What to expect at a stamp expo?

Hi! I’m a stamp enthusiast because of Postcrossing (I love to have a wide variety to send, and as such I often buy stamp lots sold below face value by reputable dealers on eBay) but I would not call myself a collector.

This regional stamp expo event is occurring next month within an hour drive from me. I have never been to anything like it. Does anyone know what I should expect? Stamps sold below face value? Something else I should be on the lookout for?



Maybe some other members who have gone to stamp shows can chat about their experience?

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I think I recall seeing someone post about their experience, will see if I can find the post

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If I don’t have to travel too far, I enjoy going to such bourses, shows and expos. There is usually a big show here (NJ) every October. This year, the venue where it is usually held served notice to the organizers that the facility would no longer be available.

I am a serious collector of First Day Covers and other types of covers. But I often find some stamped & written postcards in the $1.00 boxes. Also Unwritten cards too. Doubt you will find anyone selling US postage below face (you might); more likely @ face.

One thing you will notice as you walk in is that many of the dealers and visitors are in their 50s, 60s etc. This is not a growing hobby. The dealers range from helpful to indifferent. Of course these are only my observations attending many shows. I hope you enjoy your Expo.


I see Wayne Gehret as one of the vendors, he will most likely have discounted stamps, I met him at other show and also bought stamps through his website. Definitely bring cash with you.

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I hadn’t been to any Stamp show in USA but had visited few stamp show here in India, in a stamp show there are two parts- Exibit and dealer section
In Exibit, Philatelist present thier collection in frames and win medals, it can be competitive or just informative Exibit. (My favourite part, people share story of stamp in various way, so you get to learn so many new things))
And dealer section has dealers from local area and some big dealers from other states also, i had fun buying many stamps at Expo, but below face stamp is just a dream here in india, cause all old indian stamps are sold above face value here:((

Happy you can get below face value stamps, i Also love seeing vintage stamps on my mail, they are so beautiful :heart_eyes:


I’ve been to a bunch.

You can find stamps for less than face. Usually the lower denominations.

More often it’s the sheets for face value that I’ve bought. I see less Forever stamps this way, but found some good sheets that way. Cost is the current face value of course.

Spellman Stamp and Postal History outside of Boston is another good source of stamps. They have some deals on less than face for postage. But if there is a specific sheet you want the might have it. I picked up a sheet of the 10 cent Sleepy Hollow for a little above face. Love that stamp!


Like @cliffside said the hobby is a dying one so there is less interest in stamp collecting these days. However, a lot of people are selling off collections they have inherited and many dealers don’t have space for so many stamps now so they will either buy those collections very cheap from people which means they will price stamps cheaper to flip them. That’s what several dealers told me at the last show. I came across at least 4 dealers selling stamps up to 30 percent off face value excluding forever. And yes full sheets were discounted. It really depends on the dealer and their inventory.

When I’ve gone to the shows I also try to have a list of specific themes I’m looking for to match cards I have. Everyone is typically very nice and helpful.

Also this guy has a really useful YouTube channel about stamps! This one I linked he goes to a stamp show.


I see that Wayne Gehret is on the list of dealers. He usually sells stamps at face value, below face if you purchase enough from him. There are likely to be other dealers there who sell at or below face value.

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I expect some latest stamps or another series from foreign postal service or dealer, but I prefer buying stamps from the official postal service of each countries. Moreover, I expect to see some special or rare stamp exhibition for each events.

In Thailand, the big stamp expo is not held every year. International philatelic exposition has been held every 10 years since 1983 with some minor interim events (Asia-Pacific or national events). The main exhibition of philatelic expo is “The Album Sheet” contest that is interested for professional philatelists only, visitors rarely see this contest. It’s interesting for the philatelist or some visitors who interested in some thematic of stamps.

The latest philatelic event in Thailand, THAILAND 2023 World Stamp Championship, was held last November at GPO. But I think the atmosphere and the size of exhibition was decreased from the previous philatelic exhibition. I think the popularity of philately in Thailand has declined when compare with the previous event.

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Greetings from the Westpex stamp show in San Francisco! The theme of the show this year is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Universal Postal Union. Each postal operator in the union submitted a single frame exhibit to show off their stamps from the past 3 years.

Morocco went all out! :morocco:

Great displays from Greece :greece: and Brazil :brazil: as well!