NA Alphabet Group Round Robin 🔤

K-16 cards are in the mail.

Please add me to another letter group.

K-16 and O-16
All cards in the mail today!

Old cards. I have W-15, the World Cup memoribilia, from TB-C and C-16, Catalina Island, also from TB-C. Thank you!


Received a pretty sunset picture of Jamaica from @TeamBearCat.
Thank you for the card.

Got it - thanks, everyone!


You left yourself wide open to “X” in the Challenge Group!

(I took Z, so we only need a “Y person!”)

I can definitely do Y!

Add me to P, R, and S, as well, please :smiley:

I’ll sign up for P, R, and S if there’s space.

You’re #1 on both lists - lots of room!!

The challenge group closed and I just sent the address list!


Thanks @AccentOnHakes for the beach guy wearing NECKLACES! I can tell this is from that box called Sun. Skate. Seventies. Thanks!

I’ll join S-16 also.

K, N, and O-16 are in the mail :mailbox_with_mail:

Received an O-16 card from @emilyann today with a trio of geometric owls. Funnily enough, my company’s mascot is an owl, and I thought it was a card from my company haha.

My cards for the Challenge Group (Z) are zeroing in on their targets today! Zip-a-dee-do-dah!


Thank you to Sarah @serifluous for Optic Nerve and to Barbara @ellistrations for Our Choice. It was fun to receive those cards today.

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ellistrations - a charming group of illustrations of kitchen supplies. My daughter and I are planning to bake pies tomorrow. She likes the flavor, but not the texture, of traditional pumpkin pies, so we’re trying sweet potato pie this year. Thank you.

My X cards for GROUP QXYZ-01 are ready to go tomorrow,.

I’ll take another letter, please.

Thanks for the updates!


Received an O-16 card from @ellistrations with Old Glory canned fruits. Thanks for the O-themed stamp, too!

@hootnoodle - K for King, Lion King concept art, thank you! Wow, 4800 is quite the number!

Tom the Turkey Turns the Tables!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

May I join P-16 and S-16 please?