Online shops USA + Canada

I added Postcard Bliss. They carry Lantern Press cards and will send an email notification to their subscribed list when they are expecting new cards. They can also do special orders if you commit to a minimum purchase of a design. I’ve ordered from them several times, they’re great.

Hey everyone,
I decided to open a small shop on Etsy to sell some of my postcards creations, for now I made 3 different designs related to Canada :smiley:
If anyone is interested in taking a look:


Adding my new shop, to the list! I’m carrying California’s Lantern Press and other local souvenir postcards. All cards priced under a dollar :heart:


Adding to the list - they sell surprise packs of cards, and the cardstock holds up well to my very juicy fountain pen

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I think people should be on the lookout for ViaAirmailStationery. They have some sweet stamp-themed cards as well as a growing series of ‘Hello from…’ with very nice graphics. I’ve sent a few to redditors and they seem to like them.