[RR] US to US Surprise Me -Themeless Fun From Hawaii to Maine! (Updated)

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RR Guidelines

  • To join, please post on the forum the number of the group you want to join.

  • If you are joining for the first time, please send a Private Message to MichelleW with your mailing address. You can’t be added to a group unless your information is on record. You don’t need to send your address for any groups you join afterwards. :wink:

  • When a group closes, the host will send a Private Message with the names/addresses for the other members.

  • You may send any card you like as long as it is not on a recipient’s “do NOT send” list.

  • When you write cards, please remember to include the group number (i.e. “US to US Group #XXX”) and your online name with your message.

  • PLEASE post when you send and receive your cards! Include the group number it was for and the username of the person who sent it. “Thank yous” are nice!

  • Verify with other members that they have not received your card before you resend them.

Scanning & Sharing Your Cards

We do have a flickr group (Flickr: The US to US Postcards Pool). If you would like to scan the cards you receive for the group and post them on the site. We’d love to see them! Otherwise, the new format allows you to load your scans to your post with ease. If you need help, just Private Message the host or ask your question on the RR!



Each time we reach a group that marks another 100 groups sent, a special Milestone Group will be opened that has NO limit to the number of people who join. Please note that if you join a milestone group, you must send a card to ALL of the other participants!

If you wish to be included on a list of people who will be automatically added, please post your request on the forum.

Auto-Add for MILESTONE Groups Only

(Updated 02.03.24)

:envelope_with_arrow: :inbox_tray::envelope_with_arrow: :inbox_tray::envelope_with_arrow: :inbox_tray::envelope_with_arrow: :inbox_tray::envelope_with_arrow: :inbox_tray::envelope_with_arrow: :inbox_tray::envelope_with_arrow: :inbox_tray::envelope_with_arrow: :inbox_tray::envelope_with_arrow: :inbox_tray::envelope_with_arrow: :inbox_tray::envelope_with_arrow: :inbox_tray::envelope_with_arrow: :inbox_tray::inbox_tray::envelope_with_arrow: :inbox_tray:

Envelopes OK

The following participants are OK with others using envelopes to send cards if you are in multiple groups (or groups in USxUS and other RRs) together!



:hugs:This list of birthdays is NOT a group to join.

It is informational only for those current participants in the USxUS Round Robin who may wish to send cards to one another. If you need an address, please PM host. Thank you! :hugs:

If you are part of the group and do NOT want your address shared with members of this RR (for the purpose of sending birthday cards), please post or send a PM to MichelleW and request not to appear on the list.


USxUS RR members not listed are folks with no birthdays on their Postcrossing profile. If you are not on the list and wish to be added, please let me know!

This listing is informational only and not a theme/topic. :sparkling_heart:


glazefamily - 09-Jan
steresem - 17-Jan
ahk125 - 25-Jan


misslyss - 08-Feb
bookmeg - 12-Feb
That0neGirl - 22-Feb
sarahaeyo - 23-Feb
eirbjorn - 24-Feb


YellowButterfly76 - 02-Mar
hootnoodle - 4-Mar
nursegarry - 10-Mar
Beachyblonde - 14-Mar
JudyFL - 22-Mar
SincerelySel - 31-Mar


treeclimber - 02-Apr
WrenAtTheBeach - 03-Apr
TrvlCat - 03-Apr
lyndylou5 - 04-Apr
LeftyLydia- 08-Apr
StephofYorktown - 13-Apr
MuddyPawPrints - 13-Apr
esca0417 - 17-Apr
Pixie1306 - 20-Apr
rabidtriangle - 25-Apr
avery27 - 27-Apr


Sammy1sock - 10-May
HoosierWyomingite- 25-May


Maleko - 2-June
durangirl - 24-June


Blue_Fox - 5-July
Cynovian - 11-July
Morningofthesun - 12-July


kristencat - 05-Aug
Zin678 - 09-Aug


gabi_m - 6-Sep
Cruzin - 6-Sep
jocrafts - 8-Sep
bookendss - 12-Sep
TwoDoggies - 17-Sep
virgomar0918 - 18-Sep
sleepykitty - 24-Sep
Cocosmom - 24-Sep


uconn - 2-Oct
ellistrations - 3-Oct
KnittingDyke - 06-Oct
MichelleW - 21-Oct
sraelling - 22-Oct
brooklynh - 31 Oct


MuttleysMom - 01-Nov
Wynnie - 10-Nov
prssrp - 18-Nov


K8theGr8 - 2-Dec
nhigh - 3-Dec
angeldreamer - 6-Dec
tia272 - 21-Dec
sunflak - 13-Dec
carolreader - 17-Dec
TeachLittleKids - 18-Dec



Note: If you wish to join a 10-member group (“Doubles”) or “Milestone” (if one is open) group, please specify the group number. “Next group” requests will be placed in a 5-member group.

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Group 1847
1 SincerelySel

Group 1848

Group 1849


Traveling Groups!

:airplane: (Sent)
:ok_hand: (Received)
image (Received All)
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Group 1800 - Milestone Group! - Addresses sent 02.10.24

The host does not record individual posts for received cards. Once you’ve received all of your cards, please add another post that you’ve gotten them all and that will be noted here. :sunflower:

1 MichelleW - :airplane:
2 gabi_m - :airplane:
3 jocrafts - :airplane:
4 ellistrations - :airplane:
5 Angeldreamer - :airplane: image
6 Beachyblonde - :airplane:
7 treeclimber - :airplane:
8 TwoDoggies - :airplane:
9 sleepyhippo1 - :airplane:
10 durangirl - :airplane: image
11 uconn - :airplane: image
12 Cruzin - :airplane:
13 Yarn-Lady- :airplane:
14 JudyFL - :airplane:
15 salemhouse - :airplane: image
16 carolreader - :airplane: image
17 prssrp - :airplane:
18 Hazygirl - :airplane:
19 alcott1 - :airplane:
20 HoosierWyomingite - :airplane: image
21 WrenAtTheBeach - :airplane:
22 KoreWrites - :airplane:
23 nursegarry - :airplane:
24 TeachLittleKids - :airplane:
25 Monkeyflower - :airplane:
26 SincerelySel - :airplane:
27 tia272 - :airplane:
28 rabidtriangle - :airplane:
29 lyndylou5 - :airplane:
30 maleko - :airplane:

Group 1801 - Addresses sent 02.08.24
1 prssrp - :airplane: image
2 rabidtriangle - :airplane:
3 Zin678 - :airplane: image
4 bookmeg - :airplane: image
5 tia272 - :airplane: :image

Group 1802 - Addresses sent 02.13.24
1 tia272 - :ok_hand: ahk125, Morningofthesun,
2 akh125 - :airplane: image
3 That0neGirl - :airplane: :ok_hand: bookendss, tia272,
4 Morningofthesun - :airplane: :image
5 bookendss - :airplane: :ok_hand: Morningofthesun, tia272, That0neGirl

Group 1804 - Addresses sent 02.17.24
1 nhigh - :airplane:image
2 Blue_Fox - :airplane: image
3 SincerelySel - :airplane: image
4 rainandfog - :airplane: :ok_hand: SincerelySel, Blue_Fox
5 bookendss - :airplane: image

Group 1805 - Addresses sent 02.18.24
1 uconn - :airplane: image
2 steresem - :airplane: image
3 EVillalba - :airplane: image
4 AccentOnHakes - :airplane: :ok_hand: uconn, nursegarry, steresem
5 nursegarry - :airplane: :ok_hand: EVillalba,

Group 1806 - Addresses sent 02.18.24
1 ahk125 - :airplane: image
2 Cocosmom - :airplane: :ok_hand: Blue_Fox, MuttleysMom, bookendss
3 bookendss - :airplane: :ok_hand: ahk125,
4 MuttleysMom - :airplane: image
5 Blue_Fox - :airplane:image

Group 1807 - Addresses sent 02.19.24
1 Blue_Fox - :airplane: image
2 lyndylou5 - :airplane: image

3 kristencat - :airplane: image
4 sarahaeyo - :airplane: :ok_hand: kristencat, hootnoodle, Blue_Fox
5 hootnoodle - :airplane: image

Group 1808 - Addresses sent 02.25.24
1 nursegarry - :airplane:
2 Pixie1306 - :airplane: image
3 YellowButterfly76 - :airplane: :ok_hand: nursegarry, prssrp
4 Blue_Fox - :airplane: image
5 prssrp - :airplane: :ok_hand: YellowButterfly76, Blue_Fox, Pixie1306

Double Group 1810 - Addresses sent 02.25.24
1 bookmeg - :airplane:
2 uconn - :airplane:
3 lyndylou5 - :airplane:
4 nursegarry - :airplane:
5 Cynovian - :airplane:
6 ellistrations - :airplane:
7 Wynnie - :airplane:
8 Blue_Fox - :airplane: image
9 prssrp - :airplane:
10 JudyFL - :airplane:

Group 1812 - Addresses sent 03.07.12
1 hootnoodle - :airplane: :ok_hand: KnittingDyke, HoosierWyomingite, MichelleW
2 Hazygirl - :airplane: :ok_hand: HoosierWyomingite, MichelleW, hootnoodle
3 HoosierWyomingite - :airplane: image
4 KnittingDyke - :airplane: image
5 MichelleW - :airplane: image

Group 1813 - Addresses sent 03.08.24
1 sarahaeyo - :airplane: image
2 avery27 - :airplane: :ok_hand: sarahaeyo, HoosierWyomingite, MuttlesMom
3 MuttleysMom - :airplane: image
4 brooklynh - :airplane: :ok_hand: avery27,
5 HoosierWyomingite - :airplane: image

Group 1814 - Addresses sent 03.09.24
1 prssrp - :airplane: :ok_hand: HoosierWyomingite, glazefamily,
2 glazefamily - :airplane:
3 uconn - :airplane: :ok_hand: glazefamily, prssrp, l2y
4 I2y - :airplane: image
5 HoosierWyomingite - :airplane: image

Group 1815 - Addresses sent 03.15.24
1 prssrp - :airplane: :ok_hand: salemhouse, KnittingDyke, virgomar0918
2 tia272 - :airplane: image
3 virgomar0918 - :airplane: :ok_hand: KnittingDyke, salemhouse, tia272
4 salemhouse - :airplane: :ok_hand: Knittingdyke, prssrp, tia272, virgomar0918
5 KnittingDyke - :airplane: image

Group 1816 - Addresses sent 03.17.24
1 tia272 - :ok_hand: image
2 uconn - :airplane: image
3 bookmeg - :airplane: :ok_hand:
4 durangirl - :airplane: image
5 Blue_Fox - :airplane:

Group 1817 - Addresses sent 03.21.24
1 bookendss - :ok_hand: Wynnie, mom23, prssrp
2 Blue_Fox - :airplane:
3 mon23 - :airplane: image
4 Wynnie- :airplane: :ok_hand: bookendss, mon23, prssrp
5 prssrp - :ok_hand: mon23, Wynnie, Blue_Fox

Group 1819 - Addresses sent 03.26.24
1 uconn - :ok_hand: brooklynh, hootnoodle, Blue_Fox
2 hootnoodle - :airplane: image
3 Blue_Fox - :airplane:
4 AccentOnHakes - :airplane: :ok_hand: hootnoodle, uconn, Blue_Fox
5 brooklynh - :airplane: :ok_hand: uconn, AccentOnHakes,

Group 1820 Double Group - Addresses sent 03.29.24
1 uconn - :airplane:
2 HoosierWyomingite - :airplane:
3 durangirl - :airplane:
4 MichelleW - :airplane: image
5 Blue_Fox - :airplane:
6 eirbjorn - :airplane:
7 EVillalba - :airplane: image
8 sleepyhippo1 - :airplane:
9 KnittingDyke - :airplane:
10 prssrp - :airplane: image

Group 1821 - Addresses sent 03.29.24
1 Blue_Fox - :airplane:
2 AccentOnHakes - :airplane: image
3 kristencat - :airplane: image
4 ahk125 - :airplane: image
5 sraelling - :airplane: image

Group 1822 - Addresses sent 04.05.24
1 LLAcademy - :ok_hand: MichelleW, nursegarry, sleepykitty
2 sleepykitty - :airplane: :ok_hand: LLAcademy, MichelleW, lyndylou5
3 lyndylou5 - :airplane: image
4 MichelleW - :airplane: image,
5 nursegarry - :airplane: image

Group 1823 - Addresses sent 04.07.24
1 l2y - :airplane: :ok_hand: eirbjorn, ahk125, Monkeyflower,
2 eirbjorn - :airplane: :ok_hand: lyndylou5, l2y, Monkeyflower, ahk125
3 Monkeyflower - :airplane: image
4 lyndylou5 - :airplane: image
5 ahk125 - :airplane: image

Group 1824 - Addresses sent 04.07.24
1 nursegarry - :airplane: image
2 prssrp - :airplane: image
3 TeachLittleKids - :ok_hand: nursegarry, Zin678, prssrp
4 sleepyhippo1 - :airplane: image
5 Zin678 - :airplane: :ok_hand: nursegarry, sleepyhippo1,prssrp

Group 1825 - Addresses sent 04.07.24
1 ahk125 - :airplane: image
2 sleepyhippo1- :airplane: :ok_hand: lyndylou5, ahk125, SincerelySel
3 l2y - :airplane: image
4 SincerelySel - :airplane: :ok_hand: ahk125, sleepyhippo1, lyndylou5
5 lyndylou5 - :airplane: :ok_hand: l2y,

Group 1826 - Addresses sent 04.11.24
1 virgomar0918 - :airplane: :image
2 MichelleW - :airplane: :ok_hand: lyndylou5
3 lyndylou5 - :airplane: :ok_hand: southernwonder, uconn, MichelleW,
4 uconn - :airplane: image
5 southernwonder - :airplane: :ok_hand: uconn, MichelleW, lyndylou5

Group 1827 - Addresses sent 04.13.24
1 Cynovian - :airplane: image
2 HoosierWyomingite - :airplane: :ok_hand: Cynovian, Cocosmom,
3 Monkeyflower - :airplane: : image
4 Cocosmom - :airplane: image
5 prssrp - :airplane: image

Double Group 1830 - Addresses sent 04.23.24
1 tia272 - :airplane:
2 TeachLittleKids - :airplane:
3 brooklynh - :airplane:
4 uconn - :airplane:
5 MuttleysMom - :airplane: image
6 Hazygirl - :airplane:
7 kristencat - :airplane:
8 Angeldreamer - :airplane:
9 sleepyhippo1 - :airplane:
10 wmiz77 - :airplane:

