Sending notecards instead of postcards

Generally speaking, is sending notecards with envelopes okay instead of a traditional postcard? I sometimes have trouble finding postcards when I haven’t recently traveled.


They are not postcards and do not meet the rules of what to send. Many members will refuse to register them, as they should. Postcards are available online and in many places, not only in tourism locations.


I welcome all, i think its okay to send note cards in a envelope! :grin:


Maybe try buying cards online?

Or even taking pictures of your city’s landmarks and have them made into postcards?


My friend uses little expression notes she gets at dollar tree, and she cuts them in half, so i tried it and the recipient said they loved it


See, i feel like its up to the recipient, but thats my own opinion


True, but what if the person in their bio says they like that stuff?


Then they need to join another site for swapping those things. This site is for swapping postcards.


True, then why dont the monitors say anything?

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I have seen people post pics of the cards and the monitors not say anything

Im in a group and they send pics of what they are sending, and the monitors just say oh cool or something

Yes, i did read them, but then why dont the monitors enforce it

My inquiry resulted in a reply about the vagaries of ‘postcard’ in different languages (cultures). Recipient should mention disappointment in Hurray message pretty much.

I know its not right, but im curious why the monitors dont say anything, yes, i do think people should be sending postcards

Yes, i agree, im just wondering

I’m also in Ohio and can send you some postcards (I get some at Ben Franklin in Bowling Green and at I-75 truck stops just south of BG), happy to share


Ok, I get the point. I appreciate those who were friendly and just answered. I didn’t need any crap about not reading what I signed up for. I also never suggested not following any rules. I thought this was an exchange, not a judgment. I promise to only send postcards, and I hope I never have to send them to some of you.


Oh goodness, please don’t think spirited discussion in the forum is a critique. Suggestions are just suggestions, we are all here to help one another. It’s all good :+1:


I welcome note cards in an envelope as well. I find them as pretty as postcards.

I know Postcrossing is mainly for postcards, but is there a line somewhere where the admins clearly mentions that you should not register notecards / greetings cards in an envelope ??


Those are best left for private trades or tags, not for officials

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