A tip for an inexperienced swapper)))

Hello dear Postcrossing fans! I want to ask you for help in the form of tips) Please tell me how to send postcards correctly in a direct exchange? How do you do it? When you send several postcards to one recipient, do you send them completely blank or do you write something on each? This is my first time taking part in a direct exchange and I don’t want to make mistakes)
Thank you for your responses)))))


Welcome to postcrossing!

You should ask your swap partner how they like their cards sent - there is no one right way to do it.

Lots of people prefer written and stamped, and I think there is a general expectation that this is what people will do, but some people like them blank in an envelope, or written in an envelope…


I suggest that you ask your recipient how he prefers it.
Different people have different needs and expectation’s.
Congrats on your first direct swap and I hope you have many more direct swaps.

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It depends on your agreement with your swap partner. Usually people prefer “written and stamped” or “blank in envelope”.

In direct swap you must send the way they want and they also send the way you want, unless you have no problem on how the way you received the card.

Once I did direct swap with member who sent me card in envelope while I clearly mention I wanted written and stamped card. I put her name on black list. No more swap with her :sweat_smile:


It’s helpful to write Direct swap, Forum swap or Christmas tag(whatever is appropriate) somewhere on the card plus add your Postcrossing name so that the receiver will know who it came from - sometimes it’s very hard to read handwriting or remember which swap the card is from or distinguish it from an official card.

Have fun!