New Stamps issued in 2024

I’m curious what does the winged brain mean then?
Looking at it I first think “brain drain” (meaning educated people move to another country/area with their knowledge). But it comes from the cage, so maybe “don’t let your ideas be limited”?

Very cool, interesting stamp!

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Interesting question. The winged brain getting out of the cage reminds me of freedom of thought.

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many beautiful stamps here


There are wild hamsters in the Netherlands?!

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Yes, this is the Eurasian wild hamster (Cricetus cricetus). In Dutch it’s called ‘korenwolf’. They are only to be found in the south of the Netherlands and they are critically endangered.

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This stamp design was announced months ago but today we have the official stamp announcement from the USPS for the new $1 Floral Geometry stamp

These will be sold in sheets of 10, the silver part of the stamp is going to be silver foil.
There will be a Postcrossing meetup taking place at the dedication ceremony for this stamp in San Francisco, California, USA, please refer to that thread for more info April 26, 2024 - San Francisco WESTPEX and USPS Stamp Dedication


25 years of commemoration of the heores of the homeland
This rich minisheet is issued for 25 years since NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. It ilustrates Serbian symbols (map, flag), ilustrations of war on the left and ilustrations of peace on the right. In the center of the Serbian map is written the date when the bombing started.

Face value covers postage for regular 20g letter in international postal traffic.


Guardia di Finanza 250 years (financial police, against financial crimes and smuggling), issued march 20
stamp and minisheet with labels (141,4x180mm)

As usual, it’s a B valid for domestic 20g.


Issued today by PostNL: Postal set birds of Bonaire

Illustrations by Medy Oberendorff.


Also issued today: The last 3 stamp sheets from the prehistoric animals series.


I’m in love. Wow.


What did you think of them in the end?

Olympic Games Paris 2024, available from 5 April


We’re getting an awful lot of Derry Noyes this year.

Am I the only one who thinks that the ‘existing photographs/images’ approach they are using a lot more is kinda cheap and spiritless?

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I agree. I would have expected to them to do less of that following the very expensive Statue of Liberty stamp image lawsuit that wrapped up not too long ago.

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The newest stamp issue yesterday showing traditional dances in Malaysia.


Serbian post announces a few more commemorative issues in 2024:

  • 75 years since founding the Yugoslavian Film Archive
  • 100 years since establishing Roman Catholic Archdiocese in Belgrade
  • 80 years since founding daily newspapers ‘Magyar Szo’
  • 75th season of National Ensemble of Folk Dances and Songs of Serbia ‘Kolo’
  • 70 years of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Indonesia

I don’t know why Paris 2024 Olympic games and UEFA Euro 2024 issues haven’t been added to the issue plan yet, because I belive these themes will be issued during the year.

Also, all designs of old definitives will not be reissued this year and regular stamps are announced.
New regular stamps are about EXPO 2027 which be held in Belgrade, and stamps will be issued in service of promotion the event.
Sketches are reusing desings of Yugoslavian issue ‘EXPO 1967 Canada’. Designs are about space exploration as symbol of new techonologies, ideas and future. All stamps will have inscript ‘EXPO 2027 Belgrade Serbia’ and also the name Petar Jakelić, who was the designer of Yugoslavian EXPO 1967 stamps.
Stamps will not have numbers in dinars (RSD) as face value, but letters, and that will be letters E, X, P, O, B, G, so they create the word EXPO BG (short for EXPO Belgrade). They will probably be enough to cover some postal servieces and I hope that some of them can cover postage for international postcards.
Of course, stamps will be printed in color, these are just sketches.

Snimak ekrana 2024-03-27 102010

Snimak ekrana 2024-03-27 102027

Snimak ekrana 2024-03-27 102043

Snimak ekrana 2024-03-27 102059

Snimak ekrana 2024-03-27 102120

Snimak ekrana 2024-03-27 102134


Wow! so beautiful!

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I am happy to show you our EUROPA stamp for 2024. This year the theme is “Underwater flora and fauna”.
The last French EUROPA stamps weren’t that nice :face_with_peeking_eye: but I like this one :tropical_fish:.


Very beautiful. Postmark is great too. I love manta rays a lot.

Germany one is in fact of how it looks like nice, but I hate it as EUROPA issue. Would have loved something related to Germany.