NA Alphabet Group Round Robin 🔤

And Chelsey closes P-16 :orange_heart: I just sent the address list and opened Group T-16. Takers?

Thank you @jocrafts for nebula.

Thanks @jocrafts for ostrich. And I love the envelope you made!

P-16 sent

Please count me as all received for C-16 & J-16.
I’ve told Michelle through message, but I’d also like to say it here: I’m thankful for her, and for this RR continuing on!

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Received an O-16 card from @jocrafts for Octopedal Octopus in a very cool handmade envelope! Making envelopes out of old calendar sheets is genius.

Hmmm… we need folks to Regale us with R and Surprise us with S then Treat us with T! Easy!

My Postcards for P-16 are with the Postal Person!



JoCrafts - a KANGAROO with appropriate comments. I do love your decorations, too. Several years ago I read details about the error causing the space shuttle Challenger’s explosion, in the book by Richard Feynman, What Do You Care What Other People Think?

Thank you.

I got a card for the Challenge Group from hootnoodle wishing me a Merry X-Mas! Hope you enjoyed your quiet Thanksgiving. I can only imagine what a change that was for you! Was there an announcement during the parade?? Thanks, Mary! :smile_cat:


@emilyann - Oak Alley Plantation, thank you! I’ve heard many great things about this place!

Please put me down for:
S-16 and T-16

Thank you!

My challenge (QXYZ) cards are ready.

@jocrafts NEWTS! And a reminder to study NEURO…blech. I think that’s one of the things I want to do over winter break…which is coming up soon! Eek!
@emilyann someone with beautiful NAILS. Happy NOVEMBER, as it comes to an end!

@MichelleW a fun ZOO scene. I loved zoos as a kid!

P-16 cards are ready to go tomorrow.

Please add me to another two groups.

@hootnoodle XMAS! I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving, even if it was small. Hopefully you get your big family gathering back next year…Cannon Beach, isn’t it?

@serifluous - Optic Nerve illustration, thank you! We haven’t been given a curfew, I can’t imagine having one, but I wouldn’t mind having a vacation at home from work this holiday.

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MichelleW - a beautiful photo of a zebra. I didn’t know the difference in its British vs American pronunciation, though my daughter did. (She watches a lot of British television). Thank you.

P-16 - emilyann sent a Party! from Disney’s 1941, Dumbo! Thanks so much! :sunglasses:

I believe that does it for now.


Just saying… :stuck_out_tongue:


QXYZ-01 is in the mail! :mailbox_with_mail:

If you insist…

I’ll join the 3 open ones :stuck_out_tongue:

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