Group 1832 - Addresses sent 04.24.24
1 steresem - :airplane: image
2 HoosierWyomingite - image
3 MichelleW - :airplane: :ok_hand: lyndylou5, steresem,
4 lyndylou5 - :airplane:
5 prssrp - :airplane: image

Group 1833 - Addresses sent 04.26.24
1 bookendss - :airplane: :ok_hand: bookendss, AccentOnHakes, CalicoBeer
2 southernwonder - :airplane: image
3 bookmeg - :airplane: image
4 AccentOnHakes - :airplane: image
5 CalicoBeer - :airplane: image

Group 1834 - Addresses sent 04.29.24
1 uconn - :airplane: image
2 AccentOnHakes - :airplane: :ok_hand: prssrp, uconn,
3 prssrp - :airplane: :ok_hand: saoirse253, AccentOnHakes, uconn
4 Monkeyflower - :airplane: :ok_hand: uconn, prssrp, saoirse253
5 saoirse253 - :airplane: image

Group 1835 - Addresses sent 05.03.24
1 KnittingDyke - :airplane: :ok_hand: nursegarry, geojoy,
2 CalicoBeer - :airplane: :ok_hand: geojoy,
3 lyndylou5 - :airplane: :ok_hand: goejoy, KnittingDyke, CalicoBeer
4 nursegarry - :airplane: :ok_hand: geojoy, KnittingDyke,
5 geojoy - :ok_hand: nursegarry, KnittingDyke, CalicoBeer

Group 1836 - Addresses sent 05.05.24
1 JudyFL - :airplane: :ok_hand: ellistrations, MichelleW, Beachyblonde
2 ellistrations - :airplane:image
3 MichelleW - :airplane: :ok_hand: Sammy1sock, Beachyblonde, JudyFL
4 Sammy1sock - :airplane: :ok_hand: Beachyblonde?,
5 Beachyblonde - :airplane: image

Group 1837 - Addresses sent 05.06.24
1 nursegarry - :airplane: :ok_hand: SincerelySel, saoirse253,
2 saoirse253 - :airplane: :ok_hand: nursegarry, ahk125,
3 sleepykitty
4 ahk125 - :airplane: :ok_hand: nursegarry, saoirse253, SincerelySel
5 SincerelySel - :airplane: :ok_hand: nursegarry, saoirse253, ahk125

Group 1838 - Addresses sent 05.12.24
1 prssrp - :airplane: :ok_hand: TrvlCat, blubay2021,
2 blubay2021 - :airplane: :ok_hand: TrvlCat, MuttleysMom,
3 KnittingDyke - :image
4 MuttleysMom - :airplane: :ok_hand: MuttleysMom,
5 TrvlCat - :airplane: :ok_hand: blubay2021, prssrp

Group 1839 - Addresses sent 05.12.24
1 saoirse253 - :airplane: :ok_hand: skatingjerry, TeachLittleKids, Cruzin
2 tia272 - :airplane: :ok_hand: skatingjerry, Cruzin
3 Cruzin - :airplane: :ok_hand: skatingjerry,
4 TeachLittleKids - :airplane: :ok_hand: skatingjerry, saoirse253, Cruzin
5 skatingjerry - :airplane: :ok_hand: saoirse253, Cruzin

Group 1840 - Double Group! - Addresses sent 05.11.24
1 SincerelySel - :airplane:
2 JudyFL
3 Hazygirl - :airplane:
4 prssrp - :airplane:
5 uconn - :airplane:
6 brooklynh - :airplane:
7 tia272 - :airplane:
8 blubay2021 - :airplane:
9 durangirl - :airplane:
10 nursegarry

Group 1841 - Addresses sent 05.15.24
1 nursegarry - :airplane:
2 antoniaseagull - :airplane: image
3 skatingjerry - :airplane: image
4 KnittingDyke - :airplane: :ok_hand: Bakersmom,
5 Bakersmom - :airplane: :ok_hand: KnittingDyke, nursegarry, skatingjerry

Group 1842 - Addresses sent 05.16.24
1 paulinexong - :airplane: :ok_hand: nursegarry, skatingjerry,
2 Pixie1306
3 geojoy - :airplane: :ok_hand: nursegarry, skatingjerry
4 skatingjerry - :airplane:
5 nursegarry

Group 1843 - Addresses sent 05.19.24
1 Bakersmom - :airplane:
2 uconn - :airplane: :ok_hand: skatingjerry,
3 skatingjerry - :airplane:
4 CalicoBeer
5 MichelleW - :airplane:

Group 1844 - Addresses sent 05.20.24
1 KnittingDyke - :airplane:
2 Bakersmom - :airplane:
3 virgomar0918 - :airplane:
4 skatingjerry - :airplane: :ok_hand: Bakersmom,
5 Monkeyflower - :airplane:

Group 1845 - Addresses sent 05.25.24
1 brooklynh
2 skatingjerry
3 kristencat
4 virgomar0918
5 inkandpaper

Group 1846 - Addresses sent 05.25.24
1 tia272
2 Bakersmom
3 SincerelySel
4 uconn
5 Monkeyflower

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(Groups 1000-1499 have been permanently deleted. If you can’t find a group after that, the host may have forgotten to add to this section when removing from the “Traveling” section!)


1500 Milestone with 39 participants
1501 i_andrea, Susaninutah, mommerson, steresem, JudyFL
1502 AccentOnHakes, mommerson, SharonMI, HoosierFloridian, steresem
1503 MichelleW, steresem, clouisesz, JudyFL, paulinexong
1504 scoutingbear, mommerson, HoosierFloridian, steresem, sleepykitty
1505 SecretCityGirl, dnrhott, mommerson, durangirl, MichelleW
1506 lynbin, mommerson, paulinexong, lyndylou5, Elizabeth_Kore
1507 steresem, mommerson, lynbin, jacieslar, Cruzin
1508 sleepyhippo1, Monkeyflower, SAM__44, scoutingbear, Appaloosa05
1509 sleepyhippo1, Monkeyflower, lyndylou5, JudyFL, mommerson
1510 Double Group
1511 sleepykitty, uconn, avery27, Cruzin, carolreader
1512 mommerson, hootnoodle, lynbin, MichelleW, Cruzin
1513 mommerson, scoutingbear, lyndylour5, SAM__44, steresem
1514 mommerson, lynbin, hootnoodle, jacieslar, MMMace1515 JudyFL, scoutingbear, lynbin, mommerson, cruzin
1516 scoutingbear, mommerson, lynbin, salemhouse, thrakaboom
1517 scoutingbear, MichelleW, clouisesz, ljbbauer, thrakaboom
1518 mommerson, ljbbauer, CynthiaMarie, scoutingbear, durangirl
1519 Shesa-Renegade, durangirl, MMMace, SAM__44, mommerson
1520 - Double Group 10 participants
1521 scoutingbear, BarbL, Blue_Fox, hootnoodle, lynbin
1522 Blue_Fox, ljbauer, MichelleW, sleepykitty, crushhaver
1523 nursegarry, Blue_Fox, steresem, prssrp, mommerson
1524 Blue_Fox, clouisesz, CynthiaMarie, Avery27, Appaloosa05
1525 mommerson, prssrp, Monkeyflower, scoutingbear, dnrhott
1526 thrakaboom, prssrp, Cruzin, Scoutingbear, salemhouse
1527 mommerson, Elizabeth_Kore, Blue_Fox, Cruzin, hootnoodle
1528 scoutingbear, Blue_Fox, Sam__44, paigeawesome, mommerson
1529 crushhaver, dnrhott, steresem, thrakaboom, prssrp
1530 Double Group 10 participants
1531 sleepykitty, HoosierWyomingite, durangirl, paigeawesome, MichelleW
1532SJCheney, Cruzin, jacieslar, Crystalinne, paigeawesome
1533 hootnoodle, MichelleW, kristencat, paulinexong, clouisesz
1534 avery27, MichelleW, paigeawesome, prssrp, nursegarry
1535 scoutingbear, Monkeyflower, nursegarry, maleko, Cruzin
1536 steresem, HoosierWyomingite, jacieslar, sraelling, sleepykitty
1537 thrakaboom, SharonMI, Cruzin, AccentOnHakes, JudyFL
1538 SAM__44, thrakaboom, mommerson, prssrp
1539 scoutingbear, Alexia561, sleepykitty, clouisesz, MMMace
1540 Double Group
1541 ljbbauer, mommerson, Cruzin, avery27, HoosierWyomingite
1542 HoosierWyomingite, MichelleW, steresem, nursegarry, durangirl
1543 prssrp, mommerson, Cruzin, hootnoodle, Ukucaitie
1544 steresem, lyndylou5, MichelleW, Hazygirl, SAM__44
1545 crushhaver, prssrp, salemhouse, hootnoodle, lyndylou5
1546 steresem, scoutingbear, durangirl, jacieslar, mommerson
**1547 Cruzin, prssrp, lyndylou5, MichelleW, JudyFL
1548 steresem, scoutingbear, mommerson, MrsE, cbd2128
1549 kristencat, Cruzin, lyndylou5, sraelling, steresem
1550 - Double Group (10 participants)
1551 - jeffweiss, prssrp, thetinylibrarian, Cruzin, clouisesz
1552 Blue_Fox, MichelleW, avery27, steresem, Hazygirl
1553 hootnoodle, Cruzin, MichelleW, prssrp, mommerson
1554 Blue_Fox, MrsE, clouisesz, MichelleW, mommerson
1555 steresem, Cruzin, alcott1, uconn, nursegarry
1556 nursegarry, prssrp, mommerson, JuidyFL, sleepykitty
1557 steresem, thetinylibrarian, shanx, mommerson, thrakaboom
1558 jocrafts, thrakaboom, SAM__44, Hazygirl, clouisesz
1559 jocrafts, prssrp MrsE, Hazygirl, mommerson
1560 Double Group (10 participants)
1561 hootnoodle, jeffweiss, jocrafts, MrsE, lyndylou
1562 jocrafts, steresem, cbd2128, sleepykitty, thetinylibrarian
1563 lyndylou5, Cruzin, MrsE, Crushhaver, mommerson
1564 lynbin, SharonMI, thrakaboom, hootnoodle, Ringo16
1566 Avery27, MichelleW, steresem, salemhouse, lyndylou5
1567 kristencat, prssrp, SAM__44, shanx, thetinylibrarian
1568 steresem, sleepykitty, mommerson, Blue_Fox, clouisesz
1569 thetinylibrarian, Cruzin, lynbin, SincerelySel, prssrp
1565 steresem, thetinylibrarian, Cruzin, Crystalinne, mommerson
1570 Double group
1571 nursegarry, Monkeyflower, hootnoodle, Cruzin, MichelleW
1572 shanx, thetinylibrarian, mommerson, Hazygirl, alcott1
1573 Yarn-Lady, cbd2128, salemhouse, thetinylibrarian, clouisesz
1574 Cruzin, mommerson, hootnoodle, HoosierWyomingite, Crystalinne
1575 steresem, HoosierWyomingite, MichelleW, SharonMI, uconn
1576 mommerson, jocrafts, Cruzin, prssrp, sraelling
1577 mommerson, steresem, lynbin, sincerelykatmedii, sleepykitty
1578 SAM__44, Crystalinne, Beachyblonde, Divira, steresem
1579 Cruzin, hootnoodle, journeyforth, Shesa-Renegade, thrakaboom581
1580 Double Group
1581 durangirl, prssrp, Blue_Fox, jacieslar, MichelleW
1582 clouisesz, eri0000, mommerson, cbd2128, hazygirl
1583 thetinylibrarian, steresem, prssrp, avery27, Blue_Fox
1584 mommerson, steresem, Yarn-Lady, lynbin, shanx
1585 thetinylibrarian, mommerson, jocrafts, lynbin, Blue_Fox
1586 mommerson, jocrafts, prssrp, HoosierWyomingite, MichelleW
1587 mommerson, hootnoodle, megZ775, durangirl, steresem
1588 SAM__44, Hazygirl, sincerelykatmedii, avery27, Cruzin
1589 MichelleW, mommerson, cruzin, hootnoodle, Blue_Fox
1590 - Double Group
1592 jocrafts, jacieslar, mommerson, salemhouse, scoutingbear
**1593 sraelling, mommerson, nursegarry, Blue_Fox, durangirl
1594 clouisesz, hootnoodle, MichelleW, JudyFL, sleepykitty
1595 nursegarry, mommerson, prssrp, steresem, johnk60
1596 sleepyhippo1, mommerson, LeftyLydia, prssrp, JudyFL
1597 sleepyhippo1, eri0000, MrsE, sleepykitty, Yarn-Lady
1598 sleepyhippo1, Avery27, mommerson, scoutingbear
1599 mommerson, Blue_Fox, prssrp, steresem, durangirl


