NA Alphabet Group Round Robin 🔤

North American Alphabet RR

Many, many thanks, millions of times, to the always-gracious @daliz for hosting this group in the past. She started everything rolling and has been a fun and caring host. She’s also one of the best Postcrossers, bar none! Thanks, Amanda – you rock!

Welcome to one and all residing in the US, Canada, Mexico and Greenland! This is your stop for all things A-Z – from alpacas to Zion National Park!

Join a letter group and send cards to each participant in your group related to the group’s letter. For example: A Group - send an airplane, Australia, or art! Anything that fits the group’s letter. This is a random and creative RR. It is best suited for people who like all different types of cards.


-Post on the forum that you would like to join a specific group (i.e. A-1)

-If you are joining this RR for the first time please send me a PM (Private Message) letting me know your complete mailing address…


-Send cards within 2 weeks of receiving addresses from the
-Please send only new postcards, unless a person’s profile specifically states they want vintage or handmade cards
-Write the RR Name, Group Name, and your Username on cards sent
-If it isn’t obvious, tell the receiver how the card relates to the group’s letter
-Post here when you send and receive cards
-New members: I’d ask that you start in moderation by joining and completing 1 group before joining multiple groups
-Participants may ask for only one spot in any given group
-It’s fun to be creative - think outside the box! A doesn’t always have to stand for :apple:. Send a variety of interpretations for a letter to people in the group with you!


Envelopes OK!

The following participants are OK with others using envelopes to send cards if you are in multiple groups (or groups in Alpha and other RRs) together!

  • MichelleW
  • SamB23
  • Susaninutah
  • Allayne22
  • salemhouse
  • aroundtheworld123
  • hootnoodle
  • ellistrations
  • Susaninutah
  • scoutingbear
  • sleepyhippo1
  • LaurenceB
  • jocrafts
  • StephofYorktown
  • thrakaboom
  • Ukucaitie
  • prssrp
  • Hazygirl
  • journeyforth
  • DaisyDekker
  • CStar9
  • tippy0828
  • nursegarry
  • kanosis
  • steresem
  • JudyFL
  • sunflak
  • CalicoBeer



If a group has several simultaneous last-second requests to join, the host reserves the right to extend any group to 5 members.

Group O-41 :owl:
1 kanosis
2 TeachLittleKids

Group T-41 :phone:

Group U-41 :umbrella:


Traveling Groups smilie_be_037

:airplane: - (Sent cards)
:sunglasses: (Received cards from)
:dizzy: (Received all cards)

Name Game-39 - Addresses sent 02.22.24
Members of this group send a card to each other representing the first letter of the recipient’s username OR recipient’s actual first name OR recipient’s last name. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could try to send one of each or maybe one with all those letters!

You have 3 weeks to send your cards.
1 prssrp - :airplane: :sunglasses: nursegarry, sleepyhippo1,
2 uconn - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 nursegarry - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 sleepyhippo1 - :airplane: :sunglasses: uconn, Hazygirl, nursegarry, prssrp
5 Hazygirl - :airplane: :dizzy:
6 kanosis - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group A-40 - Addresses sent 02.22.24
1 AccentOnHakes - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 kanosis - :airplane: :sunglasses: nursegarry,
3 nursegarry - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 rainandfog - :airplane: :sunglasses: kanosis,

Group C-40 - Addresses sent 02.28.24
1 nursegarry - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 LaurenceB - :dizzy:
3 uconn - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 TeachLittleKids - :airplane: :sunglasses: LaurenceB, nursegarry

Group D-40 - Addresses sent 02.29.24
1 hootnoodle - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 TeachLittleKids - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 MichelleW - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 glazefamily - :airplane:

Group H-40 - Addresses sent 03.07.24
1 hootnoodle - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 MichelleW - :airplane: :sunglasses: prssrp, kanosis
3 kanosis - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 prssrp - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group I-40 - Addresses sent 03.22.24
1 uconn - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 prssrp - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 kanosis - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 l2y - :airplane: :sunglasses: prssrp, uconn

Group J-40
1 prssrp - :airplane: :sunglasses: hootnoodle
2 hootnoodle - :airplane: :sunglasses: MichelleW, prssrp
3 MichelleW - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group K-40 - Addresses sent 04.18.24
1 kanosis - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 nursegarry - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 TeachLittleKids - :airplane: :sunglasses: nursegarry, MichelleW
4 MichelleW - :airplane: :sunglasses: kanosis, TeachLittleKids

