New to postcrossing

Could you give me any advice or ideas :bulb: that might help me since I’m a newbie here at postcrossing
Ty so much


Here’s a few posts that will have some great information for you:


Yeah read the above and have a glance at others like

when you have the time, welcome Cheryl :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope you enjoy your time here.


Hello @Wvgal Welcome to our Community.

The best thing you can do to get as much information as possible is to read, read, read.

On the main page is especially important:
.Help and F.A.Q.
.Postcrossing Community Guidelines

And here in the forum you have already been given some topics that you should definitely read through.
And I advice you to read
.Questions about the new forum

Have fun with all the other crazy people :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Ty very much

G’day / Yuuma!

Welcome! I write in upper case because my cursive is… rubbish. For people trying to read in another language than they’re used to it seems far too cruel to torture them further.

I can’t speak for everyone but I also try to include some words from their language where they have another primary language listed (like hello my name is I’m from etc- " omniglot (insert language) phrases " gets a lot of use in my browser :joy: )

Of course everyone’s English is much better than my foreign language but if they’re trying it seems only fair that I try too. I also apologise if I’ve inadvertently sworn at them (I slipped up a Japanese word in kanji when I was in primary school and somehow it was monkey not what I meant to write- the teacher corrected me nicely of course but oh wow).

I write the date in full because some countries it’s hard to tell (4.2.21 could be 4 Feb or 2 April) especially when there’s no postmark (some countries cancel stamps with a huge black marker).

I also try to include a bit of history or info about whatever the postcard I’m sending is about. Official sites are what I write where I’ve checked them first.

As I also live in the southern hemisphere (Santa uses a surfboard here) I put our weather info. A squiggle picture of the weather plus temperature including Celsius (they can convert to F that way).

No complaints so far- but every recipient has different likes. It’s a window of your life for some person living on the other side of the planet so I’m always fascinated by whatever I get in my letterbox. Both sides plus the stamps on the card are equally my favourite.

Happy post crossing! Yerrabi / bye!

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When I was new, I spent a few evenings reading all I could find on the forum that seemed interesting. You’ll find that most questions have already been answered before, and learn things you hadn’t thought about and that will be useful in the future. I had read the FAQs in advance but some things in reality don’t work in the most ideal way so reading others’ experiences was interesting.


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