Questions about the forum

For myself: I’ve put my address into my forum profile, for example. Also some people put their wishlists there instead of into the official Postcrossing profile. Good idea, I think: You aren’t supposed to have demanding lists in your Postcrossing profile.

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Thank you, I didn’t know that there is another list.

But that solves not my problem, because there are only pretty old threads (one week and older) with my last post, not even the threads with newer posts of me. And I can’t see (for example) if in a preferred tag-thread was new activity.


The problem has existed for some time and we have discussed it in this topic and also in the german part of the forum

Here is the answer of Paulo:

Sorry, I still cannot find this information … I only have access on my mobile phone and cannot see any of these options when I click on a members avatar on the forum. So if there is important information about a member there that is not on the official profile, I hope they understand that not everyone can see it if they are not as good at manuerving the system.

Please tell me what’s the meaning of pm,
i always see them in others’topic

i’ll delate this topic after i understand it

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Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

PMs are Private Messages.

Look what meiadeleite wrote in this topic ( I recommend that you read there more about the forum)

And another interesting topic about PMs are here :arrow_right: How to send Personal Messages (PM's) to others on the forum?

It is available on mobiles, too. If you click on either a username or the profile pictures you’ll see the so called user card:

On the user card itself you’ll see the first few lines of the bio if it was edited.

Now click the username again and you will get to the forum profile of that user.


Thank you!

I wonder is it ok to participate in too much lotteries?

As long as there’s no restriction about who can participate in the first post of the lottery you can take part in as many lotteries as you like.
If you take part in chain lotteries, you have to make sure to continue the chain, though, if you win.

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This is a dumb question, but I see people frequently posting links to their postcards sent or received where it shows the a tiny picture of the postcard with the link. I tried doing the same thing yesterday but it only resulted in a link to click on. How do I get my link to look like the one in this pic? Thanks.

You have to write only the link of the card in an extra row - like this


For some reason that didn’t work for me yesterday but I just edited my other post and it’s working now. Thanks!

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Hello :wave:t3:

Is there a way to not have the green dot showing on your photo when you’re online?

I often leave myself logged in by accident & don’t like to think that people think I’m ignoring them. Also, due to health issues I’m not always well enough to reply to emails, but I still like to have a browse though various posts, again, I dont like to think of people wondering why I’m not replying even though I’m online.

Thank you :blush:

Click on your avatar for your menu then click the bottom icon (little person silhouette) then go to Preferences → Interface and check the box that says “Hide my public profile and presence features”


Thank you so much for your help :blush: I’ve ticked the box, so hopefully it’s worked.

Emma x


Where can i see my badges? Why aren’t they on my profile?

They are on your profile.
Look here:

click to enlarge

If you are on mobile they appear here

And just to be clear - the badges you earn in the Forum only show up in the Forum, not on your official Postcrossing profile.

For your official profile - there are supporter, WPD, Ambassador & most distance travelled & most send cards badges that can be earned/designated and are separate from the Forum badges.