Questions about the forum

And how do I see which topics were created in the past 100 days?

Everything on the list for trust level 3 must have happened with in the last100 days.

You can only display new topics - I don’t know of any other way, unless you look in the first post, where you can see when a topic was opened.

I’m also not sure whether it makes sense to work towards becoming TL3 as quickly as possible now.
Actually, a Trust Level comes from normal forum behaviour, because even if you reach TL3, you won’t have it forever. If you return to your normal forum behaviour after receiving it, you will be downgraded again.
It would be better to slowly improve your behaviour here in the forum and then stick to it.

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I agree- I’m well past all of the requirements except for viewing topics and posts. I don’t read every topic because a lot of them aren’t applicable to me, such as meetups that I know I won’t be attending, items in the geographic community section for places that I don’t live, and things that I’m just not interested in, like tags for topics that I don’t collect, for example. If it was permanent I might try harder to reach it but otherwise I’m perfectly content with being a regular member, and if I need anything converted to a wiki I’ll just ask a moderator to make the change. Thanks for explaining!

Side note: Tags and other categories with a :lock: don’t count for the TLs.

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I’ve been meaning to ask that for a while, this seems like a good hook: this means that the language forums do count for the TLs, correct?

I don’t know about the other languages, but in the German forum there are so many games going on (not only word games, but also RRs and Tags which are excluded from counting against the limit in the main section). These and other “gossiping” (quasseln) make for thousands and thousands of posts each within 100 days. I assume other languages have those too, so I’m guessing we NEED to reach the 20k cap for reading posts to stay a TL3?

It seems hardly possible to reach that with just participating regularly in “Postcrossing” and “Postcards & Mail”, which are the main sections of the forum after all, even when everything is read very thoroughly. Or am I under a completely wrong impression, and 25% of posts read can be reached way earlier than 20k posts?

Thank you for this information, that’s really helpful! When I have more active phases I’ve been wondering how far from fulfilling the requirements I am :laughing: Does this page include the count for the :lock: parts of the forum (which don’t count for the TLs)?

Thank you! It seems that’s not something I want to install. Unfortunately the x just closes the window for one time (or swiping it away when the other banner gets displayed), the next time I open the site on my mobile phone one of the two messages get displayed again. I’d be thankful if someone knew a way to stop those from showing up :thinking:

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Yes, language and geographical communities do count when it comes to badges and trust levels. All that you can read without logging in are included.

Secondly, 20K is the default setting for Discourse. While these numbers give a good idea of requirements for trust levels, Postcrossing can and have set their own limits.

Anyway, I think it is better to think TLs as activity levels. You are not “trusted” any less, if you fall below TL3, you have just spent less time on the forum for a while.


Thank you!

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What is the limit for length of a topic’s initial post? If someone has a really long topic to post, such as the wiki for stamp prices in all territories, what is the maximum amount that can be written before needing to add an appendix?

If I remember right you can use 32000 characters in a post.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Why are you lying on the floor writhing with laughter?

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Sorry for answering late.
I imagined an initial post of a new topic with 32000 characters comparing with a
page of a serious printed newspaper which has about 1600-1800 types (with spaces).

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There is no reason to laugh about it.
32,000 may sound like a lot, but if you want to turn it into a wiki, as @Angelthepup22 has suggested, then that number is easily reached.
We have already had several wikis where we had to create a second post or move some facts to the active communities in order to create new space.

and a little bit off-topic

Incidentally, the first page of the daily newspaper today had 5417 characters including spaces (without images and adverts).
And a standard German A4 page (Normseite) has 1800 characters incl. spaces.

written text of first side of newspaper :arrow_down: without picture and adverts


There is no reason to feel offended.
As I said I had the short imagination that next time I’ve to read 32000 characters on a starting
entry of a new p.e. meetup topic or other quite simple topic.
I know that there are special applications which need a lot of space.

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Can anyone help me with this problem: Mannheim Mini-Meetup 01.05.24 - #18 by smiling_star

I try to add myself to a meetup but it doesn’t work. I also refreshed, logged out and in again, used different devices.

I have answered in the MeetUp topic.

Hi, I’m new on here since last week and I have sent out my first 5 cards (yaay!) but I would like to interact specifically with people who love Christmas all year long, like I do.
I thought the best way to do that, would be to make a seperate topic for Christmas lovers all year round, but I can’t find the “new topic” button anywhere. Is that because I’m new? If yes, how long is the waiting period before I can make a new topic on here? :slight_smile:


Never mind, I appearantly just read trust level 1 now, and now I can post my own topic. I read through the trust levels and what comes with them and now it’s clear to me! :slight_smile: