Questions about the forum

You could also use the Bulgarian flag as custum status in addition to the Romanian flag.
The flag can be seen to the left of the Romanian flag and you can also see it on your avatar in the upper right corner (see the autumn leaves near “my” german flag)

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Thank you Bille!

Thank you Jarana!

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And the more you send, the more you receive. So, if you haven’t already, you can send a couple more postcards whilst you wait :slight_smile:

Hello, if there is an argument/fight/bad interaction between Postcrosser outside of Postcrossing and this forum, is there anything I can do to help?

I kind of witnessed some form of internet bullying (not sure if it’s classified as bullying, more of inappropriate shout out) on Twitter (X) by Postcrosser from my country.

She runs her own community inside the Twitter/X titled Postcrossing, and I was quite shocked of her posting a tweet (post) saying “What did I do?” with a screenshot of another Postcrosser’s profile which shows that person is blocking her. I mean people could block another person from many reasons but I think it is not nice to post that screenshot on open community. I mean what are members supposed to do? Can she just accept the fact that they did not go well (I don’t know the background story though) and just move on? Why hold grudges?

That post is still there after no one reacting to it for 5 hours just made me so sad😔

Can someone take a look at my lottery and tell me what I’ve done wrong with postbot? I can’t get it to choose a winner:

Please make sure that the checkbox for “Skip new user onboarding tips and badges” is unchecked in your profile settings (preferences → interface)!

If that doesn’t work if you uncheck the box, maybe the forum server was too busy.

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Tried that, it didn’t work. Guess I’ll just randomly select.

Do you have Alexa? Or Siri? I just ask them to pick a random number for me (between 1 and ## however many people entered the lottery)

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I do have Siri. Thanks.

Not sure if the question is for here but will ask here , if the question is not for here please redirect me where it has to be .
So … I won a Chain Lottery and since is a chain lottery I have to do one as well .
I decided to give out some nude/erotic postcard since I just have so many of them ( was in a bag with different postcards sets from a second hand store that’s why I couldn’t pick which sets I want so I took the whole bag ) anyhow I wanted to ask if I do this lottery do I need to censor the nude parts or I can post them just as is ? Or I’m not allowed to do a lottery with those kinds of postcard at all ?
Thank you

If they are normal nude pictures, it is not a problem.
But if the pictures are NSFW, then you are not allowed to show them here.

Here is a statement from an admin in 18+ images - removing or protecting them

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Hello. I want to create Chain Card topic, but I don’t know what category to put this in so that people join the group.

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I think here it’s in Tags.
It might be advisable to have a look how to ask for a topic to be opened there. And maybe your theme does already exist and you can just take part right away.

Hello @HappyToy,

This is a Chain - card round robin :slight_smile:

Round Robin directory


You may join our round Robin if you are interested!
Push on the link that @JetteLise gave.
Hope to see you :kissing_heart:

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If they show a screenshot from the Postcrossing website, then I think you could definitely tell the admins about it. They may choose not to do anything about it, but at least you’ve told them and given them the option.

Is there an easy way to do a search in my personal messages ??

Yes, you go to your inbox and click the magnifying glass in the top, right corner you can do a search in your messages.

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I have a little problem in the forum. I have a lot of bookmarks to my preferred threads. But there are always some disappearing. It’s not always the same thread, every time different threads. When I am in such a thread that is no more in the list, and I go to the bottom to make a bookmark, I see there is already one. And when I set a new bookmark (cancel and new bookmark) it is in the list again. But next time I go to my bookmark-list, other threads disappeared.

Is there a maximum for bookmarks?

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