1600 Milestone 35 participants
1601 scoutingbear, MichelleW, lyndylou5, sincerelykatmedii, cbd2128
1602 Johnkg0, mommerson, Blue_Fox, hootnoodle, MrsE
1603 steresem, missedity17, Johnk60, prssrp, luckycherry
1604 steresem, MrsE, mommerson, sleepykitty, paulinexong
1605 Cruzin, Cera1985, kristencat, johnbradleytlh, durangirl
1606 SincerelySel, prssrp, Johnk60, hootnoodle, sleepykitty
1607 salemhouse, sincerelykatmedii, avery27, Cruzin, SAM__44
1608 thetinylibrarian, Hazygirl, JudyFL, Johnk60, steresem
1609 prssrp, harleyq2btrue, thrakaboom, Cera1985, steresem
1610 Double Group - 10 participants
1611 avery27, nursegarry, steresem, Hazygirl, sleepyhippo1
1612 MichelleW, hootnoodle, Monkeyflower, sleepykitty, SincerelySel
1613 steresem, Cera1985, sleepyhippo1, thetinylibrarian, eri0000
1614 nursegarry, JudyFL, johnbradleytlh, lyndylou5, Johnk60
1616 Monkeyflower, thrakaboom, sraelling, Cera1985, lyndylou5
1617 carolreader, MichelleW, hootnoodle, thetinylibrarian, sleepyhippo1
1618 lyndylou5, Cruzin, prssrp, missedith17, Blue_Fox
1619 Johnk60, SAM__44, JudyFL, AccentOnHakes, Beachyblonde
1620 Double Group - 10 participants
1621 AccentOnHakes, CStar9, Blue_Fox, cbd2128, Cruzin
1622 Harleyq2btrue, Day_break, uconn, salemhouse, durangirl
1623 Blue_Fox, sleepykitty, sleepyhippo1, Johnk60, Crystalinne
1624 sleepyhippo1, avery27, JudyFL, Cruzin, steresem
1625 sleepyhippo1, ShowMeSnailMail, Monkeyflower, Yarn-Lady, Hazygirl
1626 steresem, Johnk60, Blue_Fox, carolreader, mshaleymichelle
1627 johnbradleytlh, sleepykitty, missedith17, prssrp, uconn
1628 alcott 1, Johnk60, harleyq2btrue, DaisyDekker, AccentOnHakes
1629 kristencat, avery27, MichelleW, durangirl, lyndylou5
1630 - Double Group, multiple participants
1631Johnk60, lyndylou5, salemhouse, Hazygirl, steresem
1632 Blue_Fox, uconn, prssrp, Cruzin, Appaloosa05
1633 steresem, JudyFL, durangirl, Cruzin, HoosierWyomingite
1634 Blue_Fox, HoosierWyomingite, MichelleW, Hazygirl, uconn
1635 Blue_Fox, MichelleW, carolreader, DaisyDekker, harleyq2btrue
1636 avery27, prssrp, Ukucaitie, Cruzin, mshaleymichele
1637 nursegarry, Monkeyflower, ShowMeSnailMail, Cruzin, lyndylou5
1638 LeftyLydia, lyndylou5, Cruzin Blue_Fox, MichelleW
1639 nursegarry, steresem, Blue_Fox, salemhouse, kristenkat
1640 Double Group, multiple participants
1641 Johnk60, steresem, AccentOnHakes, alcott1, nursegarry
1642 carolreader, avery27, rabidtriangle, Johnk60, Monkeyflower
1643 nursegarry, hootnodle, lyndylou5, Appaloosa05, sleepykitty
1644 prssrp, sincerelykatmedii, uconn, Yarn-Lady, Johnk60
1645 kitschsouvenir, MichelleW, JudyFL, HoosierWyomingite, lyndylou5
1646 ShowMeSnailMail, Blue_Fox, Monkeyflower, Cocosmom, nursegarry
1647 thrakaboom, DaisyDekker, lyndylou5, LeftyLydia, prssrp
1648 nursegarry, Hazygirl, Blue_Fox, salemhouse, thrakaboom
1649 thrakaboom, Johk60, hootnoodle, Monkeyflower, Harleyq2btrue
1650 Double Group, multiple participants
1651 hootnoodle, mindymcmillan, luckycherry, Cruzin, AccentOnHakes
1653 Thrakaboom, Cocosmom, Cruzin, rabidtriangle, JudyFL
1654 Johnk60, kitschsouvenir, avery27, durangirl, Blue_Fox
1656 jocrafts, nursegarry, sincerelykatmedii, rabidtriangle, Cocosmom
1657 Johnk60, SAM__44, sleepykitty, treeclimber, MichelleW
1658 nursegarry, hootnoodle, cbd2128, carolreader, Sleepyhippo1
1660 - Double Group
1661 ShowMeSnailMail, Blue_Fox, MichelleW, AccentOnHakes, Yarn-Lady
1662 prssrp, JudyFL, Cruzin, mindymcmillan, SAM__44
1663 AccentOnHakes, sleepykitty, Blue_Fox, ellistrations, EVillalba
1664 Cera1985, mandymcmillan, avery27, SincerelySel, treeclimber
1665 mindymcmillan, Johnk60, SAM__44, salemhouse, EVillalba1659rabidtriangle, kristencat, Johnk60, cbd2128, sleepyhippo1
1668 nursegarry, mindymcmillan, Blue_Fox, rabidtriangle, prssrp
1669 lyndylou5, Cocosmom, Crazyseth, Blue_Fox, durangirl
1670 - Double Group
1671 EVillalba, Yarn-Lady, BarbL, steresem, cbd2128
1672 lyndylou5, Cruzin, sraelling, JudyFL, thrakaboom
1673 kristencat, sleepykitty, Cocosmom, SAM__44, treeclimber
1674 prssrp, eri0000, sleepykitty, SincerelySel, AccentOnHakes
1675 EVillalba, Hazygirl, steresem, sleepykitty, HoosierWyomingite
1676 AccentOnHakes, steresem, paigeawesome, MichelleW, mindymcmillan
1677 Johnk60, avery27, ShowMeSnailMail, Cocosmom, WrenAtTheBeach
1678 rabidtriangle, nursegarry, Cruzin, MichelleW. clouisesz
1679 prssrp, ellistrations, MichelleW, nursegarry, Blue_Fox
1680 Double Group (10 participants)
1681 - Blue_Fox, sleepykitty, MichelleW, uconn, Hazygirl
1682 Cruzin, Pixie1306, Johnk60, BarbL, paigeawesome
1683 nursegarry, paigeawesome, Cruzin, steresem, inkandpaper
1684 kickassk12, in_8916, mindymcmillan, sleepyhipp1, jaenelle
1685 nursegarry, prssrp, MuddyPawPrints, steresem, jaenelle
1686 durangirl, EVillalba, paigeawesome, WrenAtTheBeach, wmiz77
1687 jaenelle, steresem, clouisesz, inkandpaper, Ukucaitie
1688 mshaleymichelle, mindymcmillan, jaenelle, rabidtriangle, andiex
1689 Cruzin, SAM__44, uconn, Blue_Fox, Hazygirl
1690 Double Group (10 participants)
1691 Blue_Fox, paigeawesome, MichelleW, steresem, in_8916
1692 jaenelle, sleepyhippo1, thetinylibrarian, sraelling, inkandpaper
1693 paigeawesome, steresem, uconn, inkandpaper, JudyFL
1694 jaenelle, prssrp, thetinylibrarian, akh125, SAM__44
1695 Cynovian, MuddyPawPrints, Hazygirl, sleepykitty, nursegarry
1696 steresem, hrthrae, nursegarry, jaenelle, inkandpaper
1697 paigeawesome, uconn, EVillalba, HoosierWyomingite, Blue_Fox
1698 lyndylou5, prssrp, SAM__44, Blue_Fox, clouisesz
1699 steresem, jendallas, inkandpaper, JudyFL, lyndylou5

