Newbie here: where is best to order postcards? USA

Hi! I signed up and am eager to get my first cards out. I ordered postage stamps online because my local Post didn’t have any. They also only had blank post cards and nowhere else in my town had them. Luckily my first 5 recipients did not specify no handmade so I’m on a mission to make some awesome cards and send them out.
My question is where is the best place online to get a good variety of post cards? Thank you for your help!


Good question Jerica!

Have a look here⬇️

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Thank you so much!

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Oops, sorry my post got flagged and deleted.

I’m going to try again and leave part of the other post out I always buy my cards from There are designers from all over the world that design on Zazzle so you can find almost any card you’re looking for they often have 50% off sales. I always wait for those. You can sign up for a subscription for free shipping, they used to call it zazzle black, but it’s called some thing different now.

The cards are great cards that quality the printing is always very clear and crisp there. Customer service is second to none

Amazon and etsy also have postcards but I haven’t bought any of those as of yet.


I have found some wonderful cards on Etsy. You can search against any subject or place + postcard and get MANY entries. Amazon has nice boxes of 100 or 50 at a good price. I just discovered Zazzle, too, and am exploring it. I have begun putting together a bunch of pictures I’ve taken to print at Moo for myself.
My problem is that I can lose hours going through listings. I’m trying not to let it become an obsession- I have enough crafting obsessions as it is.
I also like making my own postcards by hand.

Okay, too late, I’m obsessed. :laughing: :rofl: :joy:



Welcome to our part of the world :smiley: Since you are starting out, I would suggest you focus on general type cards, rather than homemade / handmade cards. Where to get them? Sadly, retail stores offering postcards are becoming less and less. If you are open to ordering postcards the old-fashioned way, you might consider MODERN POSTCARD SALES. He’s been selling postcards for more than 40 years; I have purchased thousands of cards from him. PM me for his contact information.

Many people rave about Zazzle; I found their products bland and disappointing. I had a bunch of them that I gave away. Of course one man’s opinion. Lastly, if you would like some FREE US postcards, pop me a PM with your contact information and they’ll be on their way.


My favorite Etsy shop is Light in the Mailbox! I also like and have bought some from Amazon before.

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My favorite place to get postcards is Neckahneck on Etsy! They have a pretty big variety and I’ve always found their cards to be high quality.


I agree! Also, if you become a regular customer, they give a free shipping coupon on future orders. Their assortments always contain a few cards for folks with profiles such as “Send me your weirdest card!” or the “It doesn’t matter, send me anything!” dare.

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Call the super nice folks at Arrowhead Drugstore in Bismarck and ask them to put together a variety package of postcards for you


If you want ND specific postcards, check out Postcardfair, anderson design, christopher arndt

Postcardfair is cheaper compared to the other 2 that I mentioned. There is also kelzmailjoy and postcard bliss but they may or may not carry ND postcards from Lantern Press. Lantern Press postcards are pretty darn popular.

Also try to search by national parks, you may find some luck!

If you want postcards from all over the US and sometimes other countries then you can subscribe to my postcard subscription service (the link is in my official profile).

To be honest, I have searched a lot online for ND postcards and they are a bit rare to come across. But you might find some luck at local drugstores as @Izzy2018 mentioned! Also check bookstores.

Good luck! :smiley:

Edit: RPG Souvenirs and they have typical touristy postcards for ND. Their website is not working so I won’t provide the link but here is their email:

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Thank you so much!!

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I’ve bought from Amazon mainly but I know etsy carries so many cute ones. I know some thrift stores would be a goldmine in this area and the best price. I’ve gotten lucky and a tourist shop I know sells each postcard for 10 cents! But I hope I can get some from a thrift store soon.

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I buy most of my touristy postcards at my local Ace Hardware store! Other places are Etsy, Amazon, and EBay.

Antique stores might be another place to try.

Editing to add this list of places to buy:

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I stumbled across your post and wanted to share additional info and possible resources for cards. I understand it’s sometimes hard to find postcards in small communities or rural areas. I realize this is a request for online ordering, but when starting out, it can be helpful to discover additional options too.

There is a forum post about where to purchase cards in-person for the USA and it’s conveniently divided by state. Sadly North Dakota does not yet have an entry, but perhaps you could be the first to share that info when you find some (even if it’s in Bismarck or Fargo instead). This forum topic is very handy if you travel or go on road trips to other regions and state too…

I also found another topic on the forum about where to buy cards in Fargo. Not close or convenient for your shared location but good to know just in case you do.

I remember how frustrated I was shopping for tourist and local postcards after moving to a new city two years ago (Portland, OR). It was so much harder to find them compared to my hometown. Thankfully in the past few months I have discovered more shops and locations here.
Hope you are able to find more too! Good luck and enjoy!


I did manag to grab a bunch at Bismarck zoo fairly cheap

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Amazon and Ebay have been good resources for me. I found that I particularly like the quality of “postcard flair” postcards.

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