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Since the thread online shops wiki has reached the maximum amount of text, there was a suggestion to move the list of shops into the respective communities, so here is the list of online shops for United States of America.

If you want to add shops that are not on the list, please click the “edit” button at the bottom right on this post, and then add your link. Store name should be inside [] and the link inside () – Like this: [Store name](Link to the online shop) (make sure there is no space between the ] and (.

Please rate the shops in alphabetical order, that makes it much easier to look through and find :slight_smile:

USA :us:

A Postcard Shop
Alaive Postcards
Changing World/VisionWorks
Christopher Arndt Postcard Co.
Colorful Images
Corinne Danzl Art
Estate Sales (Usually Vintage)
Ink Goes Wild Alaska
Internet Design Archive
Laughing Elephant
Paper Luxe
Pick-Nik Postcards
Pike St. Press (Seattle-themed)
Postal Happy!!
Postcard Bliss (Lantern Press)
Postcard Fair
The Postcard Maven
The Postcard Mixer
Postcard Souvenir
Pumpernickel Press
Quantity Postcards
Syracuse Cultural Workers
Tom Haseltine Photography

Ebay shops
Pick-Nik Postcards
PR Postal zone

Etsy shops
Archive Paper and Press
Kays Kollage Kards
Olechka Design
Postcard Fair
Surprise Postcards

Redbubble shops
FAD-Artwork by @PhoenixFad
Frank Moth
Isabella Marowski

Whole sale
Lantern Press
VisionWorks Distribution

Canada :canada:

Canada Post Postcards
Crave Paper
Dear Cat Designs
Dearest Nicky
Dinokiki Postcards
Fenton Gallery
Hilary Morris
Native Northwest Art
Postal Happy!!
Sillustrates by Stephanie Simpson
The Friends of Algonquin Park
Travel Trinkets Canada
Pleasant Papercraft


The Deviantart link is leading to “Page Not Found”!

Link to Stella Marrs postcards added above

Feel free to edit the post as you please. It’s a wiki, so everyone can edit. I think editing it so that the link shows the result for the postcard search would be better. What do you think?

Feel free to add it to the wiki above :smile:

Thanks for sharing this list! I just opened my Etsy postcard store, YellowDressPress, and added my link. I hope I added the link correctly! Now, off to buy more postcards from this list :laughing:

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Not sure if this is the appropriate place for this comment, so please forgive me. (I struggle to figure out the correct category because of my autism.)

Wondering if we could also do a topic for which of these online shops are currently having any major sales? (For example, I know Pomegranate occasionally has “postcard blowout” sales.)


I have my own Redbubble shop I would love to add here, but I’m a tad confused about where to go for editing the post. I do understand that we’re supposed to look along the bottom right of the post to find the edit button, but for some reason, it’s not showing up for me. Can someone help me figure it out? I’m so sorry to ask this. :sweat_smile:


Hi Francesca

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Oh, okay! That explains things. Thank you for the clarification! : )

I added your shop to the Redbubble list.

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afternoon, everybody! i apologize if this isn’t the correct place to post, but a forum search didn’t yield much for me and i wasn’t sure if this belonged in another topic, so definitely redirect me if needed!

a few years ago i was able to purchase a large lot of 100 (i think) randomized postcards from that had such an amazing variety of different, great quality cards. you can still buy individual postcards or postcard books there and recommend them definitely since the quality is really very good, but unfortunately, that large randomized lot is no longer available and i’m running low!

so i’m wondering if anybody knew of somewhere else to get something similar? ebay tends to focus on larger vintage lots that i’ve seen, which isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and amazon has a lot of faux vintage lots, which again, isn’t everybody’s thing. the pomegranate lot had such a cool mix of things like vintage, modern, fantasy, art prints, pieces in museums, historical, nature, architecture, etc. that it was so easy to find something that everybody would like!

i appreciate any and all direction or help you folks might have for me! :love_letter:


Kinda hard to find varieties like how Pomegranate would offer. You can try DKNG for artsy variety. Rancho Gordo has two sets…one Mexican movie posters and another about beans. NeckAhNeck does a lot of vintage reprints and some real quirky stuff.

And if you have a bit more time then I would suggest House of Postcards,, Favorite Postcards for individual cards with good shipping rate.


I bought a couple of those Pomegranate lots back in 2007 or so (!) for use in my art classroom for postcard games and also decorating billboards. Many of them weren’t appropriate for elementary and middle school kids so they ended up in my Postcrossing stash years later! I still have a few odds and ends!

These are nowhere near as inexpensive or as varied of subjects/styles, but on Etsy Phoenix Post has a “Wonderful Grab Bag of Amazing Random Postcards” listing (I have not purchased that listing, but I have purchased individual cards from the shop), MNJohn (also on Etsy) has postcards made with some of the best paper I have in my stash and she has a “100 Postcard Set / Postcard Lot for Postcrossing / Get Random Postcards / Bulk Postcard Grab Bag” listing. Again, I haven’t purchased that listing, only individual designs from that shop.

One of my favorite random selection purchases is the Children’s Illustration Postcard Pack of 25 from the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. I’ve purchased it twice and it’s not all cutesy kid stuff - for example I got some cards with illustrations MLK Jr, African American music themes, lots of animals, in addition to some cute stuff like Mo Willems and Eric Carle characters.

Have bought all 3 that you have mentioned and I agree, those lots are amazing! Also Piles of Postcards on Etsy.

And I wrote it somewhere else but will say it here, try and google the store names to see if the Etsy shop owner has a webstore because at times, it’s cheaper and more beneficial to them since Etsy takes 30% each purchase (hence the prices are higher). I know MNJohn has a webstore and Phoenix Post probably does too!

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Ooohhhh…yes, the 100 “Surprise Me” card pack from MNJohn is currently $63 (w/free shipping to USA) on her site vs $108.87 on Etsy! Thanks for the tip @sonataca !


I have a few “go-to’s” I’d like to add:

Kays Kollage Kards on etsy. Kay is a fellow Postcrosser ( @kburrell ) and she creates GORGEOUS collages from postal stamps.

Tiffany’s Postal Treats on etsy… great source for Lantern Press, Tausendschon and other popular brands.

Chronicle Books… sells postcard books and boxes and you can often find a discount code so that it ends up cheaper than Amazon.

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Adding Syracuse Cultural Workers – for all your activist needs;-)

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Thank you! : )