NA Alphabet Group Round Robin 🔤

North American Alphabet RR

Many, many thanks, millions of times, to the always-gracious @daliz for hosting this group in the past. She started everything rolling and has been a fun and caring host. She’s also one of the best Postcrossers, bar none! Thanks, Amanda – you rock!

Welcome to one and all residing in the US, Canada, Mexico and Greenland! This is your stop for all things A-Z – from alpacas to Zion National Park!

Join a letter group and send cards to each participant in your group related to the group’s letter. For example: A Group - send an airplane, Australia, or art! Anything that fits the group’s letter. This is a random and creative RR. It is best suited for people who like all different types of cards.


-Post on the forum that you would like to join a specific group (i.e. A-1)

-If you are joining this RR for the first time please send me a PM (Private Message) letting me know your complete mailing address…


-Send cards within 2 weeks of receiving addresses from the
-Please send only new postcards, unless a person’s profile specifically states they want used or handmade cards
-Write the RR Name, Group Name, and your Username on cards sent
-If it isn’t obvious, tell the receiver how the card relates to the group’s letter
-Post here when you send and receive cards
-New members: I’d ask that you start in moderation by joining and completing 1 group before joining multiple groups


Envelopes OK!

The following participants are OK with others using envelopes to send cards if you are in multiple groups (or groups in Alpha and other RRs) together!

  • MichelleW
  • SamB23
  • KeithA
  • Susaninutah
  • Allayne22
  • salemhouse
  • aroundtheworld123
  • hootnoodle
  • ellistrations
  • Susaninutah
  • scoutingbear
  • sleepyhippo1



**If a group has simultaneous requests to join, the host reserves the right to extend any group to 5 members.

Group F-25
1 Jocrafts
2 Susaninutah

Group G-25
1 jocrafts
2 Susaninutah

Group H-25


:airplane: (Sent cards) :sunglasses: (Received cards from) :dizzy: (Received all cards)

Group P-23 - Addresses sent 09.08.21
1 KeithA - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 sleepykitty - :airplane: :sunglasses: uconn, SamB23,
3 uconn - :airplane: :sunglasses: sleepykitty, SamB23,
4 SamB23 - :airplane: :sunglasses: uconn, sleepykitty

Group S-23 - Addresses sent 09.15.21
1 KeithA - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 Allayne22 - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 MichelleW - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 hootnoodle - :airplane::sunglasses: Allayne22, MichelleW

Group U-23 - Addresses sent 09.25.21
1 scoutingbear - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 hootnoodle - :airplane: :sunglasses: salemhouse, scoutingbear
3 salemhouse - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 MichelleW - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group W-23 - Addresses sent 09.20.21
1 KeithA - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 iwritedeb - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 scoutingbear- :airplane: :sunglasses: :dizzy:
4 LaurenceB - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group Y-23 - Addresses sent 09.27.21
1 SamB23 - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 jaqueposts - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 hootnoodle - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 scoutingbear - :airplane: :sunglasses: hootnoodle, SamB23

Group A-24 - Addresses sent 09.30.21
1 KeithA - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 hootnoodle - :airplane: :sunglasses: MichelleW,
3 MichelleW - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 Mapswell - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group B-24 - Addresses sent 09.29.21
1 KeithA - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 sleepyhippo1 - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 iwritedeb- :airplane: :dizzy:
4 LaurenceB - :airplane: :sunglasses: KeithA,

Group C-24 - Addresses sent 09.30.21
1 iwritedeb- :airplane: :sunglasses: ellistrations, MichelleW
2 ellistrations - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 MichelleW - :airplane: :sunglasses: ellistrations, iwritedeb
4 KeithA - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group E-24 - Addresses sent 10.04.21
1 KeithA - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 coleandjojo - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 MichelleW - :airplane: :sunglasses: Allayne22, KeithA
5 Allayne22 - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group F-24 - Addresses sent 10.08.21
1 KeithA - :airplane: :sunglasses: aroundtheworld123, scoutingbear
2 scoutingbear - :airplane: :sunglasses: aroundtheworld123, KeithA
3 aroundtheworld123 - :sunglasses: scoutingbear, KeithA,
4. hootnoodle - :sunglasses: KeithA,

