was located in Salzgitter … I was wondering if it might be too close to Braunschweig to be displayed.

But nevertheless, even though I have no idea how long these permanent little houses have been around, I discovered them just yesterday and think they are an awesome feature. :slight_smile: :love_you_gesture:


Then I had understand you wrong.

Ialso tested it and found a little house in Italy, where I was last year still showing up if I setthe time frame in 2020 only. Also in other places in Germany, wwhen I used travel mode are decorated with houses.
But it’s cool :sunglasses:

I think you might have picked Braunschweig as your location back then, judging by the maps of your first postcards:

Some people pick a big city nearby for privacy reasons… but it could also be that when you signed up for Postcrossing our geo-database was less complete than it is now. We update it a few times per year, based on Geonames.


That might very well be true …

I remember that, when I started spending some months a year in France in 2014, my village was not among the places I could have a “house” in, so I had to pick a town that was 50 kms far from it…

Until last year, I tried to use Travel mode when I travel somewhere (both inside Japan and abroad).

The most fav. added card is BA-10385 which I sent from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

When I drew official addresses in San Marino in 2019, ID number were around 200! I was so excited :grinning:


Since I usually travel between US and DE, I was very excited for the five digit ID’s in Greece. :wink:

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I’ve used travel mode in foreign countries and inside Germany. More precisely, I’ve used it at vacations to Amiens (France, one of my cards with Amiens cathedral has the most favorite votings of all my sent cards almost the view we had from our hotel) and Leipzig (Germany), for a business trip to Warsaw (Poland) and for a Postcrossing meeting in Kassel (Germany). As our day trips this year inside Germany were always on Sundays, I couldn’t buy and send cards in travel mode. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I used travel mode in Aruba and Canada (Toronto) as well as some places in the U.S. that are significantly far from my home. I think my most favorited cards are the Aruba ones.

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It had never occurred to me to use travel mode in the same country. So the point is just to get another location in the same country onto your map?

The distances also get more accurate. As some countries are really huge that makes a visible diffrence.

I do use it inside the country I’m living in at the moment (Italy or France in the last few years) so that I can remember these trips later on. Moreover, the recipients of my Travel Mode cards can see on the map where I sent their postcard from. I don’t specially care about the more accurate stats, since European countries aren’t so big and my global stats don’t change much whether I use TM or not within my country.

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Partly yes, and partly to reflect where I am when sending the postcard from.

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I like to use travel mode especially in the countries where postage is a way cheaper then in Canada. In fact I caught myself planning a vacation destinations with some of the criteria being: the accessibility to get cards and stamps, the reliability of the postal service, the cost of postage, etc :smiley:
I’ve used travel mode in five countries, the rarest being Suriname with 3-digit ID numbers and this card is my most favourite of all in travel mode


I’ve used it for the Gold Coast, Australia x 2 + Domesticly. The reason for the domestic travel mode, is it gives me something different to write about + geography lesson for the reciever. New Zealand & International mail is reduced enough anyway, that short blocks of travel mode don’t affect me much.

I had big plans to use it in Ethiopia last year, but since I set my account to inactive beforehand (to avoid disappointment from expired postcards or long travel times) but kept sending since I wasn’t aware you can’t draw new addresses once your sent/received ratio is way off, I ended up not being able to :see_no_evil:
What a shame, since I believe Ethiopia is indeed a rare country!
Ah well, maybe some other time!

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In a previous Postcrossing life, I sent postcards from New Caledonia, Vietnam and Cambodia, which were all four digit IDs. There were some other countries too but their IDs were six digits so not quite as fun…

I traveled this summer in Switzerland and in France and didn’t know about travel mode, sending cards in both countries with the Belgian numbers. Then a Dutch receiver of one of my cards wrote about the travel mode and I looked into it. Unfortunately I haven’t had any travels since but under normal circumstances I would be traveling a lot for work and play.
So I will start using it when the possibilities exist again. Only, where do buy stamps when only in a location for 36 hours or so? And are you traveling with your postcard selections to respond to your addressees requests, or what do you do there?

I rarely take postcards from home, unless I have bought some that people collect (GF, FOTW…) or Christmas cards in December. I mostly buy tourist cards when I am travelling. If a recipient doesn’t like them, I explain I’m travelling and have limited choice. It usually works. :wink: