How do you start and end your postcards?

What greetings do you use on your cards?

Are you a “Dear…” person?
Do you simply sign your name at the end?
Do you even use greetings?

Let’s chat about it!

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Most of the time I start my card “Hello Friend” and end with “Cheers, Jewell”.

Sometimes I will research the proper letter opening and closings of a member’s native language and use them.

I always at least sign my name, regardless if I’ve already written my User ID.

I tend to say greeting from Bergen, because the cards aren’t from there. At the end I write my name, with best wishes if there’s room.

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I used to be a “dear” person, but lately there are more and more people that have addresses without their actual name, or a family account, or cases where I can’t distinguish clearly between name and surname. So I rarely use name (if the profile says, “hi, my name is this and i like this and this” then I might use it easier as it shows the person liked to share that openly). I’m sure I’ve called a few people (esp. from China) with both name and surname at some point… :roll_eyes:

Since I’ve started using the forum I’ve seen so many people speaking about personal data, private space etc etc so better safe than sorry. When I don’t get that feeling of closeness I just start with “hello!” “greetings from Greece” etc

As for closing I will always put my name. If there is space maybe a stamp of my username (especially for forum cards)


My standard start is “Hey! Greetings from Sweden” and ending “Have a nice day!” I like to keep my name as secret so I usually don’t sign the cards or sign only with my user name. If I didn’t have so much to say on the card, I might add bit more ending greetings like wishing nice season or something specific profile related.

I have had the joy to get fellow forum members’ addresses few times on official side so I have then ended with something along the lines “see you on the forum!” …That said if I did realize they are on forum. I am afraid I have missed few members by not realizing why the profile pic/username seems so weirdly familiar.


I usually starts with Hey, Hello or Hi and if it’s clear to me which is the name and which the surname I also write the name. And I end it with various ways from which the most common are “warm hugs” “stay healthy and happy” “greetings from Greece”, or whatever I feel like to write :grin:

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“Hi [first name]” or “Hallo [first name]”. If I can’t make out their first name or if there’s none given, I sometimes write “Hello to [country]”. I end with “All the best, Jenny” or “Alles Liebe, Jenny”. I actually don’t know how you would literally translate “Alles Liebe” into English, meaning-wise I’d say it’s the same as “all the best”, but it actually literally means more like “all lovely things” or “much love” or so. :thinking:

Oh and though I give my full first name on my profile (Jennifer), I always sign with my nick name (Jenny), as that’s just how I call myself, if that makes sense. :smiley:


I’m definitely not a dear person (that sounds funny :grin:). When I write to my parents, grandmother or best friend, I don’t write dear mum and dad/grandma/best friend so I don’t write it to strangers either.

I usually start my Postcrossing cards with Greetings from Finland/Lapland/Finnish Lapland(/Kalajoki if I’m at my parents’ place). I’d say that Finnish people don’t use that much front names as people do in the US/UK/Germany for example, so I usually don’t write receiver’s name in the message. I hope people don’t see me impolite but it’s just uncomfortable to me.

95% of cards I finish “take care! Kind regards, Niina”
Sometimes I finish “have a good day! Best wishes, Niina”

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On most postcards, I’ll start off with “Hi (name), greetings from Singapore! I hope you like this (theme) postcard I’ve chosen for you (as well as the stamps - if Postcrosser like stamps).”

I’ll usually end off with “Happy Postcrossing!” on normal days, but during the COVID period, I’ve been ending with “Stay safe, take care and happy Postcrossing!” instead.

I’ll sign off with my name Isaac at the end. :slight_smile:


Normally I start with "Hello (name) or “Hello from Germany”. Either in English or in the recipients language. The greetings at the end are variable but usually I wish them all the best, to enjoy XY (the day, the weekend, spring, holidays…) and to stay safe. I sign with my name.

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I usually start with hi name and if they don’t give a first name I use the nickname.

I always introduce myself as I think it is a polite thing to do and I like to know who is writing a card to me so I do it as well.

I end by saying take care, all the best or be well and sign with my name

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Jakarta, date, time, temperature
Hello XXX,
Greetings from Jakarta.

Best wishes/Kind regards/Cheers/Have a nice day/etc,


I always start with Hi, Hello or Hallo and then their first name.
I always end with All the best and then my first name

Dear all, I’m a dear person :t_rex:


I always start with

Hi, my name is…

And I end with

I hope you like this postcard :slight_smile:
-my name

I start with “Hello/Hi name”. I always try to write the name in some pretty font and colour, that fits the postcard or is the postcrosser’s favourite.

I mix up how I end the card. Sometimes “Wishing you all the best”, sometimes just “take care” or “take care and stay safe”, sometimes something different that fits the message. And I always sign my name below.

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I usually say hi and cheers in my own language, so;

Hoi [first name],

[my first name]

But as I also tend to write hi to Dutch people, so quite regularly I start with hi, but the groetjes are always there!

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I usually say Hi or Hello [first name] (or user name when they don’t mention their first name). Most of the time I write ‘My name is …’ next. If there’s enough space left on the card I end with ‘Happy Postcrossing’ and sign with my first name. If there’s isn’t enough space left I leave out my name because I already mentioned in the first sentence.

Hello [their name]
My name is …

If there’s space I end with:

All the best and my signature
I wish you all the best

But quite often the message goes right to the bottom of the postcard.

It varies from card to card for me, but usually:
Greeting from Wisconsin or Dear (person’s name)

In Kind Regards or I hope this finds you well,
and my name.