Swap for WPD Big Things meet up attendents

If you are going to one of the three Big Things WPD meet ups in Australia, and you want to swap with the other groups, we are organising a big swap for members.


This swap is only for people going to the meet ups. Anyone else is welcome to organise swaps in the usual way, but please don’t use this thread.

This swap will run like a one-off Round Robin - you register, and then when the day comes, I’ll assign partners so that everyone is covered.

Most people will send two meet up cards, and receive two back.

Due to the different numbers of people who will attend, some people in the smaller meet ups would need to send more meet up cards, and of course will get more cards in return. The extra card in return will be something based on your profile.

If you are going to one of the swaps and want to take part, please message me with:

  1. Your address
  2. Which meet up you are going to
  3. Whether you are happy to send an extra card.

Please message me by 29 September, and I’ll send details of swap partners to everyone on 30 September.

If you’re not on the forum, you can message me on the main site.