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I just created a topic for the German part of the forum and just after submitting it I realized I did not categorize is for that part of the forum but the general topics part. This still has to be apprived by moderaotores. However, I was wonderen if I as the creater, can’t see this pending topic to make corretions to it?

I have change the category and it is now a topic in the #communities:german-deutsch

To be honest, I’m not sure that while it’s still in pending you’ll be able to access it. Probably not.

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I participated in a fresh topic started by @wonderlikeworld . The topic is suddenly gone. Why was it removed completely? Usualy topics are closed so others can read it.

The topic was about ranking by distance and km made in Travel Mode.

That’s true. Usually topics aren’t deleted unless there’s a reason to do so.

Best way for you would be this:
Please ask the topic opener (via PM) why it was deleted, if you’d like to know.


I like to have my country flag after my name.
I looked into settings and put the flag in it. But it’s saying:

use the correct notation

you can find help here: :upside_down_face:


Thank you. I found it :blush:

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But how can I remove the country flag next to my username? Doesn’t seem to be possible or I can’t do it.

you just pick the no flag option

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@reisegern I’m fine with it. Did not know this way of deleting complete topic was possible on the new forum.
Good to now we can ask to delete topics we started for personal reason.

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How do you do this to reply to a specific person like this? Whenever I try it, it always just replies to the entire topic. I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to do this.

Hi @risa38a1db ! When you use this “arrow” symbol to reply:

you reply to the specific person and that person gets a notification (if they have allowed it). I used that function when replying to you.

However, when you reply to a post directly above yours, it looks the same when you write to the topic (using the “reply”- button). The “reply to avatar” in your example appears when there are posts between your comment and the post you reply to. That helps other people to follow the conversation. Of course you can also tag a person by their name, if you want to make it even clearer you are replying to the post above yours.

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I didn’t know this part. I understand now. Thank you so much!

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Does anyone know how to get this line between paragraphs? :thinking:







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I’ll try this.

It works. Thanks! :+1:t2:



I wanted to check what new members (people at Basic trust level) are able to see?

I moved a basic member’s post to the #trades-requests-offers part of the forum because she was offering to trade but I’m not sure if she can see this section.

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Basic means they’ve reached trust level 1 (TL1), and have “levelled up” from TL0. So they should see the #trades-requests-offers section and other sections that are marked with a lock (except the #regulars-lounge, which is only available for those who are TL3 and above).

Thank you for the reply Cathrine! :smile: