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Hi, sorry if it’s an obvious thing, i’ve been searching but can’t find how to :frowning: I want to add a YouTube video directly onto the forum to participate in this game
But can’t figure out what’s the code! Thanks in advance

It’s easy. Just hit the share button under the video and copy the code. Then put it in your post.


Copy the link and paste it into a seperate line.

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Ohh okay! It’s what I did - now I know it’s because you must use the URL on top of the video, and not the “share” one on the bottom right. That’s good to know. thanks yall

What exactly does it mean when the other person in a conversation ‘has removed themselves from this message’? I’ve never understood that.

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When a conversation is over and the PM is no longer needed, you can remove yourself from it - i.e. the message can no longer be found in your own PM folder.
It is more or less as if you have deleted the PM for yourself.

The other person, however, still has the message in their own folder - at least until they remove themselves from it.

But if you want to keep the message, you can simply move it to the archive.


Thanks for asking that. I came here to ask exactly the same! Lucky your question was the last as I didn’t want to scroll through all of the thread to see if anyone had asked it.

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Hello! :smile:

I’d like to clean up the contents of my smartphone toward the end of the year.

Will forum incoming mail disappear if I clear Chrome’s cache?
Also Google incoming mail. I don’t want to erase it.
Are there any drawbacks when using this forum by clearing the cache?

I would like to reduce the storage on my smartphone, but I am not good at the internet environment, so I would be grateful if you could let me know. Thanks in advance. :herb:

Doing anything to your phone should not affect your forum messages nor your account here. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure whether you’re downloading your Google mail directly to your phone though… that is something you’ll have to check on that app.

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Thank you for your kind reply! :blush:

Clearing cache will not delete the data inside Gmail apps and postcrossing forum.
I clear cache every 3 days.
I use a cheap old phone, Nokia 3. It only has 8 GB internal memory :smiley:
Every day 3 days I get notification that my storage is almost full. I delete cache for all applications include Gmail and chrome browser. All of the data inside stays there.

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Your answer gave me peace of mind. Thank you for letting me know the details. :hugs:

All the people here are kind. :cupcake: :coffee:

I am new to post crossing, what are lottery winners?

Check here:

I had put my profile on private mode, but can’t find the option to get it back to public again. Can someone please help me?

Go to your personal menu → preferences → interface. There you can untick the option to hide your details. Remember to save the changes

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Thank you, I have found the option.

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As the topic-writer, how do I close a lottery that’s been drawn and completed? Basically, how do I edit the title of a thread, as I have seen so many others do?
Thank you for the assistance!!

just after the topic there is a pencil shaped button, click and edit as closed