Stand with Ukraine stamp series


In last issue of 2023 italian stamp issue program (see point 39)
issue program (update dec 17, 2022)

four stamps with special surcharge for refugees from Ukraine have been announced for august 23, dedicated to:

  • churches of Kiev
  • Mariupol theater
  • Lviv square
  • port of Odesa

Normally there are several updates of the program along the year, so there could be variations.


Well, dear @davfv17, you will have to get a batch and start planning your swaps! :wink:
Please put me on your list! :pray:


There were no such stamps but envelopes were issued with this image :slight_smile:

Text says: Welcome to Hell! :smiling_imp:
Can send it if you want :slight_smile:


today I learned about this charity stamp/postcard project:


also, there is this project to participate in Stamp Out War: Support Ukraine! (2023 Edition)


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The four stamps have been finally announced for july 27, 2023.
Still no info about their value (I hope B, so they can be easily combined for extraEU shipments).
Images as usual will be revealed only on the issue day.


The four stamps have been issued:


The Vatican Post Office issued a stamp of solidarity with the Ukrainian people (May 16, 2023).


France has published another stamp for Ukraine on September 11, 2023 :slight_smile:


Greece :greece::

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Japan :jp::
Screenshot from 2023-12-29 11-53-52


Was this issued by the official postal agency of Greece? Was it a personalised issue?

For my Stamp Out War project, I used an old sunflower stamp that I believe was a personalised issue, because I didn’t know about this set of 4.

Just to add a side note: As I posted in another thread, up until April 2023, there were 15 countries whose stamp programs in support of Ukraine were officially recognised by Ukraine Post, which include 2 personalised issues (Luxembourg and Czech Republic). The Greek issue didn’t make it to the list.

It is an official issue, but the official topic is world postal day. Inclusion is based on color scheme.


UN :united_nations::


Interesting series! Is UN’s post office / counter in NYC / Geneva / Vienna open on Saturday or Sunday?

More side notes I posted elsewhere:

Canada Post and Czech Post reused old stamps’ design when issuing their stamps in support of Ukraine in 2022.

For the Canadian one, it was based on one of the sunflower stamps issued in 2011, but the 2022 semi-postal issue has ‘Help for Ukraine / Aide à l’Ukraine’ and ‘+10 (cents)’ added on it.

For the Czech one, it was based on the Dancing House stamp issued in 2021. The Ukraine support minisheet replicates 7 stamps of the exact same 2021 design, plus ‘coupons’ in the Ukrainian colour scheme attached to each stamp. If you zoom in closely, you can see the inscription of ‘2021’ on the Dancing House stamp:


More information about the Greek issue:

It’s indeed about World Post Day. I would consider it unrelated to Ukraine, but it’s up to everyone to decide.

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