18+ images - removing or protecting them

I just had one of my uploaded images removed, it was a card of a male wearing a speedo. The image was deemed to be not-family-friendly.

I do get that. However I would want to urge Postcrossing to add a ‘18+ / NSFW’ checkbox that you can check while registering/uploading an image.

You could then check a box in the settings of your account if you wish to view these images.
Per default and for accounts below 18 years of age, school accounts and for not-logged in people, hide these images.

I really want to be able to document all received cards on the website, but I do get that not all postcards are family friendly. Can Postcrossing help with this?


It won’t solve your problem.
People delete their received cards for many reasons, not only because it is NSFW.

He wants to be able to upload all his received cards I think


Only the receiver can delete their received card.
Then who deleted his card? :face_with_monocle:
I saw more NSFW cards on gallery: pe - - s, va - - na, breast. Even I saw a profile whose favorites are all NSFW cards.


What does NSFW mean?


Not safe for work :wink:


Really? Families don’t go to the beach? Or swimming pools?


And what is not safe for work wearing a speedo?


You’re targeting the wrong person here. People wearing swimming wear is nothing I would consider 18+ or NSFW :wink: I have yet to stumble on a postcard here where I would not want it to be shown on the wall, but in general nakedness is not a taboo for me / my family, but it is different for other people / other cultures.


Speedos are improper work attire for most jobs. Don’t blame me; I don’t make the rules.

(Edited to add: Dumb jokes aside, I also like the suggestion of the NSFW checkbox and/or content filter idea, for those who wish to use it, although I agree that there’s rarely–if ever–a need for one.)


Did you try to re-upload picture, by the way? It’s really weird, I saw a lot of nudity on gallery, no one deletes that.


Sorry, I do not want to target anyone, but for me “not safe for work” means as much as not wearing a helmet at work, where you have to wear one. Okay, I see, I am a bit to narrowminded.

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You cannot re-upload a picture if you are the sender and the receiver has already registered the card.


Just think of an office job… certain things should not be on your monitor when your boss (or a colleague) passes by… :wink: Better wait to check those things when you’re back home.

(edit: so NSFW is way more than just nudes or porn. Might be violence or just certain political content and so on)


Ah, I see. I thought that maybe administration deleted card you received our something. Maybe your receiver just doesn’t want anything risky on their wall.

At work the Postcrosding page should not be open anyway, I think., for the boss wants to see you work and not do your hobby.


But you need to take some breaks by law :wink: Still certain content should not be on your monitor. I was just explaining the abbreviation though.


I did neither send nor receive the card that Petre mentioned in the first post.

Did you get a message it wasn’t family friendly?
Did I understand correctly, this is a card you have received, and uploaded, and then it disappeared?
That is weird, because there are many pictures of women in bikini, or nothing at all, and men too.
But of course I can’t know how the men in speedo looked like.

I like the idea of marking which cards are 18+, but then, not all would mark them, I think.
For me, a normal man in a speedo is family friendly, if there’s nothing extra happening, so I would not understand to mark it as a non family friendly card.


It was a card received in 2018 which is now removed by the Postcrossing staff. Re-uploading is prohibited.

I have more nude cards in my collection that are far more ‘ not family friendly’ than the removed card.