Sending notecards instead of postcards

I didn’t say so.
How I understood they left because of this conversation, because they tagged names who tell sending notecard parts is ok, and they apparently came to swap postcards. Which is understandable.

I also know members come and go, but it’s sad to scare away new members with this false image like “everyone” would send just about anything and we should be happy with it because the sender is, or doesn’t bother buying cards. When the reality, luckily, is that majority is normal postcards and majority is super nice members.

I know what postcard is.
I know I can even send a spider card to someone who is afraid of it, because I don’t need to read the profile. (And not everyone has the language skill to understand those.) But of course I try to send something a person likes, and definitely not something they are afraid of.

But always contact the Postcrossing team, they will see if it’s a new member who don’t know what is a postcard, or an old member just not caring. New members will get more understanding, and that is good.

There’s a difference between including and sending instead of, though. You can send an envelope that contains a postcard and a letter, but you can’t send a letter and no postcard.


All you have to do is send a postcard. The recipients may have wishes, but theses are just wishes and in my experience most of them will be satisfied if you send any postcard.


Wikipedia states:

So a postcard does not necessarily have to be rectangular, it can also be shaped.


I know it’s harder to find postcards then it once was. I think postcrossing is keeping that alive. Sadly even though you don’t travel much in real life, you may to travel the internet and buy postcards. There are even ways to find more on this site.


Wait! What? This is a legitimate concern for many. Surely you are not saying to not read the profile before sending the postcard? Especially if there are exposure issues or triggering images. Just send any postcard you want.

Yes there are indeed! :blush:

Let me show you the online shop Wiki…

… and my topic about postcard online shops in the German forum:

Best wishes dear!

Thanks. I didn’t look at that, but that’s exactly my point. Everybody’s definition is a bit different. For some it’s only cardboard, for others it’s thick paper, for some it’s rectangular, for others can be of any shape, some say that it can have no folds, others say that it can have folds, some say it must be mailed without an envelope, others say that it has to go through post in any way.

Nope! The definition on Wiktionary is a bit sloppy, the one in Wikipedia is more exact. But there is no discussion that a postcard is made to travel without envelope, so it has to be sturdy enough and folded cards/greeting cards/notecards are not.

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I wouldnt trust Wikipedia, people can edit it.

They can also edit wiktinary.

Yes, thats why i dont use them, because it was proven that people can edit the site

Does it seem I’m saying so?

Like you see from my message, I’m not saying/advising not to read, just that we don’t have to read, and we don’t have to follow the wishes, not even the “no” wishes. Sender decides what postcard they send, but not what item they send.

And everyone has agreed to this when they join.
Everyone knows, they can get a topic they hate or are afraid of.
(I hope no one is thinking other members would read their wishes and no’s and follow it, if they don’t even read the rules themselves :smile: )

I don’t mention my worst trigger, because if I get that topic, the sender didn’t know. So I don’t need to think, did they do it intentionally.

But: from my experience, most members seem to read the profiles, and most send normal postcards, even postcards fitting to my wishes.
The amount of talk around this topic makes it seem like members send notecard parts like it were normal - so if there is any new members, it’s rare, and most members understand or have learned what a postcard is :hugs:


She is saying that it is not required as a member. It is in my opinion very bad manners to ignore those requests. A couple of members have sent me COVID cards, so I have told them in my reply I would be destroying their cards. Those were language issues, where the senders apologized.


Yes, i feel like you should read peoples bio, because, like my bio, says not to send me dog postcards, and i appreciate that people dont send them because it reminds me of my dog who i had to put down.

Reading their bio is important, so you dont send them something that will make them sad.

I think this discussion has run its course, so it’s time to wrap it up. To conclude: Postcrossing is about postcards, so you should always include a postcard in your mailings.

If you receive something that is not a postcard, you can choose to register it and explain to the person what you expected to receive instead.

Or, you can report it to the team, and we’ll have a look. If this is the first time we get a complaint or the person is new on the website, we’ll encourage you to register it with a message nudging the person in the right direction. If the person seems to be doing this systematically or they’ve been in Postcrossing for awhile and we feel like the member should know better by now, the team will contact the person instead.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile: