New Stamps issued in 2024

As usual, the first 2024 stamp announced from :cn: China is the New Year stamp (this time is the Year of Dragon), that will be issued on January 5th

The New Year stamps from the :taiwan: Republic of China (Taiwan) will be released on December 1st:



And the New Year stamps from :jp: Japan, that will be issued on November 1st 2023:

From :thailand: Thailand the New Year stamp will be issued on January 2nd:

Let’s put all the new stamps from 2024 here. I hope there will be a lot of interesting designs and issues!


very beautiful one from China. So contrary to last years issue for year of the rabbit xD I love the Thai one for being a bit different xD nice series.

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OOO these are lovely! I do hope im able to get some !

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Nice! My fav is the purple dragon


Wonderful! Love them!

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I am so excited to see ALL Dragon year stamps! Thanks so much for starting this thread!! :dragon: :dragon: :dragon: :dragon: :dragon:

As far as I know, USPS has not released any information about possible 2024 issues yet. I will update this thread when I know more!

I did however see that five days ago they issued a press release saying that our postal rates for postcards and letters (domestic and international) will go up again in January 2024!


Aland has their Year of the Dragon stamps announced already too


Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! And thanks for the reminder to check this page. They do such a good job keeping up with stamp issues around the world:


That’s because it will be issued next week, the 20th Oct. :dragon:

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Thailand zodiac stamp for 2024 is the 10th of 12 stamps in this series.
(Thailand Zodiac stamps with the painting by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has started since 2015.)

I haven’t seen the stamp issuing program for 2024 from Thailand Post yet. But I can guess that Thailand Post issues these stamp series surely, because they’re issued annually for many years as usual.

  • Zodiac stamps (First working day of January)
  • National Children’s Day (Saturday of the 2nd week of January)
  • Symbol of Love (February)
  • Thai Heritage Conservation (2 April)
  • Vesak Day (May)
  • HM The King Rama X’s Birthday (28 July)
    [I think this series will be the special series, because HM The King will become 72 (6 zodiac cycles) in 2024 and the auspicious ceremony will be held.]
  • HM The Queen Mother’s Birthday (12 August)
  • World Post Day (9 October)
  • National Day (5 December)
  • New Year (November-December)

If Thailand Post announces 2024 stamps issue, I’ll update for you again. (But some Thai stamp series maybe postponed from the plan. I’ve to check and update the actual issue date and the stamps picture again.)


Singapore: Year of the Dragon
Issue date: 5 Jan 2024


2024 is the year of the dragon, sharing the latest news of year of the dragon stamps. :dragon:

  1. Hong Kong (Issue Date: 5 Jan 2024)

  2. Japan (Issue Date: 1 Nov 2023)

  3. Korea (Issue Date: 1 Dec 2023)

  4. Singapore (Issue Date: 5 Jan 2024)

  5. Taiwan (Issue Date: 1 Dec 2023)

  6. USA

  7. Thailand

  8. China (Issue Date: 5 Jan 2024)

    China-Hong Kong-Macau Miniature Sheet

  9. Macau (Issue Date: 5 Jan 2024)

  10. New Zealand (Issue Date: 6 Dec 2023)

  11. Liechtenstein


I can’t wait for the new USPS stamp releases on 2024 because most stamped releases in 2023 sucked!

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No, they didn’t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
There were a lot of nice ones…


Here’s the list for Hong Kong (January to June):
2024 Stamps Issuing Programme

  1. Year of the Dragon 2024/01/05

  2. Gold and Silver Stamp Sheetlet on Lunar New Year Animals – Rabbit/ Dragon 2024/01/05

  3. Gold and Silver Stamp Sheetlet on Lunar New Year Animals – A Complete Collectible Set 2024/01/05

  4. Anti-corruption in Hong Kong 2024/02/15

  5. Hong Kong Museums Collection – Selected Tea Ware from China and the World 2024/04/18

  6. Intangible Cultural Heritage – Cheung Chau Jiao Festival 2024/05/09

  7. Declared Monuments in Hong Kong II 2024/06/20


Republic of China (Taiwan) Mandarin Phonetic Symbols Stamps,
Part 3, 10 stamps,


United States Postal Service Debuts 2024 Stamp Program:

U.S. Postal Service Reveals Stamps for 2024 - Newsroom -


Thank you for posting! I love illustrated animals so “Save Manatees” would be the one I will be purchasing. I wish that turtles and horses were not photography stamps. I miss old school illustrated designs.

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Damn! I love the JWST stamps but way too overpriced for a postcard or letter :see_no_evil:

I’m loving several of the new 2024 USPS stamps. The pin back buttons ones are so fun and whimsical and I like the Year of the Dragon as well.