Group L-40 - Addresses sent 03.31.24
1 sunflak - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 Hazygirl - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 Susaninutah - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 kanosis - :airplane: :sunglasses: sunflak,

Group M-40 - Addresses sent 04.11.24
1 kanosis - :sunglasses: virgomar0918, TeachLittleKids
2 l2y - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 virgomar0918 - :airplane: :sunglasses: l2y, TeachLittleKids
4 TeachLittleKids - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group N-40 - Addresses sent 04.07.24
1 MichelleW - :airplane: :sunglasses: :dizzy:
2 prssrp - :sunglasses: TeachLittleKids,
3 nursegarry - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 TeachLittleKids - :airplane: :sunglasses: MichelleW, prssrp

Group O-40 - Addresses sent 04.17.24
1 kanosis - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 Susaninutah - :airplane: :sunglasses: prssrp, salemhouse
3 prssrp - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 salemhouse - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group P-40 - Addresses sent 04.17.24
1 l2y - :airplane: :sunglasses: tia272, Susaninutah
2 Susaninutah - :dizzy:
3 tia272 - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 TeachLittleKids - :dizzy:

Group Q-40 - Addresses sent 04.21.24
1 kanosis - :airplane: :sunglasses:
2 l2y - :airplane: :sunglasses:
3 pixxi88 - :airplane: :sunglasses: kanosis, l2y

Group R-40 - Addresses sent 04.24.24
1 virgomar0918 - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 Susaninutah - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 CalicoBeer - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 prssrp - :airplane: sunglasses: virgomar0918, Susaninutah, jendallas, CalicoBeer
5 jendallas - :dizzy:
(Host’s prerogative to add extra participant when needed!)

Group T-40 - Addresses sent 04.28.24
1 Susaninutah - :airplane: :sunglasses: kanosis, TeachLittleKids
2 kanosis - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 AccentOnHakes - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 TeachLittleKids - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group U-40 - Addresses sent 04.28.24
1 CalicoBeer - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 kanosis - :airplane: :sunglasses: prssrp, TeachLittleKids
3 TeachLittleKids - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 prssrp - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group V-40 - Addresses sent 05.06.24
1 nursegarry - :airplane: :sunglasses: jendallas, CalicoBeer
2 CalicoBeer - :airplane::dizzy:
3 l2y - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 jendallas - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group X-40 - Addresses sent 05.09.24
1 kanosis - :airplane:
2 MichelleW - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 prssrp - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group Y-40 - Addresses sent 05.14.24
1 TeachLittleKids - :sunglasses: nursegarry, prssrp
2 prssrp - :airplane: :sunglasses: nursegarry, Maslover12
3 Maslover12 - :airplane: :

4 nursegarry - :airplane: :sunglasses: Maslover12, prssrp

Group Z-40 - Addresses sent 05.14.24
1 TeachLittleKids - :airplane: :sunglasses: nursegarry, Maslover12
2 nursegarry - :airplane: :sunglasses: kanosis,
3 Maslover12 - :airplane: :sunglasses: nursegarry, TeachLittleKids
4 kanosis - :airplane: :sunglasses: Maslover12, TeachLittleKids

Name Game-40 - Addresses sent 05.18.24
Members of this group send a card to each other representing the first letter of the recipient’s username OR recipient’s actual first name OR recipient’s last name. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could try to send one of each or maybe one with all those letters!

For this group, the host will not keep records of the cards you receive. Please post when you’ve sent and received all of your cards and host will update. Thanks! :grin:

You have 3 weeks from the date the address list was sent to send your cards.
1 tia272 - :airplane:
2 TeachLittleKids - :airplane:
3 prssrp - :airplane:
4 nursegarry - :airplane:
5 sleepyhippo1 - :airplane:
6 uconn -
7 virgomar0918 - :airplane:
8 CalicoBeer - :airplane:
9 kanosis - :airplane:

Group C-41 - Addresses sent 05.18.24
1 Maslover12 - :airplane: :sunglasses: nursegarry, CalicoBeer
2 nursegarry - :airplane:
3 uconn - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 CalicoBeer - :sunglasses: nursegarry,

Group D-41 - Addresses sent 05.19.24
1 Maslover12 - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 CalicoBeer - :airplane: :sunglasses: jendallas, kanosis
3 kanosis - :airplane: :sunglasses: jendallas, Maslover12
4 jendallas - :airplane: :sunglasses: kanosis, CalicoBeer

