Stamp Out War: Support Ukraine! (2023 Edition)

I just realised that currently, Canada Post does not deliver to Libya, Niragua and Somalia. So I have removed them from the list. However, if safety can be assured, and if there are other routes (via other countries) that can led to these countries, I would like to try to recruit volunteers for this project.

I am not entirely sure what will happen to delivery from Canada to Sudan and Myanmar …

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If you should have the time, please take a look at a related thread that I have started, about the future of Stamp Out War project, which may be held again in 2026.

The 24th of August in 2024 and 2025 will fall on Saturday and Sunday, when many post offices across the world will be closed. So unless we can find a way around this limitation (says, get the postmark of 23 or 25 August), there will be a 2-year pause to this international collaboration. Besides, I really need a break to work on the artistic side of this project.

However, if someone is willing to keep this project running, I would be more than willing to help passing down whatever legacy I have built up during the first 2 years.

So, the 2026 event may be the last one I will be in charge of organising at the global scale.

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Also, some people wondered about my decision to exlude the 25 countries that had participated in the 2022 edition of the project. My reason is the more countries are included, the harder I as the organiser have to work. There are a lot of countries in the world whose voice people often neglect, so I think the priority should be to invite people from countries that had not participated yet to participate.

Another reason is about stamp stock. Beside the newly issued Ukraine support stamps by little more than a dozen countries, most of the sunflower / yellow flower stamps used in this project are old and difficult to find – at least on online market. In the past year, I have purchased pretty much all such stamps that I could find were afforadable, so that today, I simply don’t have any stamp left for a fair amount of countries. Unless I can find local dealers in each individual country who offer those stamps at a reasonable price …

But, my decision is subject to change. So far I have received messages from American, Lithuanian, German, Austrian stating their wish to participate. I will see how likely an eventual inclusion of the previous 25 countries in the 2023 edition can be.

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I can organize this stamp for Switzerland


Thank you Nata!

Just a quick update to say that the 2023 edition is very much alive!

While working on the auction of the 2022 Ukraine support maxicards, I have been collecting sunflower / yellow flower stamps across the world and so far I have these in my possession that I look forward to use on this year’s 24 August:

For Czech Republic, I have hesitated between the personalised stamps and the official release with floral motif.

Originally, my worry was that the actual stamp part of this personalised issue doesn’t show the blue/yellow color scheme and the reuse of the Dancing House motif doesn’t have any connection with Ukraine. However, this Czech issue was one of the 15 stamp programs recognised by the Ukraine Post earlier this year, so I just thought I should use it together with the ‘coupon’ part (the part next to the stamp that shows Ukraine’s flag or territory in blue/yellow) to create this year’s Czech varieties of Ukraine support maxicard.

There are of course, @s0nata 's Swiss stamp and my philatelist friend’s Italian stamp that are not pictured here.


Great initiative!

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So if we don’t have a Ukraine solidarity stamp, we can use a blue/yellow one? Ok, I’m hunting for one for Netherlands.
We’ve got Europa Peace, the Blue King, Blue on Yellow Meneer de Uil, a heart, or maybe Girl with the Pearl Earring.


Or some personalized

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For the Netherlands, we used Van Gogh’s painting last year!


Ih nice!!

@owlcrossing, did you actually make some personalized stamps, as shown here? Really cool! :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:

Wow, I can’t believe that this year I have already sent out the postcards to 50 countries – double of last year’s number of participating countries! Also, I was very touched to receive the help of several Russian expats living in some of these countries. People’s desire for peace knows no border :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:

In less than a month, people from all over the world across 6 continents are going to show solidarity with Ukraine through postcards – How cool is this?


I am wondering – Is there anyone from New York City who can visit UN’s headquarter on the 24th of August? Or anyone who can travel there?

I am looking for such a person to help me get a UN postmark on that day.

Tomorrow, 24 August, is the big day!

In the end, amidst more than 50 mails I sent out to the rest of the world, about 40 of them have reached their intended recipients.

Tomorrow, some 40 people across 5-6 continents will show their solidarity with Ukraine by bringing our blue/yellow postcards to local post offices and getting them postmarked! People around the world united by one common cause to perform one common ritual. How cool is this!?

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Some of the first results from Eastern Asia:

[From Thailand, with the help of @magiclavender]

[From Singapore]

[From Philippines, with the help of @cabbie]

[From India, with the help of @Anurag]

[From Czech Republic, with the help of @hs87]

[From Suriname]

[From Antigua & Barbuda]

[From Armenia, with the help of @m_in_cube]

[From Malaysia]

More are coming in!


[From Brazil, with the help of @carameljuniper]

This beauty made me want to cry … Brazil was meant to be represented last year, but guess what, my mail never made it to its destination. So I had to send it again this year and finally we have this beautiful result!

Thank you Danieli for being part of this journey for more than an year!


Result from UN’s New York Headquarter using the very stylish sunflower stamp:

Wow! That was quick! In the end, we mailed-in our cards and they must have been happy to fulfill our request. They don’t seem to be so hard to work with as some people complain about. :heart_eyes:

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This week’s received results, from Slovakia and Monaco:

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This week’s received results:

From Belgium:

From Czech Republic, with the help of @hs87:

From Falkland Islands, Morocco, Singapore, Argentina, and UN New York:

All the participants this round are Postcrossers except the one living in New York City :heart_eyes:


This week’s received results.

From Peru, with the help of @NaruMinamino:

From Iceland and Switzerland, the latter with the help of @s0nata:

From Czech Republic, Uruguay and Armenia, the last with the help of @m_in_cube:

From Laos and Sri Lanka:

From United Arab Emirates and Malaysia:

From Brazil with the help of @carameljuniper, Thailand with the help of @magiclavender and Greece: