NA Alphabet Group Round Robin

North American Alphabet RR

Many, many thanks, millions of times, to the always-gracious @daliz for hosting this group in the past. She started everything rolling and has been a fun and caring host. She’s also one of the best Postcrossers, bar none! Thanks, Amanda – you rock!

Welcome to one and all residing in the US, Canada, Mexico and Greenland! This is your stop for all things A-Z – from alpacas to Zion National Park!

Join a letter group and send cards to each participant in your group related to the group’s letter. For example: A Group - send an airplane, Australia, or art! Anything that fits the group’s letter. This is a random and creative RR. It is best suited for people who like all different types of cards.


-Post on the forum that you would like to join a specific group (i.e. A-1)

-If you are joining this RR for the first time please send me a PM (Private Message) letting me know your complete mailing address…


-Send cards within 2 weeks of receiving addresses from the
-Please send only new postcards, unless a person’s profile specifically states they want used or handmade cards
-Write the RR Name, Group Name, and your Username on cards sent
-If it isn’t obvious, tell the receiver how the card relates to the group’s letter
-Post here when you send and receive cards
-New members: I’d ask that you start in moderation by joining and completing 1 group before joining multiple groups

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If a group has simultaneous requests to join, the host reserves the right to extend any group by 1 member.

Group V-20
1 sleepyhippo1
2 MichelleW
3 ellistrations

Group A-21
1 dnrhott
2 KeithA
3 salemhouse

Group B-21

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:airplane: (Sent cards) :sunglasses: (Received cards from) :dizzy: (Received all cards)

Group S-19 – Addresses sent 04.26.21
KeithA - :airplane: :dizzy:
Aroundtheworld123 - :sunglasses: Emilyann, theosprey247
Ckip - :airplane: :sunglasses: :dizzy:
Emilyann - :airplane: :dizzy:
Theosprey247 - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group T-19 – Addresses sent 04.26.21
KeithA - :airplane: :sunglasses: emilyann, jaqueposts
Ellistrations - :airplane: :dizzy:
Jaqueposts - :airplane: :dizzy:
Emilyann - :dizzy:

Group U-19 – Addresses sent 04.28.21
AccentOnHakes - :airplane: :dizzy:
dnrhott - :airplane: :sunglasses: AccentOnHakes,
FrogSalad - :airplane: :dizzy:
Hootnoodle - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group A-20 – Addresses sent 05.01.21
KeithA - :airplane: :dizzy:
FrogSalad - :airplane: :sunglasses: hootnoodle, theosprey247
theosprey247 - :airplane: :dizzy:
hootnoodle - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group D-20 – Addresses sent 05.10.21
ellistrations - :airplane: :dizzy:
KeithA - :airplane: :dizzy:
dnrhott - :airplane: :sunglasses: hootnoodle, KeithA
hootnoodle - :airplane: :sunglasses: KeithA,

Group F-20 – Addresses sent 05.15.21
SamB23 - :airplane: :dizzy:
KeithA - :airplane: :dizzy:
MichelleW - :airplane: :sunglasses: KeithA, SamB23
BarbL - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group H-20 - Addresses sent 05.20.21
1 BarbL - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 hootnoodle - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 monkeyflower - :airplane: :sunglasses: hootnoodle, BarbL
4 Cmleonard630 - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group I-20 - Addresses sent 05.23.21
1 BarbL - :airplane :dizzy:
2 hootnoodle - :airplane: :sunglasses: MichelleW, BarbL
3 MichelleW - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 KeithA - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group J-20 - Addresses sent 05.21.21
1 theosprey247 - :airplane: :sunglasses: hootnoodle, Beachyblonde
2 SamB23 - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 Beachyblonde - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 hootnoodle - :airplane: ::dizzy:

Group K-20 - Addreses sent 05.24.21
1 alcott1 - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 aroundtheworld123 - :airplane: :sunglasses: hootnoodle, alcott1
3 hootnoodle - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 lyndylou5 - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group L-20 - Addresses sent 05.25.21
1 lyndylou5 - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 BarbL - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 MichelleW - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 dnrhott- :airplane: :sunglasses: lyndylou5, BarbL, MichelleW
5 SamB23 - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group M-20 - Addresses sent 05.27.21
1 sleepyhippo1 - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 AccentOnHakes - :airplane: :sunglasses: lyndylou5, SamB23
3 lyndylou5 - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 SamB23 - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group O-20 - Addresses sent 05.31.21
1 AccentOnHakes - :airplane: :sunglasses: hootnoodle, SamB23
2 MichelleW - :airplane: :sunglasses: AccentOnHakes
3 SamB23 - :airplane: :sunglasses: hootnoodle, AccentOnHakes
4 hootnoodle - :airplane: :sunglasses: AccentOnHakes, SamB23

Group P-20 - Addresses sent 06.02.21
1 lyndylou5 - :airplane: :sunglasses: dnrhott,
2 dnrhott - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 aroundtheworld123 - :airplane: :sunglasses: dnrhott,
4 Beachyblonde - :airplane: :sunglasses: aroundtheworld123,

Group R-20 - Addresses sent 06.05.21
1 SamB23 - :airplane:
2 ellistrations - :airplane: :sunglasses: HoosierFloridian,
3 hootnoodle - :airplane: :sunglasses: ellistrations, HoosierFloridian
4 HoosierFloridian - :airplane: :sunglasses: ellistrations,
5 Nique - :airplane:

Group S-20 - Addresses sent 06.03.21
1 ellistrations - :airplane: :sunglasses: KeithA, dnrhott,
2 KeithA - :airplane: :sunglasses: lyndylou5, dnrhott,
3 Cmleonard630 - :airplane: :sunglasses: ellistrations, KeithA, dnrhott
4 Lyndylou5 - :airplane: :sunglasses: dnrhott, KeithA,
5 dnrhott - :airplane: :sunglasses: lyndylou5,

Group T-20- Addresses sent 06.04.21
1 KeithA - :airplane: :sunglasses: hootnoodle
2 Cmleonard630 - :airplane: :sunglasses: hootnoodle, KeithA,
3 SamB23 - :airplane: :sunglasses: hootnoodle, KeithA
4 hootnoodle - :airplane: :sunglasses: KeithA,

Group U-20 - Addresses sent 06.10.21
1 MichelleW
2 lyndylou5
3 hootnoodle
4 aroundtheworld123

QXYZ-20 Challenge Group - Addresses sent 06.05.21
Choose the letter you’ll use for cards going to the others in the group! The first to choose a letter, gets the letter!
Q ellistrations - :airplane: :sunglasses: lyndylou5
X lyndylou5 - :airplane:
Y hootnoodle - :airplane: :sunglasses: lyndylou5, ellistrations
Z MichelleW - :airplane: :sunglasses: ellistrations,


Send a card representing the letter you’ve chosen to everyone in the group. If everyone gets all their cards, we should each have a whole “Alphabet” group of our own!

Sending A – Beachyblonde - :airplane: May 18 :sunglasses: hootnoodle, ellistrations, theosprey247, BarbL, KeithA, SamB23

Sending L - hootnoodle - :airplane: May 18 :dizzy: - "Now I know my ABCs!"

Sending P - ellistrations - :airplane: May 18 :dizzy: - "Now I know my ABCs!"

Sending H – theosprey247 - :airplane: May 19 :dizzy: - "Now I know my ABCs!"

Sending A - SamB23 - :airplane: May 20 :dizzy: - "Now I know my ABCs!"

Sending B - BarbL - :airplane: "Now I know my ABCs!"

Sending E - MichelleW - :airplane: May 21 :dizzy: - "Now I know my ABCs!"

Sending T - KeithA - :airplane: May 20 :sunglasses: Beachyblonde, hootnoodle, theosprey247, SamB23, BarbL, MichelleW


Closed Groups

All groups prior to A-14

Groups A-14-W-17 (click to view)

Group A-14 Jocrafts, Emilyann, daliz, carolreader
Group B-14 Jocrafts, Emilyann, TeamBearCat, SKlenotic
Group C-14 Jocrafts, Emilyann, hootnoodle, AccentOnHakes
Group D-14 Emilyann, sleepykitty, hootnoodle, Jocrafts
Group E-14 Emilyann, Jocrafts, AccentOnHakes, hootnoodle
Group F-14 Emilyann, Jocrafts, daliz, AccentOnHakes
Group G-14 MichelleW, Emilyann, Jocrafts, TeamBearCat
Group H-14 MichelleW, Emilyann, SKlenotic, Jocrafts
Group I-14 Emilyann, hootnoodle, AccentOnHakes, daliz
Group J-14 Jocrafts, TeamBearCat, hootnoodle, AccentOnHakes
Group K-14 hootnoodle, Jocrafts, Gbnaabennett, SKlenotic
Group L-14 Emilyann, MichelleW, Jocrafts, Gbnaabennett
Group M-14 daliz, Emilyann, MichelleW, Jocrafts
Group N-14 Gbnaabennett, Emilyann, Jocrafts, TeamBearCat
Group O-14 Gbnaabennett, Emilyann, AccentOnHakes, daliz
Group P-14 Jocrafts, Emiyann, AccentOnHakes, carolreader
Group Q-14 daliz, carolreader, AccentOnHakes
Group R-14 Jocrafts, AccentOnHakes, hootnoodle, Gbnaabennett
Group S-14 daliz, Jocrafts, axiomatic, Gbnaabennett
Group T-14 Gbnaabennett, hootnoodle, TeamBearCat, MichelleW
Group U-14 Gbnaabennett, carolreader, hootnoodle, Emilyann
Group V-14 MichelleW, TeamBearCat, alcott1, carolreader
Group W-14 TeamBearCat, hootnoodle, Emilyann, Jocrafts
Group X-14 Emilyann, daliz
Group Y-14 hootnoodle, Emilyann, TeamBearCat, AccentOnHakes
Group Z-14 hootnoodle, daliz
Group A-15 hootnoodle, Emilyann, MichelleW, TeamBearCat
Group B-15 TeamBearCat, Jocrafts, Emilyann, AccentOnHakes
Group C-15 Jocrafts, Emilyann, TeamBearCat, AccentOnHakes
Group F-15 Emilyann, MichelleW, TeamBearCat, hootnoodle
Group G-15 Emilyann, TeamBearCat, hootnoodle, AccentOnHakes
Group J-15 AccentOnHakes, hootnoodle, Emilyann, Jocrafts
Group K-15 TeamBearCat, hootnoodle, Jocrafts, AccentOnHakes
Group Q-15 TeamBearCat, hootnoodle, Emilyann
Group R-15 hootnoodle, alm74, Emilyann, MichelleW
Group S-15 alm74, Emilyann, Shaack, hootnoodle
Group T-15 MichelleW, Emilyann, TeamBearCat, ellistrations
Group V-15 MichelleW, TeamBearCat, serafaina, daliz
Group X-15 travelingyogibear, Emilyann, daliz
Group A-16 Jocrafts, MichelleW, MeaganMS, AccentOnHakes
Group B-16 TeamBearCat, EverettGal, hootnoodle, daliz
Group E-16 travelingyogibear, hootnoodle, Emilyann, EverettGal
Group F-16 Jocrafts, serafaina, MichelleW, Emilyann
Group G-16 MichelleW, hootnoodle, daliz, Jocrafts
Group H-16 Emilyann, daliz, Jocrafts, MichelleW
Group L-16 MichelleW, Emilyann, Jocrafts, EveretteGal
Group M-16 emilyann, MichelleW, EverettGal, Ckip
Group N-16 emilyann, TeamBearCat, AccentOnHakes, jocrafts
Group O-16 emilyann, jocrafts, ellistrations, serifluous
Group P-16 emilyann, MichelleW, hootnoodle, ckip
Group QXYZ-01 Accent,OnHakes, hootnoodle, MichelleW
Group R-16 emilyann, hootnoodle, MichelleW
Group S-16 MichelleW, ellistrations, jocrafts
Group T-16 ellistrations, jocrafts, Beacyblonde, AccentOnHakes
Group U-16 MichelleW, hootnoodle, AccentOnHakes, ellistrations
Group V-16 MichelleW, hootnoodle, AccentOnHakes, Beachyblonde
Group W-16 Beachyblonde, maleko, ellistrations, hootnoodle
Group A-17 Beachyblonde, hootnoodle, emilyann, ellistrations
Group B-17 emilyann, Beachyblonde, ellistrations, AccentOnHakes
Group C-17 emilyann, MichelleW, frozenstorm44, hootnoodle
Group D-17 ellistrations, jocrafts, hootnoodle, heatherc
Group E-17 MichelleW, HoosierFloridian, iowajes, AccentOnHakes
Group F-17 Beachyblonde, ellistrations, HoosierFloridian, MichelleW
Group G-17 ellistrations, jocrafts, emilyann, koyohtay
Group H-17 Beachyblonde, ellistrations, jocrafts, koyohtay
Group I-17 hootnoodle, alcott1, koyohtay, Kanada123
Group J-17 hootnoodle, ellistrations, AccentOnHakes, Beachyblonde
Group K-17 alcott1, ellistrations, hootnoodle, MichelleW
Group L-17 MichelleW, Beachyblonde, emilyann, ellistrations
Group M-17 emilyann, hootnoodle, ellistrations, HoosierFloridian, jaqueposts
Group N-17 MichelleW, emilyann, hootnoodle, ellistrations
Group O-17 MichelleW, emilyann, ellistrations, AccentOnHakes
Group P-17 ellistrations, Beachyblonde, emilyann, hootnoodle
**Group QXYZ-17" MichelleW, alcott1, hootnoodle
Group R-17 AccentOnHakes, Beachyblonde, ellistrations, emilyann
Group S-17 GeoJosh, melvnoble, ellistrations, hootnoodle
Group T-17 Beachyblonde, ellistrations, emilyann, hootnoodle
Group U-17 emilyann, ellistrations, hootnoodle, jocrafts
Group V-17 ellistrations, hootnoodle, MichelleW, emilyann
Group W-17 ellistrations, Beachyblonde, jocrafts, emilyann

Group A18 HoosierFloridian, ellistrations, AccentOnHakes, MichelleW
Group B-18 ellistrations, AccentOnHakes, emilyann, hootnoodle
Group C-18 ellistrations, emilyann, susandjones, hootnoodle
Group D-18 emilyann, ellistrations, AccentOnHakes, TeamBearCat (not sent)
Group E-18 TeamBearCat (not sent), ellistrations, emilyann,
Group F-18 TeamBearCat (not sent), elllistrations, emilyann, melvnoble
Group G-18 MichelleW, ellistrations, emilyann, melvnoble
Group H-18 ellistrations, emilyann, AccentOnHakes, hootnoodle
Group I-18 ellistrations, emilyann, hootnoodle, MichelleW
Group J-18 ellistrations, alcott1, jaqueposts, hootnoodle
Group L-18 ellistrations, hootnoodle, emilyann, scooby39
Group M-18 ellistrations, emilyann, scooby39, melvnoble
Group N-18 emilyann, ellistrations, melvnoble, KeithA
Group O-18 scooby39, ellistrations, melvnoble, hootnoodle
Group T-18 ellistrations, emilyann, KeithA, AccentOnHakes
Group U-18 ellistrations, hootnoodle, MichelleW, jaqueposts
Group V-18 emilyann, ellistrations, susandjones, AccentOnHakes
Group W-18 MichelleW, ellistrations, KeithA, emilyann, monkeyflower
Name Game-18 AccentOnHakes, MichelleW, ellistrations, emilyann, jocrafts, alcott1, monkeyflower, HoosierFloridian
Group A-19 KeithA, jaqueposts, MichelleW, ellistrations
Group B-19 susandjones, jaqueposts, ellistrations, KeithA
Group C-19 MichelleW, ellistrations, KeithA, melvnoble
Group D-19 ellistrations, KeithA, melvnoble, hootnoodle
Group E-19 jaqueposts, ellistrations, hootnoodle, AcentOnHakes
Group G-19 ellistrations/AccentOnHakes/emilyann/hootnoodle
Group H-19 alcott1, emilyann, hootnoodle, theosprey247
Group K-19 ellistrations, jaqueposts, hootnoodle, FrogSalad
Group M-19 emilyann, theosprey247, KeithA, hootnoodle
Group O-19 Beachyblonde, ellistrations, jaqueposts, hootnoodle
Group P-19 HoosierFloridian, emilyann, ellistrations, hootnoodle
Group QXYZ Challenge jaqueposts, hootnoodle, jocrafts, ellistrations
Group V-19 Emilyann, dnrhott, hootnoodle, MichelleW
Group W-19 dnrhott, jaqueposts, KeithA, SamB23
NameGame-19 Beachyblonde, jaqueposts, ellistrations, FrogSalad
Group B-20 KeithA, MichelleW, hootnoodle, maleko
Group C-20 BarbL, theosprey247, ellistrations, KeithA
Group E-20 aroundtheworld123, hootnoodle, KeithA, Beachyblonde
Group G-20 jaqueposts, hootnoodle, KeithA, theosprey247
Group N-20 Beachyblonde, hootnoodle, MichelleW, KeithA

PLEASE DON’T DELETE! One more “save” for future info!

Michelle, you are amazing for taking over! You are doing double duty–props!

I’ll take a spot in N.


I held off thinking someone else might want to discover the joy of hosting…but I couldn’t wait any longer!

You’re our first “joiner!” Yay - thank you :bouquet:

I’ll finish off N and join O, too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you, @MichelleW for hosting!! :heart:

Wow - you’re putting me to work really quickly, huh!

I’m going to hold off sending address lists for the existing groups just to be sure everyone wants to stay in. Like, @TeamBearCat and @emilyann! :kissing_cat:

How’s that for stalling??? :smirk_cat:


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I’m definitely in! As soon as I get a little more organized at home, I’ll be jumping back into more groups :slight_smile:

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Wow @MichelleW, thanks for bringing this group back! And I love the idea of combining the hard letters like QXZ.

I’ll keep my place in N and O.


Hi! Can I join Group O-16? I’ve sent my address from another RR.

I’ll be joining in again soon. I’ve been rather disorganized and at loose ends.

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Please sign me up for K-16 and 0-16

Please put me in any group.

Mary, you’re catching up everywhere, aren’t you? Good to see!

Groups K-16, N-16 and O-16 closed and I sent the address lists.

I’m trying out our “Challenge Group - QXYZ-01” to see if it fits with the group dynamic. First come, first served as far as the letter - everyone must choose differently! :astonished:

Thanks for the updates.

N-16 cards should go out tomorrow.

The challenge group sounds fun! Can I try Q? I saw one card as I was hunting for N cards…the next three may have to get creative!

I sent N and O. :slight_smile:

My O-16 cards are going in the mail tomorrow!

What’s up for your weekend? I’m writing cards…and more cards…then more… Being a procrastinator often gets me into a heap of behindness!

Thanks for the update!!