Stand with Ukraine stamp series

So far, four countries issued stand with Ukraine stamp(Poland, Eesti,Latvia,Austria).I believe more countries will issue that series stamp.


update FDC


Ukraine Russia Warship go F*




Czech Republic


Luxembourg series 2

Russia Warship Go F… series 2: Russia Warship…Done


Ukraine Post (Ukrposhta) is planning to release a 3rd stamp since Russia’s invasion. The stamps topic will be"Good Evening, We Are From Ukraine!". Ukraine Post is accepting votes from interested persons from around the world to choose a design on this theme for the 3rd issue. Of the about 1500 submissions received, there is a choice between 5 designs. Below are images of these final 5 designs and the vote can be registered on the official Ukraine Post Facebook page. Voting will close on 15 June, and the stamp is scheduled to be released in July.

Vote link

Sumestinis Bayraktaras,Lithuania


Dream of Ukraine


Thanks for sharing.
Hope to see these making their way around the world soon… :dove: :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:


I’ve placed the order and I am waiting for these beautiful stamps.

:ukraine: :poland:


I think it would be cool if the USA were to issue a Ukrainian semipostal stamp which contributes part of its funds to special causes. I think the process takes anywhere from 3 to 5 years for a new stamp so I don’t know if it would be feasible.


The Polish one is really beautiful. Hope one dayI receive any of these. Really nice stamps


Hello. Does anyone have those stamps? Maybe we can exchange?

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Update Croatia

I was thinking about it. How about we organize a dedicated round robin?


What is this?

I’d love to get this Ukrainian stamp :ukraine: I’m happy to swap it for Ukraine support card :dove:

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You could get into contact with @Pigglet who hosts the Socially Good Cards RR :dove:. There is already a group for peace cards and a group for charity stamps. I’m sure she will be happy to open a group to combine them for you or to open a group for support of the Ukraine in general. You would have to discuss the details with her. :slight_smile:

See here: How do Round Robins work?


I really want this brand

I really hope other countries will follow. A few days ago I had asked Deutsche Post about it but they answered that they aren’t planning any series to issue. Sometimes I really hate dt Post. :triumph:


Swiss post has been very diplomatic as of 11.04:

Aktuell haben wir keine solche Sonderbriefmarke geplant. Aber es ist nicht auszuschliessen, dass sich dies demnächst ändert. [EN: We currently have no such commemorative stamp planned. But it cannot be ruled out that this will change in the near future.]

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I would love if Canada would issue a similar stamp.


I’d say it’s very unlikely that we would get a Ukraine stamp in the UK. They decide on the designs a couple of years in advance and the subjects have to be of national importance with a uniquely British aspect. We’ve only just had a covid stamp issued, 2 years after the start of the pandemic… which is so slow…


I have just suggested a round robin to exchange postcards with those stamps for approval here:

Please come and vote if you would like to participate in it! :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:

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I voted for the RR.But there are not enough countries issue that topic of the stamps.Better way is to open an independent thread in Postcard or Stamp section for RR.

thanks for voting!

Can you please give an example of

Try like this one.

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