Ukraine Cover / Maxicard Creation

Result for week 4.

From Denmark:


Week 5 saw the most anticipated result being returned to me: from Ukraine! There are 2 varieties:

The Kyiv set:

And the Lviv set:


Moldova’s cards finally arrived in week 6. They had been returned to the sender once for mysterious reason, whence the delay. Moldova is one of the 11 countries who had issued a special stamp in support of Ukraine this year; I am happy that these cards arrive safely.

Starting Monday, I will be travelling overseas. My sister will help me getting my mails, but there will be no new update in the next 3 months until January 2023. On my return, all the cards should have been redirected to me. I will start scanning and cataloging them in preparation for the auction. Meanwhile, I will do a follow-up with various charity organisations whom I had previously contacted.

Here I wish everyone who has followed and supported this project a happy end of 2022. See you next year!

P.S. I am already thinking about doing something for the next 24 August, as the recovery will take a long time and Ukraine will be in need of funds in the foreseeable futur.


They are all so beautiful! I love your project! I’m happy to hear you are already thinking a new one :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:


Congratulations on your continued efforts, especially forward-thinking on behalf of Ukraine. May your travels be safe and enjoyable and I look forward to future updates on this beautiful and thoughtful project.


Very good initiative. Love them


What a lovely project @delda :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:

Unfortunately, I could not have participated on the August 24th, but I find it so cool to collect also the yellow flower stamps (or blue-yellow stamps of any nature) :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:

Switzerland :switzerland: has this lovely stamp I am planning to switch to using:

If you feel like extending the project in some way I would be happy to join! If adding this stamp to your collection makes sense to you I am more than happy to send it to you :slight_smile:


Lovely stamp of sunflower :sunflower::sunflower:

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Oh how lovely!

Indeed, what I have in mind is to organise a 2023 edition of the Ukraine maxicard creation (I don’t think this time I am going to hand-draw a new cover again) involving countries which didn’t end up participating last time. I would definitely love to add this Swiss stamp into this project!

I think I will start a new thread for the second edition to avoid confusion. So please stay tuned!

I have just returned home from my travel and will get back to this project in the coming days. So far I haven’t heard back from any organisation or anyone to whom I had written to seek for collaboration, but I will write up a new project proposal (actually two proposals, one for the auction, the other for the art project) and try again. If anyone should have experience in writing such thing for charity organisation, auction house, and/or art project funding agencies and would like to help me, please message me. I appreciate any form of help! :slight_smile:


Just to show up to say that this project is very much alive!

I designed a new website and people voted for getting this project a new name.

The name ‘Stamp Out War: Support Ukraine!’ was actually suggested by AI, as I was running out of ideas with words … Cleaver use of the word ‘stamp’ – itsn’t it?

The body of text has been rewritten by AI as well (with a few personal touches by me of course), because I am really not good at this kind of advertising writing.

For the moment I am hesitating to upgrade the site to a paid plan (I would hope that this amount can be donated to Ukraine relief funds). Let’s see how the free version performs. Thank you for sharing.


Update: I am preparing a few documents that will (hopefully) help the advertisement of Stamp Out War project. As stated on the project’s website, there will be

(1) Auction catalogue: of course, it will contain scans of every card that will be auctionned off.

(2) An online exhibition: aimed for stamp enthusiasts (so no definition of maxicard), it will contains scans of the complete set (30 cards).

(3) A presentation slide: aimed for the general public. I think my work on the slide is pretty much done, after adding explanation about postmark. I hope I don’t need to explain what a (postage) stamp and a postcard are to people who are old enough to read my text!

The slide’s beautiful visual is based on a theme that was made available by Slidesgo team; very generaous of them.

