[RR] 🇺🇸 US to US Surprise Me -Themeless Fun From Hawaii to Maine - We Want YOU! (Part 1)

Group 1500
@clouisesz cool Saturn card, thank you

@Angeldreamer cool card, I’ve never been to South Dakota

Another nice stack of cards to report for 1500!

@ellistrations Camping at the top of a cliff is out. But I do love these illustrated national parks cards!
@Angeldreamer I hope you and the dogs had a nice relaxing walk and were able to enjoy the quiet outside!
@uconn The card is funny…but like you I’m not sure what it has to do with Texas. I’d title it “Camping in Beverly Hills!”
@sleepykitty sends a potato. My partner is spending the week up in Yosemite with her mom and daughters. I’m left home to work.
@MystiqueDeep Yes! I have been to Mt. Ranier. It was in May a few years ago and they had just opened the road to the second visitor center. We played in the snow up there then hiked around the meadow in the rain. We stayed at the lodge which was really cool! Rooms were tiny and bathrooms shared but a nice big game and fireplace room and dining room…all pre-covid of course!
@clouisesz I wish it would cool off just a bit so that we could spend some time outside. It’s been 90 degrees still at 8:30pm. Yuck!
@BarbL love these lego cards!


Group 1500 - Thank you, @Angeldreamer, for the Mt. Rushmore card (and Edward G. Robinson stamp!). I’d love to see Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse monument someday.

Lots o’cards today for 1500! Thank you all for your groovy choices and decorations.
@sleepykitty Spending time in the mountains sounds lovely! I prefer AC when it’s hot out though. :wink:

@mommerson I made a small hedge against postage inflation. This is such a gorgeous card. I’m thinking Gretchen and Ursula for the llamas. They seem like old-fashioned gals.

@durangirl I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks you have a dream job. Congratulations to your daughters!

@uconn Nat and Dizz - fascinating for certain! I’m with you on chilly vs hot/humid.

@SincerelySel Cats and margaritas - two of my favorite things! I thought about seeing Toto/Journey too, but it was a little salty for me. I hope it was fun!

@lyndylou5 I wish we had better music in the park around here. I love those!

@Angeldreamer I think dogs could talk me into just about anything. Good thing I have cats!

@MystiqueDeep I vaguely remember this scene, but it’s been a long time since I read Alice too.

@Mallowpuff A great music card! What’s funny is that I don’t have many music cards myself. I need to start hunting.


Group 1500
3 cards today!

From @jeffweiss a bit of a creepy Dungeons and Dragons card. You have such nice handwriting, do I detect a fountain pen?

From @Yarn-Lady lovely carousel animals. Unfortunately the postal machines had a bit of a heyday with this one. That’s wonderful that Oregon has had a surge of carousels lately, they are so beautifully crafted. There is one on the Riverfront in Detroit that has such lovely sea animals. Of course I love the horses the best, but that one has a special look to it for sure. Oh and at an amusement park in Pennsylvania called Knoebels, they have one where if you reach out and grab a brass ring, you get a free ride. I visited Disney World for the first time last December, and my husband said, “do we need to ride the carousel?” and I said, “of course!” So he rode it with me, wonderful man that he is. Who knew I had so much to say about carousels!

From @durangirl this lovely view of Eileen Donan Castle. I would love to visit Scotland some day! Oh dear, 105 is hot! We’ve just had a few days in the 90s so far. I’m much happier at 60-75 myself. Lovely stamps and washi too!

Thank you all for the cards!


Group 1500!!

@Ukucaitie USA flag made out of flowers! So pretty! I bet the Grand Haven fireworks are lovely! I celebrate, last year I got my family and my boyfriend’s family together for grilling and watching the fireworks in town, but no such luck this year!

@lyndylou5 Cabbage Rose! Pretty AND I love the name, haha. That’s so awesome, suck up all that sunshine and summer! It has been a weird, weird year for weather. We finally got some rain here, too which we sorely needed.