Group G-24 - Addresses sent 10.11.21
1 KeithA - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 MichelleW - :dizzy:
3 uconn - :airplane: :sunglasses: KeithA,
4 scoutingbear - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group H is for Halloween :imp: Addresses sent 10.13.21
1 MichelleW - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 KeithA - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 Beachyblonde - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 Mapswell - :airplane: :dizzy:
5 SamB23 - :airplane: :dizzy:
6 ellistrations - :airplane::sunglasses: Allayne22, hootnoodle, MichelleW, KeithA, Mapswell, Beachyblonde
7 Allayne22 - :airplane: :sunglasses: MichelleW, ellistrations, Mapswell, Beachyblonde, KeithA, SamB23,
8 hootnoodle - :airplane: :sunglasses: ellistrations, Allayne22, MichelleW, KeithA, Mapswell,

Group I-24 - Addresses Sent 10.11.21
1 LaurenceB - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 hootnoodle - :airplane: :sunglasses: LaurenceB,
3 MichelleW - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 sleepyhippo1 - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group J-24 - Addresses sent 10.20.21
1 DarkHeartArts - :airplane: :sunglasses: aroundtheworld123, AccentOnHakes, :airplane: :dizzy:
2 aroundtheworld123 - :airplane: :sunglasses: DarkHeartArts, Susaninutah,
3 Susaninutah - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 AccentOnHakes - :airplane:

Group M-24 - Addresses sent 10.25.21
1 salemhouse - :airplane: :sunglasses: ellistrations,
2 DarkHeartArts - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 ellistrations - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 SamB23 - :airplane:

Group N-24 - Addresses sent 10.26.21
1 Susaninutah - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 SamB23 - :dizzy:
3 hootnoodle - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 Allayne22 - :sunglasses: Susaninutah, SamB23

Group O-24 - Addresses sent 11.01.21
1 DarkHeartArts - :airplane:
2 sleepyhippo1 - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 aroundtheworld123 - :airplane: :sunglasses: sleepyhippo1, DarkHeartArts
4 hootnoodle - :airplane: :sunglasses: aroundtheworld123, DarkHeartArts

Group P-24 - Addresses sent 10.28.21
1 DarkHeartArts - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 uconn - :airplane: :sunglasses: sleepyhipp1, MichelleW
3 sleepyhippo1 - :airplane::dizzy:
4 MichelleW - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group QXZ-24 - Addresses sent 11.02.21
First to request a letter, gets that letter!
Sending Q - Susaninutah - :dizzy:
Sending X - MichelleW - :airplane: :sunglasses: uconn,
Sending Z - uconn - :airplane:

Group R-24 - Addresses sent 11.06.21
1 DarkHeartArts - :airplane:
2 SamB23 - :airplane:
3 salemhouse - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 scoutingbear - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group S-24 - Addresses sent 11.02.21
1 Susaninutah - :dizzy:
2 MichelleW - :airplane::sunglasses: uconn, Susaninutah
3 uconn - :airplane: :sunglasses: MichelleW, SamB23
4 Allayne22 - :airplane: :sunglasses: Susaninutah, MichelleW, SamB23
5 SamB23 - :airplane: :sunglasses: uconn,

Group T-24 - Addresses sent 11.07.21
1 Alayne22 - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 DarkHeartArts - :airplane: :sunglasses: Susaninutah,
3 SamB23 - :airplane:
4 uconn - :airplane: :sunglasses: SamB23,

Group U-24 - Addresses sent 11.16.21
1 Susaninutah - :airplane: :sunglasses: scoutingbear,
2 MichelleW - :airplane: :sunglasses: scoutingbear, Susaninutah
3 DarkHeartArts - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 scoutingbear - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group V-24 - Addresses sent 11.14.21
1 DarkHeartArts - - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 Susaninutah - :airplane: :sunglasses: aroundtheworld123, scoutingbear
3 scoutingbear - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 aroundtheworld123 - :dizzy:

Group W-24 - Addresses sent 11.11. 21
1 sleepyhippo1 - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 DarkHeartArts - :airplane:
3 scoutingbear - :airplane: :sunglasses: aroundtheworld123, sleepyhippo1
4 aroundtheworld123 - :sunglasses: scoutingbear, DarkHeartArts

Group A-25 - Addresses sent 11.23.21
1 DarkHeartArts - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 hootnoodle - :airplane: :sunglasses: Susaninutah, ellistrations
3 Susaninutah - :airplane: :sunglasses: ellistrations,
4 ellistrations - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group B-25 - Addresses sent 11.18.21
1 sleepyhippo1 - :airplane: :sunglasses: MichelleW,
2 hootnoodle - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 MichelleW - :airplane: :sunglasses: hootnoodle, Allayne22
4 Allayne22 - :sunglasses: MichelleW, sleepyhippo1,

Group C-25 - Addresses sent 11.26.21
1 DarkHeartArts - :airplane: :sunglasses: ellistrations, scoutingbear
2 ellistrations - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 dnrhott - :airplane: :sunglasses: scoutingbear, DarkHeartArts
4 scoutingbear - :sunglasses: DarkHeartArts

- SPECIAL HOLIDAY CARDS GROUP - Addresses sent 11.27.21 (Sending/receiving holiday-themed postcards - no folded cards, please)
1 MichelleW - ellistrations,
2 hootnoodle -
3 TwoDoggies - ellistrations,
4 ellistrations - jocrafts,
5 Beachyblonde
6 KeithA
7. Jocrafts -

Group D-25 - Addresses sent 11.28.21
1 DarkHeartArts - :sunglasses: scoutingbear, ellistrations
2 ellistrations - :airplane: :sunglasses: sleepyhippo1,
3 sleepyhippo1 - :airplane:
4 scoutingbear - :airplane: :sunglasses: sleepyhippo1, ellistrations

Group E-25 - Addresses sent 12.01.21
1 sleepyhippo1
2 hootnoodle
3 aroundtheworld123
4 Susaninutah


Closed Groups

All groups prior to A-14

Groups A-14-W-17 (click to view)

Group A-14 Jocrafts, Emilyann, daliz, carolreader
Group B-14 Jocrafts, Emilyann, TeamBearCat, SKlenotic
Group C-14 Jocrafts, Emilyann, hootnoodle, AccentOnHakes
Group D-14 Emilyann, sleepykitty, hootnoodle, Jocrafts
Group E-14 Emilyann, Jocrafts, AccentOnHakes, hootnoodle
Group F-14 Emilyann, Jocrafts, daliz, AccentOnHakes
Group G-14 MichelleW, Emilyann, Jocrafts, TeamBearCat
Group H-14 MichelleW, Emilyann, SKlenotic, Jocrafts
Group I-14 Emilyann, hootnoodle, AccentOnHakes, daliz
Group J-14 Jocrafts, TeamBearCat, hootnoodle, AccentOnHakes
Group K-14 hootnoodle, Jocrafts, Gbnaabennett, SKlenotic
Group L-14 Emilyann, MichelleW, Jocrafts, Gbnaabennett
Group M-14 daliz, Emilyann, MichelleW, Jocrafts
Group N-14 Gbnaabennett, Emilyann, Jocrafts, TeamBearCat
Group O-14 Gbnaabennett, Emilyann, AccentOnHakes, daliz
Group P-14 Jocrafts, Emiyann, AccentOnHakes, carolreader
Group Q-14 daliz, carolreader, AccentOnHakes
Group R-14 Jocrafts, AccentOnHakes, hootnoodle, Gbnaabennett
Group S-14 daliz, Jocrafts, axiomatic, Gbnaabennett
Group T-14 Gbnaabennett, hootnoodle, TeamBearCat, MichelleW
Group U-14 Gbnaabennett, carolreader, hootnoodle, Emilyann
Group V-14 MichelleW, TeamBearCat, alcott1, carolreader
Group W-14 TeamBearCat, hootnoodle, Emilyann, Jocrafts
Group X-14 Emilyann, daliz
Group Y-14 hootnoodle, Emilyann, TeamBearCat, AccentOnHakes
Group Z-14 hootnoodle, daliz
Group A-15 hootnoodle, Emilyann, MichelleW, TeamBearCat
Group B-15 TeamBearCat, Jocrafts, Emilyann, AccentOnHakes
Group C-15 Jocrafts, Emilyann, TeamBearCat, AccentOnHakes
Group F-15 Emilyann, MichelleW, TeamBearCat, hootnoodle
Group G-15 Emilyann, TeamBearCat, hootnoodle, AccentOnHakes
Group J-15 AccentOnHakes, hootnoodle, Emilyann, Jocrafts
Group K-15 TeamBearCat, hootnoodle, Jocrafts, AccentOnHakes
Group Q-15 TeamBearCat, hootnoodle, Emilyann
Group R-15 hootnoodle, alm74, Emilyann, MichelleW
Group S-15 alm74, Emilyann, Shaack, hootnoodle
Group T-15 MichelleW, Emilyann, TeamBearCat, ellistrations
Group V-15 MichelleW, TeamBearCat, serafaina, daliz
Group X-15 travelingyogibear, Emilyann, daliz
Group A-16 Jocrafts, MichelleW, MeaganMS, AccentOnHakes
Group B-16 TeamBearCat, EverettGal, hootnoodle, daliz
Group E-16 travelingyogibear, hootnoodle, Emilyann, EverettGal
Group F-16 Jocrafts, serafaina, MichelleW, Emilyann
Group G-16 MichelleW, hootnoodle, daliz, Jocrafts
Group H-16 Emilyann, daliz, Jocrafts, MichelleW
Group L-16 MichelleW, Emilyann, Jocrafts, EveretteGal
Group M-16 emilyann, MichelleW, EverettGal, Ckip
Group N-16 emilyann, TeamBearCat, AccentOnHakes, jocrafts
Group O-16 emilyann, jocrafts, ellistrations, serifluous
Group P-16 emilyann, MichelleW, hootnoodle, ckip
Group QXYZ-01 Accent,OnHakes, hootnoodle, MichelleW
Group R-16 emilyann, hootnoodle, MichelleW
Group S-16 MichelleW, ellistrations, jocrafts
Group T-16 ellistrations, jocrafts, Beacyblonde, AccentOnHakes
Group U-16 MichelleW, hootnoodle, AccentOnHakes, ellistrations
Group V-16 MichelleW, hootnoodle, AccentOnHakes, Beachyblonde
Group W-16 Beachyblonde, maleko, ellistrations, hootnoodle
Group A-17 Beachyblonde, hootnoodle, emilyann, ellistrations
Group B-17 emilyann, Beachyblonde, ellistrations, AccentOnHakes
Group C-17 emilyann, MichelleW, frozenstorm44, hootnoodle
Group D-17 ellistrations, jocrafts, hootnoodle, heatherc
Group E-17 MichelleW, HoosierFloridian, iowajes, AccentOnHakes
Group F-17 Beachyblonde, ellistrations, HoosierFloridian, MichelleW
Group G-17 ellistrations, jocrafts, emilyann, koyohtay
Group H-17 Beachyblonde, ellistrations, jocrafts, koyohtay
Group I-17 hootnoodle, alcott1, koyohtay, Kanada123
Group J-17 hootnoodle, ellistrations, AccentOnHakes, Beachyblonde
Group K-17 alcott1, ellistrations, hootnoodle, MichelleW
Group L-17 MichelleW, Beachyblonde, emilyann, ellistrations
Group M-17 emilyann, hootnoodle, ellistrations, HoosierFloridian, jaqueposts
Group N-17 MichelleW, emilyann, hootnoodle, ellistrations
Group O-17 MichelleW, emilyann, ellistrations, AccentOnHakes
Group P-17 ellistrations, Beachyblonde, emilyann, hootnoodle
**Group QXYZ-17" MichelleW, alcott1, hootnoodle
Group R-17 AccentOnHakes, Beachyblonde, ellistrations, emilyann
Group S-17 GeoJosh, melvnoble, ellistrations, hootnoodle
Group T-17 Beachyblonde, ellistrations, emilyann, hootnoodle
Group U-17 emilyann, ellistrations, hootnoodle, jocrafts
Group V-17 ellistrations, hootnoodle, MichelleW, emilyann
Group W-17 ellistrations, Beachyblonde, jocrafts, emilyann

Groups A-18 - W-20

Group A18 HoosierFloridian, ellistrations, AccentOnHakes, MichelleW
Group B-18 ellistrations, AccentOnHakes, emilyann, hootnoodle
Group C-18 ellistrations, emilyann, susandjones, hootnoodle
Group D-18 emilyann, ellistrations, AccentOnHakes, TeamBearCat (not sent)
Group E-18 TeamBearCat (not sent), ellistrations, emilyann,
Group F-18 TeamBearCat (not sent), elllistrations, emilyann, melvnoble
Group G-18 MichelleW, ellistrations, emilyann, melvnoble
Group H-18 ellistrations, emilyann, AccentOnHakes, hootnoodle
Group I-18 ellistrations, emilyann, hootnoodle, MichelleW
Group J-18 ellistrations, alcott1, jaqueposts, hootnoodle
Group L-18 ellistrations, hootnoodle, emilyann, scooby39
Group M-18 ellistrations, emilyann, scooby39, melvnoble
Group N-18 emilyann, ellistrations, melvnoble, KeithA
Group O-18 scooby39, ellistrations, melvnoble, hootnoodle
Group T-18 ellistrations, emilyann, KeithA, AccentOnHakes
Group U-18 ellistrations, hootnoodle, MichelleW, jaqueposts
Group V-18 emilyann, ellistrations, susandjones, AccentOnHakes
Group W-18 MichelleW, ellistrations, KeithA, emilyann, monkeyflower
Name Game-18 AccentOnHakes, MichelleW, ellistrations, emilyann, jocrafts, alcott1, monkeyflower, HoosierFloridian
Group A-19 KeithA, jaqueposts, MichelleW, ellistrations
Group B-19 susandjones, jaqueposts, ellistrations, KeithA
Group C-19 MichelleW, ellistrations, KeithA, melvnoble
Group D-19 ellistrations, KeithA, melvnoble, hootnoodle
Group E-19 jaqueposts, ellistrations, hootnoodle, AcentOnHakes
Group G-19 ellistrations/AccentOnHakes/emilyann/hootnoodle
Group H-19 alcott1, emilyann, hootnoodle, theosprey247
Group K-19 ellistrations, jaqueposts, hootnoodle, FrogSalad
Group M-19 emilyann, theosprey247, KeithA, hootnoodle
Group O-19 Beachyblonde, ellistrations, jaqueposts, hootnoodle
Group P-19 HoosierFloridian, emilyann, ellistrations, hootnoodle
Group QXYZ Challenge jaqueposts, hootnoodle, jocrafts, ellistrations
Group S19 KeithA, aroundtheworld123, Ckip, Emilyann, theosprey247
Group T19 KeithA, ellistrations, jaqueposts, emilyann
Group U19 AccentOnHakes, dnrhott, FrogSalad, hootnoodle
Group V19 Emilyann, dnrhott, hootnoodle, MichelleW
Group W-19 dnrhott, jaqueposts, KeithA, SamB23
NameGame-19 Beachyblonde, jaqueposts, ellistrations, FrogSalad
Group A20 KeithA, FrogSalad, theosprey247 hootnoodle
Group B-20 KeithA, MichelleW, hootnoodle, maleko
Group C-20 BarbL, theosprey247, ellistrations, KeithA
Group D20 ellistrations, KeithA, dnrhott, hootnoodle
Group E-20 aroundtheworld123, hootnoodle, KeithA, Beachyblonde
Group F20 SamB23, KeithA, MichelleW, BarbL
Group G20 jaqueposts, hootnoodle, KeithA, theosprey247
Group H20 BarbL, hootnoodle, monkeyflower, Cmleonard630
Group I20 BarbL, hootnoodle, MichelleW, KeithA
Group J20 theosprey247, SamB23, Beachyblonde, hootnoodle
Group K20 alcott1, aroundtheworld123, hootnoodle, lyndylou
Group L20 lyndylou5, BarbL, MichelleW, dnrhott, SamB23
Group M20 sleepyhippo1, AccentOnHakes, lyndylou5, SamB23
Group N20 Beachyblonde, hootnoodle, MichelleW, KeithA
Group O20 AccentOnHakes, MichelleW, SamB23, hootnoodle
Group P20 lyndylou5, dnrhott, aroundtheworld123, Beachyblonde
QXYZ20 ellistrations, lyndylou5, hootnoodle, MichelleW
Group R20 SamB23, ellistrations, hootnoodle, HoosierFloridian, Nique
Group S20 ellistrations, KeithA, Cmleonard630, lyndylou5, dnrhott
Group T20 KeithA, Cmleonard630, SamB23, hootnoodle
Group U20 MicheleW, lyndylou5, hootnoodle, aroundtheworld123
Group V20 sleepyhippo1, MichelleW, ellistrations, KeithA
Group W20 dnrhott, salemhouse, ellistrations, Cmleonard
ABC Challenge Beachyblonde, hootnoodle, ellistrations, theosprey247, SamB23, BarbL, MichelleW, KeithA

