Show your Food Packaging cards

I am really curious about food packaging cards. I have looked through the postcard gallery a ton of times and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. Can someone send me examples of what they’ve received? Is there anything ‘desirable’ in this category or is it just more about the message and recycling/upcycling? Like…could I cut out the front of a cornflakes box that is probably the same for everyone in Europe who shops at Lidl or should it be for extra nice things like fancy biscuits or sweets?

I tried to search and found the tag just

I’m just curious as I’ve seen profiles specify that they don’t want them but I would like to see ones that people have received and liked. Thanks!


I sent these cards. They are not fancy biscuits. They are cheap.
The cheese one was produced by one of big F&B company while the almond bites was produced by middle size company.


Ok! I like the cheese one. And you just just write on the grey cardboard or stick white paper over it?

I haven’t received one yet, but I’ve sent my first one off. I just cut down a box of snacks to 4x6” size and stuck some stamps on it.

Personally I’m obsessed with these because I love seeing what foods people enjoy all around the world! And like… you can do mini collections! I.e. poptarts! If I get a blueberry one, I’m starting a poptarts packaging collection and hoping for all the flavors.

But I include these in most of my wishlists because they’re so neat and simple.


Poptarts boxes are the perfect postcard size to be fair :joy:


The cheese one has grey cardboard and yes I just wrote on it.

The almond one has very good cardboard. It’s not grey. It’s white just like postcard. I think the quality of this package is better than some postcard I have ever sent :smiley:


haha, good to know! I will be more mindful of what I put in my recycling bin and maybe cut out a few sections of anything that looks interesting or different.


if the package you cut it from is big you can also cut it i.e in some odd way like 45 degree angle


I have sent such a cut out only once, the profile asked for this type, and I had a very beautiful box with the city view. I wrote directly on the cardbord.


That one is really nice- ok, starting to see what works :slight_smile:

I love exploring flickr album of postcrossing members.
You should check these album of US and Japan members. It contains all food packaging they received.

Personally I really love this one. It’s KFC packaging during the event of ASIAN GAMES (Olympics for Asia continents) in Indonesia


Everything so far looks way more interesting than any of the food I buy! :joy:


I think there were groups for food packaging in Handmade RR for sure. I sent some on official site too (chocolate and flour):

EDIT: Oh, and I received one officially from Indonesia, oddly shaped, very cool!

And one from Russia (I thought it was a real card till I saw it in supermarket myself :see_no_evil::joy:):


I’ve recently received an official from Japan that was made from a box of face coverings. It’s my first packaging card and I am super pleased with it.
(I’d link it here if I knew how!)


Just type the ID. It will create link

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Food package cards can be really diverse.

I recently sent my first one for a tag:

And I recieved this amazing one, that’s made from a box of mochi donots :smiley:


I’ve received these so far:

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Thanks @yudi

It’s JP-1561373


I’ve sent any of food packages as cards because haven’t met anyone who will like them, but I have some!
I also have noticed some really nice like this

Also this member has quite a lot food packages in received!


I didn’t receive any yet… but Love to make them if someone wishes for them

some I sent:

it is cut from a box of very eklusive Burger with Aspargus I ordered this year for our 2 years Anniversary. Usually we go out eating dinner at a nice restaurant… but not possible due to Covid so we used take away of very equisite Burgers. Really liked the packing

Chocolate cookies filled with glutionous rice I got from my Korean Penpal. I love to use cardboard boxes of things with a story I can tell ^^

another package of Korean bisuits.