@clouisesz From the Night sky fifty postcards! So pretty and neat, and a set I will now have to look into getting, haha. I know what you mean, it’s been cloudy and cool, perfect weather for running…but my legs were hurt and I couldn’t run! They’re finally feeling better today and…it’s HOT. Figures lol

@uconn The Discontented Frogs! Wow do I love this so much LOL seriously I love these crazy cards of yours! You’re right, I wonder what they’re discontented about?? Probably that this is such a dry year, hahahaha.


Group 1500
@JudyFL sent a great Devon cow & tropical fish stickers. I love snorkling, but have a lot more opportunities for watching cows.
@durangirl sent antique books. I melt at 90 degrees, I don’t think I could handle 100+!
@sleepykitty sent Hello Friend! Anyplace that I’ve never been recharges me - I love discovering new things.
@MystiqueDeep sent her own art work, a sketch of an old Idaho homestead. Homesteading must have been so unbelievably difficult back in those days. Thank you so much for sharing your art!
@Angeldreamer sent Mount Rushmore. Cool summer mornings are the best for walks!
@uconn sent a woman calmly reading while the man is catching a huge shark. Yep, that would be me with the book, oblivious to everything around me.
@Ukucaitie sent beautiful hydrangea. After the jonquils are done, we don’t have any flowers around our house.

Thank you all!


I found another group 1500 card in today’s stack…
@Yarn-Lady sent the Space Needle, in preparation for my upcoming trip to Seattle. I’ve been up in the St. Louis Arch many times and felt it swaying in the wind. We will definitely check it out.

Group 1491: Received a Peregrine Falcon from “Vanishing Species I’d North America” series from @Monkeyflower. I’m sure that it was quite a spectacle! I’m glad the hawk didn’t take your cat, too. :face_with_monocle: Hope she earns her bell! :heart:


@mommerson - girl reading to her dog, thank you! Things have been hot here and we’ve had a few storms. Expecting more all week starting this weekend! Thank goodness for indoor activities (like postcards)!

@durangirl - ferris wheel, thank you! Having your photos enlarged sounds amazing! I’ve thought about making some canvas prints of my photography… when we get our own place one of these years, haha!


GROUP 1500

@mommerson - a cute Victorian (?) girl feeding four puppies from a china cup and saucer. So cute! Thank you. A two-and-a-half-year-old grandson sounds like fun to me.

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Yet more happiness from 1500:

@Appaloosa05 , thank you for the beautiful watercolor card. Did you create it yourself? It’s just lovely.

@Yarn-Lady , thanks for the adorable postcard showing kitties gazing up in moonlight!

@mommerson sent a gorgeous, intricate quilt card – thanks so much!

@maleko , thanks for the pride flag and lovely greetings! Happy Pride to you, too!

@Angeldreamer sent a photo from the “Presidential Trail” in SD. Thanks! I hope you get some good naps in.

@Cruzin , I LOVE the lenticular card you sent of such a magical looking underwater scene. Thank you! (And I agree with you 100% on your insight about the developments of the last week.)

@salemhouse , thanks for the 3D virtual composition from the Tate! Definitely a WTF?!? card! Love it.


@mommerson very fun Emilio Sanchez maxicard! I love it! Did you make it or purchase it pre-made? Either way it is a great postcard and I’m happy to have it in my collection. Hope the trip is/was lots of fun!!

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Yes, I painted the watercolor myself (apologies, I forget which one I sent you). Glad you enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

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Time to celebrate! The last stack of my cards for 1500 are headed out in the mail today!

I’ll join a small group please!

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I bought the maxi-cards as a set of postcards and stamps from the USPS. I wanted to get more of the set but they were sold out! I’ve shared most of the collection with our US group and, I’m glad you like it too! I think the postage on the front of the card makes it a maxi-card but, I’m not a collector, they just seem to be fun!

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Please add me to the next group! thank you

Please add me to the next group :heart:

Congratulations to all, on TEN THOUSAND POSTS in the “new” forum!!! What an outstanding group to be a part of. And special thanks to @MichelleW for sorting through all those posts, day after day, and keeping us organized!!!


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