April 26, 2024 - San Francisco WESTPEX and USPS Stamp Dedication

:world_map: CITY/REGION: San Francisco, California, USA
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Anaheim meeting room, WESTPEX Stamp Show, held at San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront
1800 Old Bayshore Highway, Burlingame , CA 94010
:calendar: DATE: April 26th 2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11AM-1PM PST
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Hello everyone!
The USPS will be holding a dedication ceremony for the new $1 Floral Geometry stamp at the WESTPEX stamp show, held at the San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront, 1800 Old Bayshore Highway, Burlingame, CA 94010.
The meetup will be held in the Anaheim Meeting Room
This is what the new stamp looks like, the stuff that is white in the image will be silver foil on the real stamp.

This is what the first day of issue postmarks will look like:

The Black and White postmark will be available at the dedication ceremony, but the color one will not. In order to receive the color one, you will have to send your cards in to USPS cancellation services, and the USPS charges $0.50 per postmark for the colored ink. For normal Forever stamps, the USPS requires you to submit a minimum of 10 items to receive the color postmark, but there is no minimum requirement for stamps worth $1 or more, so you can send as many or as few as you like for this stamp issue. I will be happy to assist anyone who wants the color postmark.

There will also be some black and white pictorial postmarks themed for the show, but those have not been announced yet. I will add an image here as soon as I get one!

The USPS ceremony starts at 10:30 AM local time and is scheduled to last 30 minutes. The stamp dedication will be held in the Bayside 1 meeting room. The Postcrossing Meetup will take place immediately following this dedication, and the meetup will be in the Anaheim meeting room.

WESTPEX charges $5 for admission, which is valid for attending the stamp show all 3 days (April 26-28)

More info about the WESTPEX stamp show can be found on their website- Home

The meetup cards will be 5x7" and feature a beautiful illustration from @cookiedoe that plays into the floral and geometric aspects of the stamp theme.
The part in the middle that says “suggested postage space” in this image will be blank on the actual postcard, but it is there as a space where you can place the stamp to make a maxicard in a way that allows the stamp to fit in with the card design nicely. This is totally optional, but it’s there for the people who like to collect maxicards.
Meetup cards will be $0.50 each, please leave a reply to this thread with the number of cards you would like to reserve, please reserve in multiples of 5 to keep the math easy. (5, 10, 15, 20, etc) There is no limit on how many cards you can order, but we may need to limit how many each person has signed depending on how many people are in attendance. I will order the meetup cards closer to the meetup date, and you can reimburse me with cash/venmo/zelle at the event or in advance.

FAQ Section

What should I expect from attending a stamp show?
There will be exhibits on display where people talk about interesting things related to collecting stamps. There will also be a “Dealer’s Bourse”, which is a fancy term to say there will be stamp dealers selling stamps. This is a great place to visit because you can buy all sorts of cool stamps to use on postcards, in many cases priced at or slightly below face value. The full schedule for the show is available on the WESTPEX website here- Schedule
There is also a helpful forum thread on this topic- What to expect at a stamp expo?

What should I expect from a stamp dedication ceremony?
The USPS will have some individuals speaking briefly about the new stamp, then they will do a curtain drop to reveal the new stamp, and then special first day of issue postmarks will be available. Attendees usually receive a “Ceremony Program” listing the speakers and a lapel pin showing an image of the new stamp. The people speaking about the stamp are not yet known, but there will likely be someone from WESTPEX, someone from USPS headquarters, someone with some sort of connection to the stamp design process, and someone with a connection to the topic of the stamp.

I AM local to San Francisco, how do I get there?
There is a free shuttle from SFO international airport to the hotel that WESTPEX is being held at, you can ride the BART to SFO and then ride the shuttle to the hotel.
If you are driving, you can park in the hotel parking lot, the WESTPEX parking rate is $10 for the day but you’ll need to pick up a WESTPEX parking validation from the second floor of the show in order to use the discounted rate when you pay while leaving the parking lot.

I AM NOT local to San Francisco, can I attend?
Yes! Postcrossers from all over are welcome!
The show is being held at the San Francisco Airport Bayfront Marriott Hotel, which offers a free shuttle to and from the San Francisco international airport (SFO) and there is a WESTPEX special room rate at the hotel if you’d like to stay overnight. Information about the hotel can be found at the WESTPEX website here- Hotel


I’m excited for another local meetup. Thank you for hosting! :blush:

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Awesome! Looking forward to it!
(And how do you find out about these dedication ceremonies so far ahead of time?! Whenever I look at the USPS Newsroom page, I only ever see events for the next month or so!)

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I found out about this one because Linn’s Stamp News announced it

I think they announce the dates for ceremonies at stamp shows much farther in advance than the others because stamp shows are planned a year or more in advance and are more concrete in scheduling, but there is less rigidity in scheduling when working with other entities. For example, we already know that the Autumn Colors and Pinback Buttons stamps will be dedicated at the Great American Stamp Show in Hartford, CT the weekend of August 16th but just found out about the dedication details for the new Bluegrass Music stamp dedication earlier this week, scheduled for March 15th.

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I’m so excited for this stamp!

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Greg and I are making plans to attend. :slight_smile:

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Wonderful! I look forward to seeing y’all again!

Yes to both. There will be a first day of issue postmark and also a stamp show special postmark. The meetup card will be designed with making maxi cards in mind.
You’re also welcome to bring any other postcards that you would like to use to make a maxi card.

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I am interested in attending.

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There might be a United Nations First Day ceremony as well on Friday, according to WestPex’s schedule.

It’ll be nice to see you again after last year’s Rabbit Lunar New Year meet-up.

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Hiya Kim!
If you plan on taking Public Transportation, there’s a free Shuttle to WestPex from SFO (BART one way Civic Center to SFO is $10.55)

Count me in!

I’m attending, see you there.

I hope to make it! Would love 25 cards! Thanks

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I’d like to reserve 10 cards please. See you there!

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Ill order 25 cards please

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I’d like to reserve 5 cards. Thank you!

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I plan to attend and would like to reserve 15 cards. Thank you!


I would also like to attend the United Nations First Day Ceremony at 11:30 directly after the UPS event :crossed_fingers:

Do you know how long will the PostCrossing Room for the Meet-up be available?

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The room is reserved from 11-1