Tips & Tricks for the Forum

UPDATE: This post is for everyone to share their Tips & Tricks. Please feel free to share how you make your own PostCrossing Forum experience easy.

Hello PostFriends!

The new forum has been in use for a few months now. Some members have become experts at using it, while others still have a hard time.

I thought it would be a nice idea to put together a thread of useful tips & tricks (beyond the basics). Maybe you’ve found a shortcut to do a task or you have a certain method you use to keep your experience fresh and clean.

Whatever it is, let’s share our tips and tricks with our friends and help everyone have an easy time with the forum.



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One of the first things I did in the new forum was to edit my Category Preferences to mute any categories that don’t pertain to me (like those from other countries or in other languages).

How to Edit Category Preferences:

  1. Click your profile image in the upper right corner of your screen.
  2. Select the “person” icon (located on the far right).
  3. Select “Preferences” (second option from the bottom).
  4. Click the “Account” drop down and select “Categories”.

In this setting menu you can select Categories to Watch (you’ll receive a notification for all new posts and topics), Track (you’ll see the number of new posts and topics next to the category without a notification), or Mute (stop seeing posts from that category in the Latest and New lists) specific categories.

You can also do the same with Tags by selecting “Tags” instead of “Categories” in Step 4.


Here are tips for running a lottery:

  • Let postbot select your winner by typing “@ postbot roll xdy”. Remove the space after the @ sign. The x is the number of numbers you want postbot to select (normally 1) and y is the number of entries. Example: @ postbot 1d5 (select 1 number of 5 entries).
  • Forego asking participants to number their posts! Instead use the number of their comment as their number.
    – You can view the number by clicking the tab at the bottom of your screen with the number of comments on the thread (picture below)
    – You can hop to a specific number by sliding the blue line (picture below).


Do you enter lotteries, but forget which ones and spend too much time scrolling through the entries to find yours?
I had a similar issue before I started using the Bookmark feature! Once I enter a lottery, I add a bookmark on the post. This adds a small flag in front of the title of the post so you know you’ve already entered.
Once in a while, I’ll go into my bookmarked posts and remove bookmarks from closed lotteries.
Pictures below show how to add a bookmark.


Tip for Enter Links to Other Posts
Occasionally, I’ll have a need to link another post from the forum in my post. In the past, I would copy the URL and use the chain link button above this text box to enter the URL.
Skip the step of getting the URL for the other post, because if you type the title of the post you want to link in the hyperlink box, you’ll be given a list of posts from which to choose! Photos below show an example.


Very useful. Thanks a lot :bouquet:

Extra tip here: hit the Save button after making your selections :smiley:

I tried to configure once, but did not see a difference, now tried again, works like a charm after hitting Save

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Are you hosting a lottery and have already selected a winner? Have you posted a trade offer, but are no longer open to trading?

Edit your post title to say [CLOSED]

  1. Scroll to the top of the post.
  2. Next to the title, there will be a pencil icon.
  3. Click it.
  4. The screen will change so your title is in a text box. From here, you can type to add [CLOSED].

I’ve included some sample screens below of me editing one of my posts. Let me know if you need anymore help.

Step 2

Step 4

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