How to send Personal Messages (PM's) to others on the forum?

Do you wonder how you can send a PM (Personal Message) to someone on the forum? There’s 2 - two - ways to do it. I’ll show you how to send a message both ways.

Way number 1 - This requires you to find a post by the member in the forum.

  1. Click on their username.

  2. Click on “:email: Message”

  3. Write the message and remove the link if prefered (if the message you send isn’t related to the post for instance)

  4. Edit the title of the message if needed.

  5. Click on “:email: Message” and the message will be sent.

Way number 2

  1. Click on your avatar in the top, right corner of the forum.
  2. Click on your username. (Clicking on the envelope icon twice, marked with blue is another option.)
  3. Click on “:email: Messages”
  4. Click on “:email: New Message”
  5. Start writing the username of the person you want to message.
  6. When you see the right username show up in the list, you can click that.
  7. Write a title of the message.
  8. Write a message
  9. Click “:email: Message” to send the message.

Hi! I know it is not about the PMs within the forum, but I would like to see the messages that I have sent to someone on the main postcrossing page, where can I see it?


You can only see these messages in your personal - private email box.
If you indicate that you want to receive a copy of your message, you will receive a copy.

See below, this is a message written by me .

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Where is my personal mailbox located?

On the forum, go to your avatar (top, right corner). Then double click on the envelope.

On the official site, there isn’t any mailbox for your PM’s. The messages are only sent to your email.

Hello, I cannot see the ‘message’ option when I hover over someone’s avatar. Could you help me please?

Hello @Safeyre, welcome to the forum!
If you click on their user names, you see the “message” option.

Edit: Very new users cannot send PMs.
Please spend a little more time reading some posts in the forum.
You will then become a “basic” user and can to more things in the forum.
(See: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels)

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