[TAG] British Isles Tag

British Isles Tag
Hello folks,

Update 28 May 2023: Thank you to @Bayrisches-Madl for bringing the Tag to the new Forum and doing a grand job as “host” ever since. As she has now moved away from the British Isles, we agreed with the Moderators that we could transfer “ownership” of this Tag to someone still based in the British Isles. I look forward to being your “host” going forward! All the best, Chris

Tag participation criteria

This Tag is open to all Postcrossers living in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands, i.e. the British Isles.

:uk: :ireland: :isle_of_man: :jersey: :guernsey:

Tag instructions

  • Tag the most recent Postcrosser to have tagged another Postcrosser in the Tag
  • Pick out a postcard matching their wishes / Postcrossing profile / favourites
  • Private message the person you are tagging to ask for their postal address (if you do not already have it from other Forum activities or a previous Tag) and send them the postcard within 7 days
  • Remember to write the name of this tag (‘British Isles Tag’) and your username on the postcard
  • Recipients, please let the sender of the postcard know via private message (or publicly - see below) once the postcard has arrived

If you wish, you can share your thanks to the Postcrosser who has tagged you, and photos of your Tag postcards, on the British Isles Tag - Thank You Thread.

Please keep the Tag thread for Tags only. This is to ensure clarity as to who is the last Postcrosser to have tagged another, and who in turn should be tagged next. Thanks can be shared and chat had on the British Isles Tag - Thank You Thread.

Thank you for participating in the Tag!

The first one to be tagged is @Bayrisches-Madl


tag Bayrisches-Madl

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tag Coffeedoff :smiley:

Tag @claireandivy

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Tag @jlk254 :smiley:

Tag @fisherman :postcard:

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Tag @figtrees


Tag @candyflosscurls

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As promised, I will send a surprise card to one of the first five participants of this new British Isles tag.
#1 Coffeedoff
#2 claireandivy
#3 jlk254
#4 fisherman
#5 figtrees

@postbot roll 1d5

@postbot roll 1d5

:game_die: 1

Now it worked, winner is #1 @Coffeedoff

Next to be tagged is @anon12505293

tag @anon12505293

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Tag @Coffeedoff

Is that right? If not dm me please :smiley:

Tag @EdinburghLady

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Sorry got that wrong! Try again…

Tag @Silvermau

Tag @AnjuschkaC

Tag @maddymail :slightly_smiling_face:

tag figtrees

my favourites Coffeedoff’s favorites | Flickr
Coffeedoff’s wall of favorite postcards (postcrossing.com)