Group A21 dnrhott, KeithA, SamB23, MichelleW
Group B21 ellistrations, hootnoodle, Cmleonard630, KeithA
Group C21 jocrafts, aroundtheworld123, hootnoodle, MichelleW
Group D21 Cmleonard630, sleepyhippo1, dnrhott, jocrafts
Group E21 jocrafts, sleepyhipp1, hootnoodle, ellistrations
Group F21 ellistrations, aroundtheworld123, uconn, KeithA
Group G21 ellistrations, KeithA, TwoDoggies, MichelleW
Group H21 dnrhott, hootnoodle, KeithA, jocrafts
Group I21 sleepyhippo1, aroundtheworld123, TwoDoggies, dnrhott
Group J21 uconn, TwoDoggies, MichelleW, TwasBrillig
Group K21 sleepyhippo1, jocrafts, hootnoodle, cmsh_616
Group L21 MichelleW, jocrafts, KeithA, dnrhott
Group M21 uconn, KeithA, MichelleW, PostAddy
Group N21 MichelleW, TwoDoggies, SamB23, uconn
Group O21 Beachyblonde, MichelleW, Allayne22, dnrhott
Group P21 TwoDoggies, aroundtheworld123, jaqueposts, uconn
Group QXZ21 ellistrations, MichelleW, jaqueposts
Group R21 KeithA, sleepyhippo1, hootnoodle, jaqueposts
Group S21 KeithA, PostAddy, jaqueposts, hootnoodle
Group T21 KeithA, scoutingbear, ellistrations, dnrhott
Group U21 uconn, ellistrations, aroundtheworld123, hootnoodle
Group V21 volvomom, jaqueposts, ellistrations, hootnoodle
Group W21 sleepyhippo1, TwoDoggies, ellistrations, MystiqueDeep
Group Y21 MichelleW, ellistrations, KeithA, aroundtheworld123
NameGameGroup21 ellistrations, MichelleW, hootnoodle, aroundtheworld123, dnrhott
Group A22 ellistrations, uconn, KeithA, SamB23
Group B22 uconn, sleepyhipp1, KeithA, dnrhott
Group C22 scoutingbear, ellistrations, alcott1, Beachyblonde, dnrhott
Group D22 KeithA, TwoDoggies, ellistrations, scoutingbear
Group E22 ellistrations, uconn, hootnoodle, SamB23
Group F22 KeithA, SamB23, scoutingbear, quail
Group G22 ellistrations, Ukucaitie, hootnoodle, aroundtheworld1232
Group H22 Allayne22, ellistrations, dnrhott, KeithA
Group I22 Allayne22, uconn, ellistrations, scoutingbear
Group J22 uconn, ellistrations, lyndylou5, SamB23
Group K22 ellistrations, hootnoodle, MichelleW, Allayne22
Group L22 dnrhott, ellistrations, scoutingbear, uconn
Group M22 scoutingbear, Beachyblonde, KeithA, ellistrations
Group N22 TwoDoggies, aroundtheworld123, ellistrations, hootnoodle
Group O22 scoutingbear, DCMdVa, Shenaniganator, ellistrations
Group P22 MichelleW, DCMdVa, uconn, KeithA
Group R22 KeithA, scoutingbear, hootnoodle, aroundtheworld123
Group QXZ22 DCMdVa, uconn, Allayne
Group S22 4 kids2pay4, MichelleW, cmsh_616, hootnoodle
Group T22 Beachyblonde, KeithA, MichelleW. scoutingbear
Group U22 ellistrations, MichelleW, aroundtheworld123, Beachyblonde
Group V22 uconn, sleepyhippo1, Allayne22, DCMdVa
Group W22 scoutingbear, Allayne22, ellistrations, DCMdVa
Group Y22 HoosierFloridian, TwoDoggies, MichelleW, Shenaniganator
Group A23 scoutingbear, uconn, HoosierFloridian, TwoDoggies
Group B23 MichelleW, KeithA, Beachyblonde, Shenaniganator
Group C23 KeithA, jaqueposts, lyndylou5, hootnoodle, 4kids2pay4
Group D23 KeithA, MichelleW, jaqueposts, uconn
Group E23 hootnoodle, DCMdVa, Beachyblonde, bhuney05
Group F23 uconn, aroundtheworld123, uconn, hootnoodle
Group G23scoutingbear, aroundtheworld123, SamB23, EttaHenry
Group H23 jaqueposts, sleepyhippo1, DCMdVa, LaurenceB
Group I23 Beachyblonde, MichelleW, SamB23, salemhouse
GroupJ23 scoutingbear, aroundtheworld123, jocrafts, MichelleW
Group K23 MichelleW, uconn, KeithA, hootnoodle
Group L23 sleepykitty, SamB23, uconn, jaqueposts, iwritedeb
Group M23 KeithA, SamB23, scoutingbear, dnrhott
Group N23 uconn, scoutingbear, jocrafts, SamB23
Group O23 jocrafts, MichelleW, scoutingbear, uconn
Group QXZ23 salemhouse, MichelleW, hootnoodle
Group R23 uconn, aroundtheworld123, scoutingbear, MichelleW
Group T23 LauranceB, KeithA, Allayne22, aroundtheworld123
Group V23 Beachyblonde, SamB23, salemhouse, HoosierFloridian
Group D24 KeithA, mapswell, MichelleW, Allayne22
Group H24 Allayne22, hootnoodle, uconn, DarkHeartArts
Group K24 sleepyhippo1, Susaninutah, hootnoodle, Allayne22, DarkHeartArts
Group L24 DarkHeartArts, LaurenceB, Abimac, scoutingbear

