NA Alphabet Group Round Robin 🔤

R40 card received from @jendallas thanks for the rose truck card. I like going to museums and being in nature too!

Card also received from @CalicoBeer clever running card! I love a good mystery!


Got it - thanks for the updates ABC

Currently open groups!

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Group z-40 all sent. Group Y-40 all sent. Can I join Name Game and A-40 please

@kanosis sent a fun San Diego Stamp card with Seashells
@tia272 sent a Squirrel card. My daughter is volunteering with an animal rescue organization bottle feeding baby squirrels who have lost their mother. I bet your crocheted mushrooms are very cute.
Thanks to both of you!


V-40 from @nursegarry - Vanity Fair! I did not remember that cover, but I looked it up. Interesting.

And from @CalicoBeer - Vegetables! I hope you had a great birthday celebration! What did you do with your days off? For my last birthday, my family and I went to an art museum and then to a museum of illusions. And had pizza.

Also V-40
Thanks for the cards!


@jendallas thank you! I hung out a lot with my friends – ate 2 really fantastic meals, brewery-hopped, and just tried to see everyone from all different friend groups. One of my closest friends has a birthday 3 days before mine, so we start on hers and celebrate through to my day. It makes me tired by the end, but it’s a great time. :slight_smile: We went to Nashville last year & Denver the year, but we stayed in Atlanta this year.

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Yes my address is the same

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O-40 O for Oak Park
Thank you Patty for Oak Park Large Letter Illinois card. It is fantastic!


O-40 for Owl
The master of O stories beginning each word with O! Oh my! Thank you sooo much, Susan!

I’ll join name game

Please put me in any letter group.

Group U-40
Received a beautiful sunrise card of the Mesa Arch in Utah.Thank you for the fun fact about Ulysses Grant’s travels to Utah.

Got it and Group A-41 closed and I sent the addresses and thank you!! ABC

Currently open groups!

Traveling Groups (check your status)

Received for Group V-40 from @jendallas V is for Vase…and what a Vase…thank you. I also love art galleries…can spend a day there! I’ll be in London soon visiting the British Museum and their amazing collection of postcards!

Group W-40 from @prssrp W is for World Map. I’m going to Bulgaria and Romania next month. Antarctica is also on my list. Vietnam for sure. Some very inexpensive itineraries there. And the Baltics…perhaps later this summer. But I agree…so many places…so little time!

Can I join group C-41, Garry

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Ready for mail

Mailed Z-40 and Y-40

Can I join groups B-41, C-41, and D-41?

Name Game & C please

May I please join name game 40 and b41?

Can I join C-41, D-41, & Name Game?

May I join the name game…and D-41?