Requesting certain stamps in bio

I’ve come across a few people who have had some notes about stamps in their bio that I don’t really understand. :woman_shrugging: I’m from the US and recently our stamp prices went up. I’ve seen people request the sender to not use the international US stamps, which are round and have flowers in the center. It’s a little frustrating because this is the easiest way to send a postcard internationally. You can mix and match other stamps to meet the $1.50 postage, but you can’t get the exact amount unless you used a lot of the smaller denominations or used 3 forever stamps which usually brings up the price to around $1.80. Not every post office carries those smaller stamp denominations, so it is easier and usually cheaper to just use the round one. If you send a lot of mail the cost adds up (especially as a student) so I use the int’l stamps to make it easier, but I always feel bad using them when the person requested I don’t. Do you all deal with something like this in your country?


Don’t worry too much! There are collector’s requests in profiles here and there but they are not a must, postcrossing is meant to be fun (both for your mind and wallet). There are so many people who adore these round stamps, me included, and happy to see them every time

Yes, we had the Kremlins standard series before (Sixth Issue of Standard Stamps of the Russian Federation) and I saw people asking not to use them. What can I say - tariffs change frequently and one can be in situation when it’s only option, so I never had hard feelings about them (only the shape was not very easy to fit the cards, same as with round standards I presume)


Two Forever stamps plus two 10 cent pear stamps costs $1.52. One extra-ounce stamp instead of pears costs $1.56

I dislike the single $1.50 stamps as they are larger, take up space.


I ignore those requests. I only have international stamps and that’s all I’m going to purchase. I sat down one day and started to put together a stamp order that included all the smaller denominations. The price was astronomical compared to just purchasing a sheet of international stamps at a time. If someone doesn’t like my international stamps, that’s on them. It’s not about the stamp. It’s about the message and the connection.


Requests are just that, requests. You’re not obligated to fulfill those and you shouldn’t feel guilty if you can’t or won’t.


I only use the global forever stamps because they are cheaper. I got a lady once that said not to use them, but i did anyways because its cheaper and easier. The cost of stamps have gone up, so its best to use whatever works best for you.


From Canada I can affix one international stamp for $2,71 (boring), two permanent stamps (92 cents each), a 25, 22 & a 10 or just put three permanent stamps on and over pay the postage a bit. Honestly, I usually just over pay so I can put three pretty stamps on it. If I’m getting it hand cancelled then it gets the single boring international stamp because it makes it easier for the post office to place the hand cancellation.

In Canada you can buy a collection of old stamps directly from the post office. I regularly buy the 2018 and 2017 ones because permanent stamps were something like 83 cents back then saving me almost ten cents a stamp when I use them! It’s a great little hack and then you get some neat older stamps.

HOWEVER, as others have said, it’s just a request. Affix whatever works for you. Not everyone can afford or wants to go over postage when they send so many cards.


I dont do it to make it look pretty, i use 1 stamp so it gets there, nothing else. The design on the card is what should matter, and the message, not the stamp.


I use the U.S. international round stamp most times. Because I also do pen paling I have a variety of stamps. I will use a variety of stamps for postcrossing only if I have run out of the international stamp. It is a request. I try not to take it personally. Postage cost have risen very quickly in the U.S. so I understand the affordability can be difficult.


I miss the bunny rabbit extra ounce stamps; the bus stamp is so big!


As others have said you are under NO obligation …repeat NO obligation…to submit to this demand. I happen to like large stamps that I get on my postcards, but I consider that a bonus by a thoughtful member. I like to put large stamps on my mail. I have a large stock of older US Commemorative issues (3c 4c 5c 20c) that I can play around with.

The other matter is about the PostCrossing project. Pictures on the front of the card + the message; the stamp(s) are secondary.


Hi Avery!
Well… in my country there are not national/international stamps. There are only national/international prices. So I always have to fill the amount with several stamps and most of the times I have to put more stamps because there are not smaller denominations available in my postal office. So, yes, I can relate with the request because sometimes it felt it is a little unfair for some of us always receiving that round flower stamp. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, and I don’t request that, even though for me stamp is as much important as the postcard and the message. I just thought you may find useful to know why someone may ask for that. But in general, I wouldn’t feel bad about not follow those request, because, at the end, you don’t have any obligation to do that. I think people tends to forget that you are not supposed to put demands on your profile.
I hope you cand find this useful.


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I do not request to avoid the global forever stamp, nevertheless many American postcrossers use other stamps on their postcards to me, so I am sure, people with that request get many american cards with other stamps and a global forever stamp now and then won’t kill them!
Back in the days Germany had definitive stamps with flowers and many postcrossers did not like them or wanted more variety, so yes, the problem was the same here.


That makes CAN$ 2.41, not 2.71, is that enough?

Only twice have I used other stamps on a postcard to send out internationally. The first was because I was tired and kinda done with the person being pushy about it, and the other time was the opposite. She had been apologetic and very kind during our conversations so I used a mix of stamps on hers to make her day.

Other than those two times, I only use international stamps for international postcards. They’re expensive and it only stresses me out having to add them all up to make sure I have the right amount, which then takes the fun away in putting together a postcard to send out.


It’s strange and took me forever to figure out. You pay less if you buy a book of them. I think that the actual values is $1.07 or something like that, it might have gone up this year. Funny story, for a month, I was putting on a 1 cent stamp instead of a 10 cent stamp and 8 out of 10 still arrived. Ha! When the cards are full, I’m starting to suspect that they don’t really count :wink:


:puzzled: I don’t know what you try to tell me now, but if the postage is CAn$ 2.71, then it is 2.71 and not less. Putting less on the card on purpose is a kind of fraud imho.

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Fortunately in Germany it is (still) very very easy to match the needed postage either for domestic or for international mail.

But even if it were not it wouldn’t be a problem (at least for me), because I simply ignore requests which I can’t (or won’t) fulfil.

And if someone complains about boring stamps on a postcard exchange website, they would get the hint from me that postcrossing might not be right for them.

So - don’t worry and use the stamps you have available :slight_smile:


Yeah, here in india, nice new commemorative stamps are really hard to get (cause i get Only one piece of all new stamps, even though i have a philately account with request of 4 stamps each), mostly all new stamps are bought by dealers and other Philatelist on website and Philately bureau.
So i used recent commemorative stamps which are available on website, sometimes i feel bad using Definives:(
We can easily fit the postage with small denomination stamps or we have stamps pf actual postage of Sending cards world wide, so it’s easy but stamps are hard to get:(