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No, you can only choose the tags that are mentioned in the drop down menue.

What’s the name of the thread that is a glossary of all the common terms used in Postcrossing? I can’t find it, the only one I see is the Dictionary for Postcrossers, but that’s for translations of commonly used phrases. I’m looking for the one that includes explanations of what abbreviations and terms mean.

Is it this one?

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Yes, thank you very much!

Hello :wave:t2:
Thanks a lot for this post !

I have still a question:
Why I don’t have the country’s flag next to my username?

You can find the answer here

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Find it :white_check_mark:
Thank you so much🙏🏻

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Hi! I’m a mum helping out in a kindergarten in Australia. Our class has opened a Postcrossing account and we’re keen to get the ball rolling!

(I’ve been doing Postcrossing for a longer period with my own daughter at home, who is five and in the aforementioned class. We love it!)

If anyone would be kind enough to send us a postcard to get our program up and running, we’d be much obliged! We’d also be happy to send you one in return. The kids are loving writing up the postcards, and we’ve got a lot of kids to get through!

Please DM me if you’d like to help out our little 'uns! Check out our profile for details.

Thank you, all, and see you on the Postcrossing seas! :smile: :earth_americas:


Hi there, I think you need to delete this post here and repost it to the ‘Education’ section of the forum.

Best wishes



I must admit that i am a newbie and i thought RR stood for rail road scenes on post cards :sweat_smile: :grimacing: :thinking:


Maybe a little poke and nudge to @meiadeleite will help move the conversation along … :wink:

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Thanks, Charles. I’m having some trouble navigating this forum. How does one start a new post, and ensure it is in the correct section? I have been doing this for awhile but rarely use the forum. What I mostly want is for the kids to start receiving postcards asap, so their postcard/geography program can get started. Cheers!! :blush:


Welcome to the forum. :blush:

You can start open/the topic


Postcrossing & Education


:smiley: I see the new topic:

Just took a look at the Education thread that you pointed out, but it seems to be used primarily for teachers who have classes that want postcards. So I don’t think newbies looking to be educated in the ways of the Forum are likely to go there and say, oh, that seems to be a resource for me. So where can a newcomer to Postcrossing get the skivvy on navigating the Forum?

Welcome to the Postcrossing Forum! As you’ve opened a topic in Education, I moved your first attempt with all the helpful answers to Help!.

Exactly the way it happened here. If they don’t find the place where to post their information and do it somewhere else, usually someone tells them where a better place might be. If then a post is being flagged as “something else” and you tell us in the flag where to move the contents to, someone from the moderating team will help and move the content there.

The forum grew a lot since it was installed. It’s difficult to find a way around as a newcomer. I like that usually everybody helps each other :slight_smile:


If there’s a post about this I can’t find it - where did all the “P” icon links to our main PC site profiles go on our Forum profiles?

It’s really drag if this is a permanent change. Having to search for someone’s profile using the search function on the main site takes a lot of time compared to just clicking on the “P” to take you there directly.

Here’s hoping it’s only a temporary glitch!

It’s here:


Hello! How can I look at main postcrosser’s profile from the nick on the forum?

Click their username, them the P, if you can see it. If not you can use the search on the main site, it’s under explore.