1700 Milestone (36 participants)
1701 ShowMeSnailMail, sleepyhippo1, TeachLittleKids, hootnoodle, clouisesz
1702 EVillalba, ShowMeSnailMail, thrakaboom, prssrp, sraelling
1703 TeachLittleKids, steresem, Spender, ad7yn
1704 eri0000, clouisesz, Blue_Fox, TeachTheLittleKids, Cruzin
1705 MissChristinaAnne, steresem, Cruzin, Crystalinne, thetinylibrarian
1706 LLAcademy, KoreWrites, Hazygirl, Blue_Fox, lyndylou5
1707 steresem, uconn, sleepyhippo1, miss_fortune_666, thetinylibrarian
1708 sleepyhippo1, thetinylibrarian, LLAcademy, Cera1985, avery17
1709 mimicakes, Hazygirl, Pixie1306, prssrp, JudyFL
1710 Double Group
1711 nursegarry, CynthiaMarie, MichelleW, steresem, EVillalba
1713 jendallas, LLAcademy, salemhouse, Cruzin, nhigh
1714 thetinylibrarian, Cynovian, ellistrations, uconn, JudyFL
1715 Cynovian, sraelling, avery27, Morningofthesun, miss_fortune_666
1716 Cruzin, MichelleW, TeachLittleKids, MarySuePosts, carolreader
1717 Appalosa05, Crystalinne, JudyFL, Cruzin, Morningofthesun
1719 sleepyhippo1, Shesa-Renegade, prssrp, durangirl, Blue_Fox
1720 Double Group
1721 clouisesz, MichelleW, uconn, steresem, ShowMeSnailMail
1722 EVillalba, lyndylou5, ank125, Morningofthesun, Blue_Fox
1723 prssrp, nursegarry, TeachLittleKids, JudyFL, MissChristinaAnne
1724 Blue_Fox, MichelleW, sleepykitty, SincerelySel, uconn
1725 nursegarry, Monkeyflower, hootnoodle, jocrafts, yelrah
1726 clouisesz, MichelleW, durangirl, Cocosmom, miss_fortune_666
1727 sleepyhippo1, jendallas, nghigh, hootnoodle, ahk125
1728 nursegarry, Shesa-Renegade, JudyFL, avery27
1729 Cynovian, sraelling, MarySuePosts, jendallas, Blue_Fox
1730 Double Group
1731 LeftyLydia, kristencat, Cruzin, jendallas, Morningofthesun
1732 Blue_Fox, MichelleW, lyndylou5, TeachLittleKids, EVillalba
1733 prssrp, Cruzin, Nauti_Dogs, Hazygirl, uconn
1734 Blue_Fox, ShowMeSnailMail, salemhouse, Cruzin, ahk125
1735 ahk125, LeftyLydia, LLAcademy, linda_lavendar, Nauti_Dogs
1736 steresem, uconn, JudyFL, Monkeyflower, EVillalba
1737 lyndylou5, Cruzin, LLAcademy, jendallas, HoosierWyomingite
1738 steresem, Blue_Fox, sleepyhippo1, Monkeyflower, prssrp
1739 durangirl, TeachLittleKids, ahk125, steresem, jendallas
1740 Double Group
1741 MichelleW, Nauti_Dogs, nhigh, nursegarry, steresem
1742 thetinylibrarian, TravellerMel, DerbyGirl13, BeachyBlonde, MichelleW
1743 Shesa-Renegade, TeachLittleKids, LLAcademy, sleepykitty, MichelleW
1744 nursegarry, steresem, uconn, wmiz77, avery27
1745 sleepyhippo1, Blue_Fox, MichelleW, Cruzin, HoosierWyomingite
1746 Siixelea95, jendallas, LeftyLydia, pinksxo, Monkeyflower
1747 steresem, nursegarry, EVillalba, LLAcademy, linda_lavendar
1748 Cruzin, eri0000, SincerelySel, JudyFL, jendallas
1749 prssrp, sraelling, ahk125, pinksxo, CeceG
1750 Double Group
1751 Cruzin, jendallas, Hazygirl, SharonMI, TrvlCat
1752 SAM__44, steresem, TeachLittleKids, Nauti_Dogs, Cruzin
1753 EVillalba, nursegarry, Yarn-Lady, uconn, TeachLittleKids
1754 steresem, nursegarry, Blue_Fox, sunflak
1755 ahk125, nursegarry, jendallas, tragicwaffle25, Yarn-Lady
1756 uconn, prssrp, SincerelySel, TeachLittleKids, Blue_Fox
1757 nursegarry, steresem, prssrp, sleepykitty, Morningofthesun
1758 LLAcademy, jendallas, MichelleW, TeachLittleKids, TrvlCat
1759 linda_lavendar, Cocosmom, avery27, sraelling, SharonMI
1760 Double Group
1761 Cruzin, maleko, MichelleW, steresem, Cynovian
1762 uconn, lyndylour5, pinksxo, tragicwaffle25, luckycherry
1763 linda_lavendar, nursegarry, hootnoodle, paulinexong, salemhouse
1764 tragicwaffle25, HoosierWyomingite, Cruzin, Hazygirl, ellistrations
1765 nursegarry, lyndylou5, steresem, Cruzin, linda_lavendar
1766 ahk125, HoosierWyomingite, sleepyhippo1, pinksxo/bunniejak
1767 steresem, prssrp, Blue_Fox, carolreader, WrenAtTheBeach
1768 Yarn-Lady, TeachLittleKids, lyndylou5, durangirl, harleyq2btrue
1769 lyndylou5, MichelleW, Blue_Fox, jeffweiss, salemhouse
1770 Double Group
1771 sleepyhippo1, uconn, Monkeyflower, TeachLittleKids, sraelling
1772 sleepyhippo1, steresem, HoosierWyoming, SincerelySel
1773 Hazygirl, Cruzin, MichelleW, EVillalba, LLAcademy
1774 alisonp2002, linda_lavendar, jeffweiss, HoosierWyomingite, steresem
1775 ahk125, nursegarry, prssrp, uconn, Monkeyflower
1776 nursegarry, carolreader, sleepyhippo1, Wynnie, SincerelySel
1777 HoosierWyomingite, uconn, Cruzin, MichelleW, Nauti_Dogs
1778 TrvlCat, salemhouse, TeachLittleKids, Blue_Fox, Cocosmom
1779 kristencat, Yarn-Lady, prssrp, jocrafts, avery27
1780 Double group; multiple participants
1781 ahk125, Cynovian, Beachyblonde, Hazygirl, smsurrena
1782 MichelleW, carolreader, AccentonHakes, inkandpaper, hootnoodle
1783 durangirl, inkandpaper, Cruzin, TeachLittleKids, smsurrena
1784 smsurrena, uconn, SincerelySel, sleepyhippo1, k8thegr8
1785 TeachLittleKids, Cruzin, sleepyhippo1, HoosierWyomingite, MichelleW
1786 TeachLittleKids, ahk125, steresem, salemhouse, hootnoodle
1787 uconn, prssrp, avery27, k8thegr8, HoosierWyomingite
1788 TeachLittleKids, ahk125, steresem, salemhouse, hootnoodle
1789 smsurrena, saraheyo, sleepyhippo1, salemhouse, rabidtriangle
1790 Double group; multiple participants
1791 paigeawesome, hootnoodle, Pixie1306, LeftyLydia, tragicwaffle25
1792 rabidtriangle, tragicwaffle, tia272, TrvlCat, sleepyhippo1
1793 Blue_Fox, Lyndylou5, Beachyblonde, MichelleW, tia272
1794 Blue_Fox, tia272, Hazygirl, sleepyhippo1, rabidtriangle
1795 sleepyhippo1, Cruzin, uconn, Wynnie, Pixie1306
1796 rabidtriangle, Cynovian, ahk125, prssrp, TeachLittleKids
1797 nursegarry, HoosierWyomingite, tragicwaffle, tia272, ThatOneGirl
1798 tia272, Blue_Fox, salemhouse, Blue_Fox, nursegarry, maliciaguilucha
1799 sraelling, Blue_Fox, MuttleysMom, TrvlCat, Wynnie, sleepyhippo1

1803 kristencat, Blue_Fox, MichelleW, hootnoodle, Monkeyflower
1809 JudyFL, durangirl, rainandfog, brooklynh, glazefamily
1811 TeachLittleKids, rye4ray, JudyFL, ahk125, bookendss
1818 MuttleysMom, hootnoodle, MichelleW, Beachyblonde, durangirl
1828 MuttleysMom, Cruzin, MichelleW, TeachLittleKids, brooklynh
1829 southernwonder, sleepykitty, saoirse253, MuttleysMom, Hazygirl
1831 kristencat, SincerelySel, durangirl, tia272, JudyFL

Milestone Group 1800 Contest

Congratulations @WrenAtTheBeach who guessed Milestone 1800 would open February 1!


Please note: This post is not connected to any specific Open Group. It is simply, “just so you know…”


Do you love Christmas Cards? Maybe simple, “Holiday Greetings?” Perhaps you enjoy cards with different cultures’ celebrations (Hanukkah, Kwanzaa. Rohatsu (Bodhi Day), solstice…) Or do you prefer to skip right on to New Year’s?

In order for USxUS members to best wish you, “Happy Holidays,” please reply to this topic with the type of cards you prefer.

image - Religious

image - Secular

image - Funny

image - Any kind - surprise me!

image - Other Seasonal Traditions

image - New Year Only

image - No holiday cards, please!

USxUS Participants’ Preferences:

  • AHK125 - “Any non-religious holiday card are good with me!”

  • APPALOOSA05 - “Religious Christmas and secular seasonal cards are both welcome, as are New Year’s. If you celebrate something different than I do, feel free to send whatever wishes are appropriate for you and tell me about how you celebrate, if you wish.”

  • ANGELDREAMER - “Any holiday cards-postcards or folded - and anytime of the year!”

  • AVERY27 - "No holiday cards, please"

  • BLUE_FOX - “Any Winter holiday cards are A-ok with me! The more the Merrier.”

  • CAROLREADER “I’d rather not receive religious or folded cards. Anything else is OK.”

  • COCOSMOM - "Any holiday card is fine with me :ghost::evergreen_tree::tada::turkey: "

  • CRUZIN - “All except religious cards please!”

  • CYNOVIAN - “I love holiday cards! Anything is great, but I prefer non-religious ones!.”

  • DURANGIRL - “I love Christmas cards so much, folded or postcards but prefer no religious cards.”

  • ELLISTRATIONS - “Any Non-Religious card is wonderful!”


  • EVILLALBA - “No holiday cards please

  • HAZYGIRL - “I’m good with any kind of Christmas postcards.”.

  • HOOSIERWYOMINGITE - “Any and all holiday cards are welcome for me.”

  • HOOTNOODLE - “All holiday cards are fine, though I prefer nonreligious ones.”

  • INKANDPAPER - “I love all holiday cards, even folded.”

  • JOCRAFTS “Non-religious/ secular & funny are always my preferences, but any card is fine! Can be folded or postcard, as well.”

  • JUDYFL - “I love all kinds of holiday cards, both folded with envelope and postcards.”

  • K8THEGR8 - “No holiday cards for me, please.

  • LINDA_LAVENDAR - “I love Christmas cards, folded or postcards but prefer no religious cards.”

  • LLACADEMY - “Since we display them during this season, we’d prefer pretty/cute/kid-friendly/funny cards that are secular or Christian.”

  • LUCKYCHERRY - “No holiday cards please.”

  • LYNDYLOU5 - “I like all holiday cards, especially holidays I’ve never heard of!”

  • MICHELLEW - “I love irreverent, funny, general, other religions, New Year. If you complete this sentence in your message ‘all I want for Christmas is…’ I’d be delighted!”

  • MYSTIQUEDEEP - “Christmas cards of all types are fine.”

  • PAULINEXONG - “Any kind - surprise me!”

  • PRSSRP - “Any kind of holiday card is good for me. Can be folded or postcard.”

  • SALEMHOUSE - “Any Holiday Cards”

  • SAOIRSE253 - “Any holiday card.”

  • SHESA-RENEGADE - “I love all holiday cards!”

  • SLEEPYHIPPO1 - "No holiday cards for me. Please"

  • SLEEPYKITTY - “Bonus points for anything with Krampus on it, but all holiday greetings are welcome!”

  • SRAELLING - “Any lovely holiday card is fine.”

  • STERESEM - “I love any and all holiday cards!”

  • SUNFLAK - “Any holiday cards are fine.”

  • THETINYLIBRARIAN - "Any kind of holiday cards are great for me! Folded holiday cards are perfect too! "

  • TRVLCAT - “Holiday cards are fine with me.”

  • UCONN - “Any Holiday Cards”

  • WRENATTHEBEACH - “Any holiday cards are fine with me.”

  • YARN-LADY - “Holiday cards are fine if they are festive, pretty, funny!!!”


Continuing the discussion from [RR] 🇺🇸 US to US Surprise Me -Themeless Fun From Hawaii to Maine - We Want YOU! (Part 1) - #10041 by HoosierFloridian.

Previous discussions:

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Thank goodness it opened a new thread…I thought I had broken the whole thing :crazy_face:


Group 1500
@TandemStoker sent me a postcard she designed…so cool! Where did you get them printed? Thank you!


Group 1495

@MichelleW June 14 postmark was just delivered today :dizzy_face::dizzy_face: find the old lady! Bouillon


Group 1500

@hootnoodle , a funny card extolling the single virtue of self-checkout. Estacada is still a pretty green space and not over-crowded because of our Urban Growth boundaries.

Thank you!

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Group 1500 All of my cards have now been sent!

@salemhouse sent 3 beautiful large birds from St Augustine, FL. We’re hoping to travel to CT to see my family and our friends in a month or so.
@MystiqueDeep sent Harry Potter waiting to begin his first Quidditch match. My favorite book/movie is Sorcerer’s Stone, but I don’t have a favorite character.
@Angeldreamer sent Mt Rushmore. Our dog was a great passenger, but we never went more than 250 miles from home!
@Appaloosa05 sent a Crane from the Animal Box. It sounds like you had a good day! Bob and I haven’t been our for ice cream since time out of mind!
@lyndylou5 sent a squirrel with a big horn! Bob had both of his shoulders operated on so that once he retires we can get back to fishing and kayaking, and enjoy our Golden Years
@Cruzin sent a delightful butterfly and lady bugs. There’s not much of a tourist draw in my little town, but I’m looking forward to moving to Florida (whenever that happens) and dealing with the ‘SnowBirds’
@ljbbauer sent a US Mail truck. Bob and I have always dreamed of an ‘RV’ life, but for reasons beyond our control, it seems unlikely
@JudyFL sent a beautiful Ayrshire cow. I did not know that there is a cow & heifer postcard book and now I have to have it!! Nor did I know there is/was a rabbit show in Columbia!
@TandemStoker sent a Palmistry Guide. I decided I was sick of the same 3 ground beef meals that I was alternating each week so I found a page from Taste of Home and copied a few recipes. I’ve made a different one each week for the last month and my guys are very happy!! One with Ramen soup, one with pierogis, one with gnocchi, and a pizza burrito!

Thanks, everyone, for great cards, stamps, and stickers!


@TwoDoggies - toy wagon, thank you! Have a great trip! My parents took a European river cruise a couple years ago and had a blast!

@sleepyhippo1 - bench in Charles City, thank you! This definitely works. I need to take some mini road trips. Haven’t really been anywhere outside my normal work to home and errands routine.

@Cruzin - surfing in Hawaii, thank you! I’ve been back, but since my last friend has moved off the islands, I don’t have nearly as much motivation to visit again, though I’m sure I still will. Ireland is also on my list.

@ljbbauer - closeup cat face, thank you! Changing habits is definitely difficult. I’ll need to do so, myself, one of these days… been waiting until I was in a place of my own - easier, at least I hope it will be.

@scoutingbear - Monsters Inc concept art with playing cards, thank you! This is so cute, haha! Every weekend has been a lazy one for me, too hot here as well.

@TandemStoker - weasel, thank you! I used to play Wordle with my coworkers before we opened the store for the day. It’s definitely helped me with crossword puzzles (filling in words with few letters).


Group 1500
I am finally back from vacation to a wonderful stack of postcards! Mine will be going out later this week. While away I purchased over 250 cards. CRAZY, but so worth it!

@SincerelySel sends a wonderful upcycled card from her calendar. I love the beach scene and the fact that you made this card!

@scoutingbear sends a Native American card for my June theme of Honor. I have just learned so much more about the Native Americans from my vacation.

@sleepykitty sends a card that says “Hello Friend” on it. Your vacation sounds great! I enjoyed my vacation for the most part, but we would stay two nights, move on, stay two nights, move on…ugh. It got old, fast.

@Angeldreamer sends a card of Mount Rushmore. Honestly, I was there on Tuesday! My vacation this year was in Utah, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. What a fun coincidence!

@Appaloosa05 sends a hand painted UP card! I LOVE IT!! Did you bike to meet your husband for ice cream? If so, what flavor did you get? I am in love with the huckleberry ice cream I got in Wyoming. So delicious!

@MystiqueDeep sends a card from Idaho State University. College costs are so high, but remember that it is all about the memories.

@durangirl sends a fun card from London of the River Thames with Big Ben and the London Eye. You mentioned your son and his Master’s…I teach at UA Little Rock in the Department of Earth Sciences!

@hootnoodle sends a fun mermaid crossing postcard. This made me laugh out loud. Your tour sounds fabulous! Isn’t travel fabulous?!

@anon57710398 I love this card from the Parthenon in Nashville! Her eyes and the pendant she’s wearing are a bit scary though…haha.

@Ukucaitie sends a fun card that reminds me to laugh. The story of your cats and the paper ball brought a smile to my face. I can just see them skittering around.

@gabi_m sends a card from Indiana Dunes National Park. I love that you stamped the card with the national park stamp. I did the same thing on my recent trip!

@clouisesz sends a fabulous art-deco card with a woman in her finery. I hope that you had fun playing pickleball!

@ellistrations sends a fun facts card about jellyfish! They really are aliens…haha

@jeffweiss sends a card from Dungeons & Dragons. The ink is such an interesting color and I can see why it reminded the maker of wasps. Gorgeous!

@Yarn-Lady sends a recipe card for Sausage and Leek Soup. Okay, this sounds delicious. Soup is one of my favorite meals. I have to go to the store tomorrow and will definitely pick up some sausage and leeks!

@anon68172931 sends a card from Ha Ha Tonka State Park. I love participating in these groups, too. There is always an opportunity to learn.

@salemhouse sends a card from Newport Beach in California. I have always wanted to attend a quilt show. I hope that you had a great time!

@steresem sends a Banksy Poster card of a girl under a SMILE sign. What an interesting fact about the son Silvery Rain. I am going to have to see if I can find this on YouTube to listen to.

@uconn sends a card of the Queen’s Royal Hussars. I’m so glad you got some good stuff at the Farmer’s Market. I need to head down to ours this weekend. After being on vacation I have zero fruits and veggies in the house except for a couple of frozen bags. That simply will not do…haha.

@TandemStoker sends a card of two young children playing in the sand on the beach. I love when you share your memories because they always bring about some of my own.

@JudyFL sends a card from Arlington National Cemetery for my June theme of Honor. WOW…I’m so honored that you watch my videos and that they helped you find your way to this group. They really are such a fun bunch of people. I will definitely check out the video that you recommended…and watch for your postcard this next week on my channel!!

@TwoDoggies sends a card of the 178 pound Hope watermelon! This card is hilarious, and you are right about the woman in the picture. Can you imagine having to get your photo taken with this thing? HAHA

@ljbbauer sends a card with a beautiful purple starfish. What a fun memory of your dress - and what a special friend to have made it for you!

And how’s that for update #1! whew


Group 1500

@BarbL sends a Harry Potter postcard from the Goblet of Fire, I love how Neville evolved into a strong person! I hope your husband is recovering well!

@sleepykitty sends a postal friendship hug! I will be home all summer trying to keep cool. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

@Cruzin made my daughters day with this Keroppi postcard! Those are great stickers, I just googles and they have recently opened a 5 or below about 15 miles from here…may have to check it out!


Three more for 1500:
@Appaloosa05 This is the best giraffe ever! :smile: No worries about the slide from quirky to bizarre. I love it! Thank you.

@treeclimber A crowd of smiley faces. How groovy that you were able to spend some time sketching and painting with friends. Thank you!

@scoutingbear This blows. Gets blown. Whatever. Ha! Our pets all have ways of pushing our guilt buttons, eh?


Group #1500

@treeclimber Thank you for the fun smiley face card! It’s neat that you were able to finish a painting. I haven’t painting anything larger than a postcard in many years.

@TandemStoker Thanks for the Colorado map. I have never heard of the show Yellowstone before, but it sounds interesting.

@uconn Thanks for the fun old pelican card. Those pelicans look like such beggars. Hopefully you have had some nicer weather lately.

@Appaloosa05 Wow, and handpainted card! Thank you so much! It’s beautiful! We don’t have a lot of wetlands where I live. It’s a lot more like desert here.



@Appaloosa05 great cave card, thank you

@treeclimber thanks for the nice happy card

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A big fat happy mail day, woohoo!

Group #1500

@durangirl This card made me smile, surfing looks like so much fun! 105 degrees, oh my. It was in the 90s for a few days here, and I loved every single ray of sun, but 105 just might do me in. Love the stickers you used and the space postage stamp. Thank you so much.

@JudyFL This postcard is adorable, and I like the way you decorated it. Especially the “interesting” mermaid sticker. Your Canada car trip sounds fun. I’d like to do the Canadian Rockies by train, so I don’t get lost. I’ve been told I couldn’t find my way out of a paper bag. You could say I’m quite directionally challenged.

@maleko Thank you for this super cool postcard! I don’t know what this kind is called, but I love it! A voice scholarship sounds interesting, what kind of music did/do you sing? I sang in several kinds of choirs with my dad when I was a teenager, and it was always fun.

@salemhouse I love the Wasatch Mountains, so beautiful! I used to do a weekend contra dance camp there every summer. It was quite interesting to dance 10 hours a day at 9000 ft altitude. It was like learning to breathe all over again, lol. One year it was 90 degrees during the day, in the middle of the night there was a torrential rain storm that washed out all the tents, and the next morning it was snowing when we woke up. Such crazy weather! Thanks for this card, it brings back good memories.

@clouisesz Pickle ball! I’ve heard about that a lot lately, but I have no idea what it is. It’s one of the events in the Washington State Senior Games, which are about to begin. This year that’s one of the events I’ll make sure I get to.

@ljbbauer Thank you for this book card. Book Thief is in that stack, and I really enjoyed reading that book. Yeah, I know what you mean about not having as much time as you’d like for crafting. I just retired this year, and I’m loving having more time for the things I love doing.

@MystiqueDeep My city is doing an interactive Alice in Wonderland event this summer. You sign up in groups of 6. The downtown streets will be closed, because they’re being used as part of the game. It’s going to be kind of like an escape room, but it’s outdoors, and everyone will be dressed as characters. I’m gonna hang out downtown that day and just watch.

@SincerelySel Ha ha yeah, the Franken Decks are fun. I don’t know if I mentioned it in my profile, but the swaps I’ve been doing are through Swap-Bot, a free app. Thank you for the gladiola card, it’s very pretty.