Sources for personalized stamps

I’ve received postcards and Postcrossing Meetup cards that include small inked (rubber) stamps with users’ names, usernames, and sometimes a simple image or ‘Happy Postcrossing’ message on the border. I’d like to get one of my own. Where do you order these stamps? (especially interested in US sources) I’ve looked at a few places online but what they ask for makes me feel like I need to have some graphic design skills-- which I do not have. Suggestions?

I order my stamps from
You don’t need design skills if you just want a small stamp with your username. You just type it in and then pick the font.
If you want images, you need to be able to make a .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png with what you want on it.
It’s pretty easy really!
If you feel totally lost you can find custom stamps on Etsy - but they will be more expensive!

Oh and I think that vistaprint has a feature for you to design your own stamp using their templates.


Hello Alison, and welcome to this new forum!
I had my first inked stamp in late 2017: I went to a local shop that sold printing material and rubber stamps, chose an image from their database, and added my name and username.
In 2018, I lost it in Lisbon :portugal: and was able to order two very similar ones on Vistaprint for the price of my original one. These are better, because the ink dries faster.
I paid about 17 euros for the two stamps.
I hope this helps!


You can also order from Etsy, local office supply shops, or make your own!

thank you, i just ordered a stamp from there…

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I got mine from Amazon. Mine is super basic, but they have really cute and intricate ones, too.

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I’ve received postcards that had custom ink stamps, small round ones with custom designs. Does anyone know where to buy them? I’m particularly looking for something in Europe. Also with an emphasis on small and round stamps, so they don’t take up a lot of valuable postcard space :blush:.


I got mine years ago as I wanted a stamp to use in scuba diving logbooks.

I think I got it from

Thank you :slight_smile:

I ordered from Stamps for you through Etsy.

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I’ve ordered a number of stamps from Alinear on Etsy, and she does do a few custom ones. Not so many round ones. She’s in Germany so while it takes some time for her stamps to get to me here in Canada, they are worth the wait :slight_smile: and I am sure you would get them faster in Denmark. She also sells some via her own website, where I believe there are more custom options.
Re: smaller round stamps, I got some from talktothesun (also on Etsy). They are more expensive and come all the way from Japan, though, so may not be so suitable for you.
I’ll watch this thread… it is so hard to find the kind of stamps you’re talking about!

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Oh wow, these are gorgeous!

I bought myself a little gift! Now I can sign off all my postcards with my custom stamp :sob::heart_eyes::heart:

Edit: here is a link to where I purchased the stamp. Unfortunately I do believe they only ship to the U.K.:


Ohhhh now that is simply perfect…and if we were interested, who should we connect with ? and you look adorable…

And that is fine, sharing it, inspires us all…

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Lovely stamp! Great choice :blush:

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How did you make the design?


How cute!
I can’t wait to tag you now.:smile:

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I used a clip art image and added my username. Then the stamp company helped turn it into a stamps
By just taking the outlines from the image


For US based Postcrossers ive made one with It has an option to use a foto for your own face or another where you can add a design


This is so cute :heart_eyes:

I’d like to have a round one, really small like I see at the meeting’s postcards but. I still didn’t find where they make them… If someone knows and can send me a pm I’d be thankful!