(4) An article that is the reworked version of my article submitted to Terry Watson, chief editor of The Quarterly Journal of the Maximum Card Study Unit, which hopefully will appear in the next issue. It’s adapted for a wider audience, the general public (aka non-collector). The layout has been designed (and I am quite satisfied with the result), only the text needs to be improved. I will keep working on it once I receive some feedbacks. If you are interested in reading the same story again about the genesis of Stamp Out War, I would gladly send you the latest draft in exchange of some comments. :slight_smile:

And if anyone is curious, the cover of all of these documents are based on 2 photographs of mine: The first shows moving clouds in the sky at sunrise; it was taken on the top of Mount Royal in Montreal. The second shows a field in rural Quebec; it was taken, also at sunrise, during my short ‘test bike trip’ around the province to test my camping gears. I was looking for a relevant visual in my harddrive to use, and I happened to stumble upon the second, as-yet unpublished / unprocessed photo that has a nice warm sunlight shade to it. I changed the sky and the image was born!

It will be used as the key visual theme for the 2022 edition.

(Just a passing thought: I can print some postcards based on this composite image to hand out to the Postcrossing community if the demand is ever present.)



plus this

equals to this

– mathematico-artist Linda’s equation :smiley:

P.S. The last image is what I thought could be used in printing Postcrossing-exclusive postcards, if anyone wants it.


I finished working on my article for the general public. It’s published on the project’s website and ready to be read!


Very impressive @delda. Creative, well-written, professional presentation. :star2:

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Here is the online exhibition (pdf) I will submit to EXPONET. It contains the scan of the one and the only complete set that will be auctionned off. Enjoy!

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The full catalogue for the auctioning of the 2022 edition of Ukraine support maxicards is finally here!

Here is how the auction will proceed:

14-28 June (Phase 1): 41 singles will be auctioned off. 4-5 cards per day.

After a week of pause,

5 - 12 July (Phase 2): 3 mini-sets and the complete set and potentially the leftover singles will be auctioned off.

There is no guarantee how much singles will be left over. But I should like to give people a second chance to acquire them if there be any.

The arrangement of singles / sets is designed in a way that it’s impossible to make up a mini-set or a complete set by acquiring all the singles. In other words, sets are unique!

For the moment the auction will take place on eBay. However, under extraordinary circumstance, it can end up taking place on another platform. All changes will be announced on the project’s website.

I have to increase the starting price of each card because of all the costs associated with this project that were not entirely in my control. I hope everyone will get what they desire and I look forward to shipping out all the maxicards my global team and I produced in 2022.

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Thank you for sharing this information @delda, and wishing for your project outstanding success! :bouquet:

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I have just finished up scheduling the upcoming auction!

During the first phase of the auction, the first single will begin to appear on eBay. Then at every 4 hours, a new single will be added to the listing.

In July, leftover singles will show up with the 3 mini-sets and the complete set.

Please refer to the catalogue to see the complete list of these 45 auction lots (41 singles + 4 sets).

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According to my survey, eBay was the platform that is the most common denominator for philatelists and the general public. Since I want to allow the maximum amount of people getting the chance to acquire their desired maxicard(s), I chose to host the auction on eBay.

After the eBay auction ends, the sale of any leftover may be entrusted to a Vancouver-based stamp specialist who has been raising funds for Ukraine since the war started; he is also the man behind the idea of Canada’s Help for Ukraine semi-postal stamp release. But I must say that his sale platform seems to gear toward traditional philatelists; I myself don’t find it intuitive to place a bid there.

eBay did give me some troubles during my first attempt at setting up the auction. Originally, I use the project’s email address ( to sign up an account. Then within a few hours, I received a message from eBay saying that this account was permantely suspended and would remain so after I sent out my complaint. I haven’t even created any listing or made any purchase yet!

Our guess is that the word ‘war’ triggered something in eBay’s algorithm, and that they don’t allow any account mentionning that word (eBay never gave me the precise reason for their decision, so we can only guess). For this reason, I am trying to refrain from mentioning the project’s name and putting the project’s website url which contain the sensitive w-word in the new account. I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, but I don’t want the new account to be suspended too.

Update: The auction is over. Now the remaining cards will be sent off to Vancouver to continue their journey, and I will focus on the production of the 2023 edition of Ukraine support maxicards.