New “Dear Journalist” challenge! July/August destination: Norway 🇳🇴

Welcome to the new challenge!

For those who have not heard of it before, we’ve been inspired by the old Dear Doctor postcards to organize a campaign to spread the word about Postcrossing in the media of countries with relatively few postcrossers.

Every few months, we pick a new country, investigate the media outlets there and then together send lots of postcards to those newspapers, radio or TV stations to let journalists know about the Postcrossing. The idea is to make them intrigued and curious enough to check out the website and then write/report on it!

This summer we’re focusing on Norway — land of fjords, vikings, quick lunches, heart-shaped deliciousness… and just 1,277 postcrossers.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to first help us find those media contacts, and then send some postcards!

I’m going to make the post after this one a wiki, so everyone can edit it to add new media contacts, and also add a little tick :heavy_check_mark: sign next to the media which you’ve sent postcards to (so we can all more or less keep track).

Leave a comment below as well when you do send out your postcards — that way, we can cheer each other along!

Ready? Let’s do this! :muscle:


(this post is a wiki, feel free to edit it directly)

TV channels

  • NRK Møre og Romsdal :heavy_check_mark:
    Postboks 1516
    6025 Ålesund

  • Norge Rundt :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:
    c/o Wendla Black Ndiaye,
    5020 Bergen

  • NRK :heavy_check_mark:
    Postboks 8500 Majorstuen
    0340 Oslo

  • TV2 :heavy_check_mark:
    Pb 7222
    5020 Bergen

Radio stations

  • Nitimen/Reiseradioen :heavy_check_mark:
    NRK P1
    Postboks 8500 Majorstuen
    0340 Oslo

  • P4 :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:
    Postboks 817
    2626 Lillehammer

  • Radio Norge :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:
    Jernbanetorget 4a
    0154 Oslo

  • [Radio Northern Star] :heavy_check_mark:

    PO Box 100
    N5331 RONG



  • Norsk Filatelistforbund :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:
    Postboks 2700 St. Hanshaugen
    0131 Oslo

  • Hjemmet :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:
    Postboks 4980 Nydalen
    0441 OSLO

  • Allers :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:
    Karvesvingen 1
    0579 Oslo

  • KK :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:
    Postboks 1184 Sentrum
    0107 Oslo

  • SYnogSEGN :heavy_check_mark:
    Pb. 4672 Sofienberg
    0506 Oslo

Online media


Sample text for postcards

Dear Journalist,

Isn’t it nice to receive a postcard from a far away land? :slight_smile:

This is why I joined Postcrossing – a community of postcard enthusiasts keeping in touch through traditional mail and filling each other’s mailboxes with smiles. There are lots of us around the world and some in Norway too!

Get in touch if you’d like to talk to some local postcrossers there, so they can tell you the story of how the world comes to their mailboxes in times of social isolation!

Waving from (country name),

(your name)


I’ve added the radio programs Nitimen and Reiseradioen (same slot, same kind of show, but the latter is on in the summer), which are very similar in format to Norge Rundt. Lots of little features, with regular people.
Also added the philatelist society, which has its own magazine.

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Will add some later, when I get home from my walk!

That is good idea. Can I send something card about Chinese culture or politics?

We are having a meetup on Saturday (3 July), and can send a meetup postcard from this meetup (or is another postcard preferable?).


Had a few extra minutes to make one up for Aftenposten this morning while working on a regular card for the site. Will try to make up a few more later.

I added some addresses. And changed the address for Aftenposten, to the address listed as their mail address. The address listed previously was their visitor address.

Edit to add; added some more.

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Guess I’m also printing a label :slight_smile:

This would be perfect! Let them know you’re a group of local enthusiastic postcrossers – and, if you feel comfortable with that, maybe include an email address so they can get in touch? :slight_smile:

I think weekly magazines like Allers and Hjemmet, amazingly still in print!, might be more into this sort of thing than the national newspapers. Don’t know their addresses, will see if I can find them.

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So many news outlets already! :heart_eyes:

Can’t wait for the weekend to start writing those postcards… *rolls up sleeves and cracks knuckles*

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Yes, I think you’re right! I rarely read such magazines, so I tend to forget they exist!

I have added two other magazines, KK and Allers, which are in the same genre as Hjemmet.

The newspaper Dagens Næringsliv is a financial newspaper.

I have also added Avisa Oslo, which is a quite new, local, newspaper for Oslo.

Hi, I’d like to participate. Should I just choose a media outlet and write to them? How does it work? Let me know, thank you.


I have friends in Norway, but I don’t expect them to give me much infos about the medias, as they are English and Scottish (and can’t talk the local language - as many in the oil industry, who are there for several years but maybe not for a lifelong time).

I will send postcards to the medias with enthusiasm though, and also to Iceland if that’s not too late.

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Do you have some kind of “alternative” papers, interested in… I don’t know, street art, ecology, do it yourself, slow living, writing, etc…?
Maybe a readership who can be interested in Postcrossing.

As I don’t read/buy magazines (or any kind of papers) - read mainly the main/big news papers online, I don’t know about “alternative” papers etc.

Maybe someone else does.

Greetings on the way to TV2 (checked above also)


This postcard was sent yesterday to Avisa Oslo (local news paper for Oslo) and P4 (radio station).