Group E-41 - Addresses sent 05.24.24
1 kanosis - :airplane: :sunglasses: nursegarry, l2y
2 l2y - :airplane: :sunglasses: nursegarry,
3 Hazygirl - :airplane: :sunglasses: nursegarry, kanosis
4 nursegarry - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group F-41 - Addresses sent 05.21.24
1 kanosis - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 jendallas - :airplane: :sunglasses: Susaninutah,kanosis
3 MichelleW - :airplane: :sunglasses: kanosis,
4 Susaninutah - :airplane:

Group G-41 (Addresses sent 05.22.24
1 l2y - :airplane: :sunglasses: jendallas,
2 jendallas - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 Susaninutah - :sunglasses: l2y,
4 pixxi88 - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group H-41 - Addresses sent 05.24.24
1 Hazygirl - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 prssrp - :airplane: :sunglasses: hootnoodle,
3 hootnoodle - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 kanosis - :airplane: :dizzy:

Group I-41 - Addresses sent 05.29.24
1 nursegarry - :airplane:
2 CalicoBeer - :airplane: :sunglasses: uconn, nursegarry
3 hootnoodle - :airplane: :sunglasses: nursegarry, uconn
4 uconn - :sunglasses: nursegarry, hootnoodle

Group J-41 - Addresses sent 05.29.24
1 NewEnglandEllen - :airplane: :sunglasses: l2y, pixxi88,
2 Bakersmom - :airplane: :dizzy:
3 l2y - :airplane: :sunglasses: NewEnglandEllen,
4 pixxi88 - :airplane: :sunglasses: Bakersmom, NewEnglandEllen

Group K-41 - Addresses sent 06.05.24
1 hootnoodle - :airplane:
2 TeachLittleKids - :airplane:
3 CalicoBeer
4 jendallas

Group L-41 - Addresses sent 06.05.24
1 virgomar0918 - :airplane: :sunglasses: NewEnglandEllen,
2 TeachLittleKids - :airplane:
3 CalicoBeer
4 NewEnglandEllen - :airplane: :sunglasses: virgomar0918,

Group M-41 - Addresses sent 06.01.24
1 virgomar0918 - :airplane: :dizzy:
2 salemhouse - :airplane: :sunglasses: nursegarry, virgomar0918
3 skatingjerry - :airplane: :dizzy:
4 nursegarry - :airplane:

Group N-41 - Addresses sent 06.08.24
1 Bakersmom - :airplane:
2 TeachLittleKids
3 MichelleW - :airplane:
4 CalicoBeer

Group P-41 - Addresses sent 06.08.24
1 l2y
2 CalicoBeer - :airplane:
3 prssrp - :airplane:
4 TeachLittleKids

Group Q-41 - Addresses sent 06.10.24
1 skatingjerry - :airplane:
2 kanosis - :airplane: :
3 CalicoBeer - :airplane:

Group R-41 :roller_skate:
1 skatingjerry
2 CalicoBeer
3 virgomar0918
4 Hazygirl

Group S-41 - Addresses sent 06.12.24
1 salemhouse - :airplane:
2 MichelleW - :airplane:
3 CalicoBeer
4 uconn


Closed Groups

All groups prior to Z-14

Groups A-30-NameGame-30

Group A30 nursegarry, Allayne22, scoutingbear, hootnoodle
Group B30 Allayne22, MichelleW, salemhouse, Ukucaitie
Group C30 journeyforth, mommerson, Allayne22
Group D30 ljbauer, Allayne22, nursegarry, uconn
Group E30 ellistrations, Allayne22, nursegarry, uconn
Group F30 Allayne22, nursegarry, MichelleW, mommerson
Group G30 prssrp, MichelleW, Allayne22, mommerson
Group H-30 scoutingbear, Susaninutah, Allayne22, Missy99
Group I30 scoutingbear, Allayne22, MrsE, Hazygirl
Group J-30 prssrp, hootnoodle, uconn, Stephofyorktown
Group K30 nursegarry, MrsE, mommerson, prssrp
Group L30 MichelleW, Allayne22, MrsE, journeyforth
Group M30 Allayne22, prssrp, nursegarry, MichelleW
Group N30 Allayne22, mommerson, Traveler1313, Hazygirl
Group O30 hootnoodle, MichelleW, Hazygirl, Allayne22
Group P30 prssrp, Susaninutah, Hazygirl, uconn
Group QXYZ30 MrsE, MichelleW, Hazygirl, prssrp
Group R30 scoutingbear, HoosierWyomingite, Allayne22, Jocrafts
Group S30 jocrafts, prssrp, MichelleW, mommerson
Group T30 Allayne22, alcott1, prssrp, hootnoodle
Group U30 nursegarry, mommerson, Hazygirl
Group V30 journeyforth, Hazygirl, MrsE, hootnoodle
Group W30 Allayne22, StephofYorktown, prssrp, mommerson
Name Game Challenge 30 Multiple participants

