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Where was it from?

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The UK. It was a Forum postcard.

I’ve had a few problems with parcels recently - been waiting over a week for one sent from an hour away haha!

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As some of you may have seen, I had a very quick (one hour) layover in Dublin so got set as an Irish postcrosser to avoid any complications in travel mode/so I could draw the addresses before actually being in Ireland. Well, I’ve since been set back to a UK postcrosser and had left myself in travel mode until I could set myself back to the UK. It looks like in the thirty or so seconds it took to set myself back to the UK (and out of travel mode), my address was given out resulting in this :sweden:-:ireland: postcard actually being addressed and received in the UK!


GB-1644400 reached its recipient in China in 19 days.


Good afternoon folks, hoping all is well. I have taken on “hosting” of the British Isles Tag after the previous host Sabine moved away from the British Isles. It would be grand to get more folks over there as regular “taggers”! Join us here: [TAG] British Isles Tag


A song I requested is playing now on the radio! The presenter read out the email - I mentioned Postcrossing and it was approaching 72 million postcards received!


What song did you request? Something postal-themed, such as “Please Mr Postman” by The Marvelettes?


My 300th official postcard was registered today.


Congratulations ! You are 10 ahead of me


Yes/no. I requested a song from Iron Maiden (well, they’ve been on stamps this year) - Can I Play With Madness


Spotted on the Tube: a man carrying a letter which had stuck on it two unbarcoded Machin definitive first class stamps to take it to Sweden. Use them Machins while you can, folks! :email:


Speaking of London: I was there yesterday too, being a tourist with my sister… and all the tourist shops were seliing universal mail stamps only. “These are international stamps”. I dont know how much they were charging because I didn’t get that far with the shop assistant. My sis had already bought one of those the day before but I persuaded her that for “urgent” cards to people at home in Germany two first class from Tesco would be better.

We had a great day out visiting Tower Bridge, and the bridge lifted while we were at the top on the walkway :grin:


I was there for the bank holiday… saw many postboxes, but one was left unlocked. There were postcards in there with universal mail stamps, but for the addresses, I could make out one of the home counties, and United Kingdom written… Some recipients are going to be disappointed…

Exactly, that’s what happened to us when my parents sent us a couple of cards from Scotland last year. £4 to receive two postcards, and I think the fee per item has gone up since then.

The museums here do the same pushing Universal stamps on people. I used them for a short time years ago before realising that they were taking much, much longer to arrive. Stamps from supermarkets or corner shops are not so nice but are faster.


Yay, card to Russia arrived in 29 days. Just one to China left.


Someone has unlocked some cards from Jan/Feb:

First GB-1618314 to ZA arrived after 123 days

And today GB-1609272 to Belarus arrived in 155 days.


Mine was not too far behind yours.

Hello All! :wave:

I have recently become the new host of the British Isles Round-Robin taking over from the lovely @anon9190530

We have some groups that are almost ready to go and just needing another participant.
Have you got any postcards in your stash of those picture perfect Quaint British & Irish Villages or some unique rural structures or how about an inspiring postcard of the summer months, a lazy day by the pool or your dreamy holiday in the sun?

Whether you are a seasoned postcrosser or a newbie, come and join us in the Round-Robin here in the British Isles section!

After all domestic prices start from only £0.75 (UK :uk:) and €1.10 (Ireland :ireland:)!
*International £2.20 / €2.20