Nice to meet you all!

I’m new here guys,I’m a super lover of postcard.I want to know how long will you receive a nice card from others,and how you make a card perfectly?Thanks for your sincere answer😁

@anon43590225 Welcome to postcrossing.

We talked already about your questions in several Topics.
Please look to these categories - I’m sure you find many answers and tipps #postcrossing:general-topics and #postcard-mail

Here are some Topics
.How long did it take to get your first postcard?
.Do you like decorated postcards?
.How do you start and end your postcards?


I like to add washi tape, stickers and nice stamps if I can. I like to write a little something based on their profile or just whatever pops in my head. I thinks as long as you go with peoples profiles they will be happy :blush:



Thanks a lot.:grinning:

Welcome howie818. You can introduce yourself and tell a few things you like to do. Or you can say something about your city or country. Have fun.

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