Sending postcards not from your own country

So here’s a question
A lot of people send postcards that show not necessary a lace they live in, but just a cool picture — which is absolutely ok.
I was thinking, if I travel, do you think it’s okay to send a postcard from the country/city you travelled to and send to someone?

  • it’s alright
  • nah not really

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Thanks in advance for answers!!


I travel quite a bit, so have already sent postcards from a different country than my own! I think having a personal connection to the location is helpful, but not necessary. :heart:


You can use travel mode so the ID matches the country you are sending the card from


oh, thanks!


Here you can read about Travel mode:


I like to receive any postcards that a sender wants to send. It’s always nice when they tell you about the card or why they sent it but that’s not necessary for me to enjoy receiving the card.


Many cards are anyways printed somewhere else than where those are sent. So, to me it’s not a problem to receive card from travelling postcrosser. Only case when it makes sense to send card exactly from the same place it represents, it’s typical tourist cards with country’s name and quite new picture(s) of the country or city on it. Vintage ones or old travel ad’s, in my opinion, doesn’t matter where those are sent.


If I make a trip to somewhere I am super excited about (like Scotland or New Zealand) and it’s the trip of a lifetime, I do pick up cards both for me and for sending when I get back. But when I get home and send the card that was purchased in a different country than where I’m mailing it from, I explain that in the message. I think it’s neat to have a card bought in one country, mailed from another, and sent to yet another.

The only thing I wouldn’t do is buy a card in another country and then send it back to a Postcrosser who lives in THAT country. They’re lucky enough to get to see that awesome place already - lucky devils!


I was in Maine and bought a bunch of great cards, then pulled some official addresses. Sadly none of the cards (ocean, puffins, seals, moose etc) fit the wish lists so most ended up coming home and I still have some. So its not always successful.

I often cross the border into a different country (USA) and buy postcards. Of course, the sights on the cards are exactly the same as here in my home. The country just has a different name. I don’t see anything wrong with this.


On this point I don’t agree: the card should be a memory, a “piece” of the visited place, in this way the travelling postcrosser is saying to me “I’ve had a nice experience here, I want to share it with you, sending you something that is from here”.
So, it should be sent from the original place, otherwise it sounds a bit artificial.
Of course it’s only my feeling :wink:

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Some of us don’t have time or desire to send cards while on vacation. I see no problem with sending it later and reminiscing about the time spent in that place.


I have a few postcards left from other countries, mostly where I lived. I recently started sending them because they are pretty art, animals or landscapes. None of them are famous monuments or other country-specific images. I send them to people who seem to me like they could enjoy pretty postcards in general, not just from my country. I have only had positive reactions so far!

I also have two flag cards, which I am significantly more anxious to send. But if I see a profile of someone who collects them, I would send them one and hope they won’t be mad about receiving a rare country instead of a common one :crossed_fingers:

And as I was writing this, I realized I have a Disney card travelling to the USA :woman_facepalming: What a fail. I chose it based on the subject in the picture so I hope the receiver won’t mind :grimacing:


Why would that be a fail? I’m from Canada and have received a couple of cards of Canada sent from other countries. I think that’s really neat. The senders told me about the time they spent here in my beautiful nation. I really appreciated them.


I don’t buy cards from places I haven’t been. I do have some from activities, which I use for themes where the front of the card isn’t important.

As for Disney, if the other person loves anything Disney sounds fine to me.

Well I think receiving a postcard from your own country is weird :sweat_smile: I don’t think I would appreciate receiving a Little Mole or Alfons Mucha postcard even though I really like them. If I wanted them, I could simply buy them. Maybe I even already have the postcard in my stash. I don’t know how to best describe it. Maybe it feels like being introduced to something that is your own? I don’t know. I always try to avoid sending cards back to their origin.


I’d be disappointed if there was no personal connection.
I once got a card with the London Eye ferris wheel sent from China and the textside did not refer to the picture side, that was disappointing.


But there must have been something that prompted you to send it?

I don’t think it’s weird because, to me, Postcrossing is about the back of the card. I think it’s super fun when people can make personal connections to my country.


Yes, it is a drawing of two dogs and the person likes dogs. I thought it was perfect but now I am not so sure. We will see, there is not much I can do now.

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I honestly don’t understand why they wouldn’t if that’s what they like.