PLEASE DON’T DELETE! One more “save” for future info!

Michelle, you are amazing for taking over! You are doing double duty–props!

I’ll take a spot in N.


I held off thinking someone else might want to discover the joy of hosting…but I couldn’t wait any longer!

You’re our first “joiner!” Yay - thank you :bouquet:

I’ll finish off N and join O, too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you, @MichelleW for hosting!! :heart:

Wow - you’re putting me to work really quickly, huh!

I’m going to hold off sending address lists for the existing groups just to be sure everyone wants to stay in. Like, @TeamBearCat and @emilyann! :kissing_cat:

How’s that for stalling??? :smirk_cat:


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I’m definitely in! As soon as I get a little more organized at home, I’ll be jumping back into more groups :slight_smile:

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Wow @MichelleW, thanks for bringing this group back! And I love the idea of combining the hard letters like QXZ.

I’ll keep my place in N and O.


Hi! Can I join Group O-16? I’ve sent my address from another RR.

I’ll be joining in again soon. I’ve been rather disorganized and at loose ends.

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Please sign me up for K-16 and 0-16

Please put me in any group.

Mary, you’re catching up everywhere, aren’t you? Good to see!

Groups K-16, N-16 and O-16 closed and I sent the address lists.

I’m trying out our “Challenge Group - QXYZ-01” to see if it fits with the group dynamic. First come, first served as far as the letter - everyone must choose differently! :astonished:

Thanks for the updates.

N-16 cards should go out tomorrow.

The challenge group sounds fun! Can I try Q? I saw one card as I was hunting for N cards…the next three may have to get creative!

I sent N and O. :slight_smile:

My O-16 cards are going in the mail tomorrow!

What’s up for your weekend? I’m writing cards…and more cards…then more… Being a procrastinator often gets me into a heap of behindness!

Thanks for the update!!