How long did it take to get your first postcard?

I sent four postcards by now.Two of them are received one of them still traveling and last one is expired (112 days).My first received postcard received in 16 August.
I’m very excited to get postcards and none postcard showed up. :pensive:
How long did it take to get your first postcard?What’s your story ?
Edit: I contacted with Postcrossing and their answer was “ Thank you for your message. We have checked your account and there are postcards going to you and one is expired. So postcards have been sent to you, but it appears they are not arriving at your mailbox.”
I guess as I thought my postal service is making mistakes here.Because I heard from other Turkish postcrossers they postcards doesn’t delivered some addresses.One of them changed their addresses to more central place (home address to work address) and postcards started to come.I’ll be contacting with our postal service.


Hi, @bayankod! Welcome to Postcrossing! :blush:

I started Postcrossing in 2015 and was active for almost a year before taking a five-year break. (That was around the time that I started dating the man who was later to become my husband; I suppose I was too busy being carried away by the romance that I had no time to send cards! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.) I received my first card relatively quickly, but I also received many that arrived after expiring. I believe the card that took the longest to arrive was RU-4063288, which came after 171 days. (Isn’t it a beauty, though? It was worth the wait!)

I reactivated my account this year because, well–I am quarantined at home, extremely bored, and desperately craving virus-free human interaction. :disappointed: (Of course, I live with my husband, who is lots of fun to be around, but I cannot expect him to be my only source of social entertainment!) This time around, my first card arrived after 21 days.

Please do not feel discouraged by your current lack of postcards–as you know, this year has been chaotic to say the least. Many mail services are delayed, suspended, or simply inundated. Right now in the US, many of us are voting by mail in the current presidential election, which has further overwhelmed our mail service.

I feel your frustration, though! :broken_heart: I confess that I am constantly checking both the Postcrossing site and my email to see if any of my cards have arrived at their destinations, which would allow me to send more. And I’m paying extra attention to my mailbox, too! The waiting is so hard, especially when we are extra emotionally invested.

Take heart; they will come!


The first postcard I sent (to Finland) was registered on 01/09/2011 after travelling 10 days. My address was drawn on 06/11 in the USA and I received my first postcard on 17/11.

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I sent my first 5 cards on July 18th this year. All of those were registered between July 25th and 29th. I am in the USA, and 3 of those first cards were to Germany and the other 2 stayed in the USA.

My address was given out for the first time on July 28th. That card (from Japan) took a full month to arrive. The first 2 I actually received arrived on August 6th - 1 from USA, the other from Netherlands.

It’s certainly frustrating for Postcrossers in places where the postal service is slower, but I think it will make that day when they DO start to arrive even more special :smiley:

By the way, I just yesterday had my first expired card - to China.


First sent card registered 20.01.2014 - first card arrived 28.01.2014 (adress was given out on 21.01.2014 in Australia)

@bayankod - you are due two cards - one from 16.08. and one from 22.09. - so there really seems to be some bad luck going on. Maybe your senders are both from superslow countries, but that seems unlikely. You should check your adress if everything is right. Don’t know about your living situation - maybe you should ask roommates/neighbours/parents too. Or you ask postcrossing admin - they should know where your cards are coming from.

In the end #1: postcrossing needs patience, we all have to face that.
In the end #2, with a some more positive note: cards will find their way to your home, you can be sure of that! So don’t give up


I drew my first address on December 30, 2014, but it only arrived on February 6 as it was travelling to Russia. I drew a few more addresses mid to end of January and one of them arrived pretty soon: January 23.

I received my very first card on February 5 (sent 3 days before) from the Netherlands.

But this year all newbies need to be extra patient. As hard as it might be.


I always check our apartment’s post box but I don’t trust our postal service in Turkey.I hope my postcards are still traveling not lost by our postal service. My address is correct my family didn’t see any postcards in our post box too .I will ask to postcrossing thanks for advice

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Sometimes I just visit Postcrossing and look for people’s profile.Maybe one of them sent me one :woman_shrugging:


I also love looking through the gallery of postcards people have received. It’s fun to see what people are sending, and it also provides some inspiration for postcards you may want to send yourself someday!

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Me too,I’m looking their sent and received postcards maybe one of them is from my country.Reading people’s profile is fun too.


Expired cards are sad.

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Of course the more cards you send (resp. are registered) the more your adress is given out. Maybe use your free slots (2? 3? 4?) to send some cards while waiting


I sent 3 on the 17th Feb which arrived on the 20th/21st Feb. It looks like my address was listed after the second one with the first one to be sent to me on the 24th Feb.

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17 days after joining I received these 3


I received my first postcard exactly one month after sending out five cards on my first day, September 16.

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I first sent five post cards on Oct.1There are three postcards in traveling.And the first postcard was recived on Oct.15.I still wait for the postcard.Maybe it is having a good time in its own travel.

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I sent my first postcard on 2nd September (2016) - the address was picked on 29th August but I was travelling so I finally posted it a few days later.
It was registered on 4th October (ah, Russia :)) and I received my first postcard on 18th October.

So there is always a little bit of a wait but this year has just been really bad for postal services as well as all the rest. Two days ago I received a card sent in July!

Oh and of course, some countries are usually slower than others so that might happen at any time, but even more nowadays.

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I just looked at my stats: my first outbound postcard was registered on October 11, 2020. I did not receive my first official postcard until October 28, 2020, which was sent from Canada on October 17. Therefore, there was about a week in between getting my card registered and having my address given out to another Postcrosser. I’m new to PC and currently have sent 25 cards (not including traveling ones) and received just 9.

I feel everyone’s frustration! One of my first cards has been traveling for 34 days within the US (literally a few states over). At first I thought the card might have been lost and was prepared to send another. But I just checked the Postcrosser’s profile and it looks like they wait to register cards in batches. Plus, they haven’t been online for the past 28 days, so I think this will likely become my first expired card.

I got my first postcard a few weeks after I sent my first ones. I had sent five on June 27, 2016. The first one arrived in Germany on July 5, 2016 and apparently my address was given out two days later to another German postcrosser on July 7, 2016. I received that postcard on July 15, 2016.

When I joined Postcrossing, I was in the US so incoming and outgoing mail at least was not slowed down by my own country’s postal system. I joined on 17 Feb 2011, and my first card was received in Austria on 24 Feb. My address was given to someone in Australia and I received that card on 2 Mar.