Rubber stamps

I ordered mine at

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I’m loving using this Postcrossing ID stamp from Claudia Reese

Sadly she’s not currently shipping to the US because of all the delays (on both ends). Some of her designs are available in the US through Paper Pastries.


Today is my birthday and my aunt sent me the coolest ink pads as a gift. They are multi colored!

They are extra cool with large stamps because this is the outcome

She sent me a six pack by, XoreArt if anyone is interested! They are literally my favorite now
Oh I forgot to mention they are pigment inks which require a heat tool to dry


I have so many rubber stamps… storage is fast becoming a problem :sweat_smile: a lot of these are from stamp creators from japan, taiwan, malaysia, and singapore!

here’s my collection!


Hello, I would like to order a custom stamp with my nickname, where did you order it? Any suggestion? Thank you

Check out these tips! Sources for personalized stamps

Maybe one of these will work for you too. :slight_smile:


I have many many rubber stamps. I use them very often to make my own mini envelopes and stickers.



And this is one of my favs:


@LaWendeltreppe your sticker are great! How did you do them, that they are sticky? I’m really interested in the technique for the circles!

These are normal printable round stickers you can buy everywhere.
I colour them with pastels and then I am free to do whatever I want.
For the foxes for example, I used rubber stamps to make a background and then fine liner and white, silver and golden pens to draw the foxes. Same for the butterflies.


@LaWendeltreppe Thank you for explaining! I often do sticker with these techniques: stamp and create on usual thin paper, cut it out with scissors, stick a piece of Tesafilm (what’s the English word? :thinking:) on bakery paper for the oven, lay the cutout paper on top, and fix it with another piece of Tesafilm. Then cut it out again with scissors with a frame around the motif. So I’m able to use colourful paper.
I like that your stickers are small pieces of art.


Sounds complicated! Tesa film- hm, i don’t know the English word for it. Maybe just clear tape…
Your tea pot would make a lovely stamp on the stickers. Let’s try. I send you some coloured, but otherwise blank and you can try.

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I think it’s “sellotape” or “Scotch Tape”, or, if you want to be brand-neutral, just call it “adhesive tape”! :slight_smile:

What a brilliant idea, and so simple! :bulb: :smiley: I’ll have to get some of those labels and try making my own sticker, too!

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By all means, try, it’s fun.
I use Printation, 4 cm.

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Please show them!

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I have a self-inking stamp from zazzle with my username, but it is very slow drying.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a self-inking stamp (customisable) that dries quickly?

Here’s my collection :black_heart:


i am super new at creating handmade rubber stamps. here are the rubber / eraser stamps that i made by carving recently.


Happy to see Tampographe Sardon get some love here. I had a great time visiting his store when I was in Paris a few years ago. The only rubber stamp I’ve got is one of his, but it was really difficult to limit myself to one purchase :smiley:


This is my biggest and most beautiful rubber stamp:

Bought on Etsy.