Groups A-31-NameGame-31

Group A31 prssrp, MrsE, Allayne22, Hazygirl
Group B31 MichelleW, MrsE, Allayne22, Hazygirl
Group C31 hootnoodle, MichelleW, Susaninutah, Ringo16
Group D31 salemhouse, nursegarry, MrsE, Hazygirl
Group E31 alcott1, Traveler1313, nursegarry, prssrp
Group F31 MichelleW, nursegarry, MrsE, Hazygirl
Group G31 MrsE, sleepyhippo1, hootnoodle, Hazygirl
Group H31 mommerson, Allayne22, Traveler1313, Beachyblonde
Group I31 prssrp, hootnoodle, uconn, Traveler1313
Group J31 Allayne22, jocrafts, hootnoodle, Hazygirl
Group K31 prssrp, mommerson, jocrafts, Susaninutah
Group L31 Susaninutah, Allayne22, ellistrations, PostAddy,
Group M31 MichelleW, uconn, Allayne22, prssrp, jocrafts
Group N31 journeyforth, jocrafts, MichelleW, uconn
Group O31 prssrp, nursegarry, uconn, hootnoodleGroup P31 Allayne22, salemhouse, dnrhott, DaisyDekker
Group QXYZ31 prssrp, nursegarry, Susaninutah, MichelleW
Group R31 Hazygirl, DaisyDekker, Susaninutah, prssrp
Group S31 Allayne22, Hazygirl, MrsE, salemhouse
Group T31 Allayne22, Hazygirl, MrsE, MichelleW
Group U31 Alcott1, HookedOnPostcards, MrsE, DaisyDekker
Group V31 prssrp, MichelleW, nursegarry
Group W31 scoutingbear, salemhouse, prssrp, Allayne22
Group NameGame31 - multiple participants

Groups A-32-NameGame-33

Group A32 hootnoodle, DaisyDekker, mommerson, dnrhott, journeyforth
Group B32 prssrp, Allayne22, MichelleW, scoutingbear
Group C32 MichelleW, prssrp, Allayne22, mommerson
Group D32 Allayne22, Susaninutah, MrsE, scoutingbear
Group E32scoutingbear, salemhouse, hootnoodle, Allayne22
Group F32 salemhouse, DaisyDekker, scoutingbear, MichelleW
Group G32 StephofYorktown, hootnoodle, MichelleW, Susahinutah
Group H32 Allayne22, scoutingbear, ellistrations, MichelleW
Group I32 MrsE, scoutingbear, HoosierWyomingite, journeyforth
Group J32 MrsE, Allayne22, nursegarry, Susaninutah
Group K32 MrsE, nursegarry, scoutingbear, Hazygirl
Group L32 prssrp, MrsE, scoutingbear, MichelleW
Group M32 uconn, nursegarry, salemhouse, luckycherry
Group N32 Susaninutah, Hazygirl, prssrp, hootnoodle
Group O32 Beachyblonde, uconn, prssrp, salemhouse
Group P32 HookedOnPostcards, MichelleW, uconn, HoosierWyomingite
Group QXYZ32 MichelleW, nursegarry, Susaninutah, Beachyblonde
Group R32 hootnoodle, CStar9, nursegarry, prssrp, Ringo16
Group S32 nursegarry, Ringo16, salemhouse, MichelleW
Group T32 sleepyhippo1, alcott1, uconn, hootnoodle
Group U32 prssrp, thrakaboom, AccentOnHakes
Group V32 MichelleW, Susaninutah, uconn, hootnoodle
Group W32 Cocosmom, prssrp, sleepyhippo1, Beachyblonde, scoutingbear
NameGame32 Group 9 participants

Group A33 AccentOnHakes, Susaninutah, ellistrations, hootnoodle
Group B33 DaisyDekker, Allayne22, Hazygirl, Beachyblonde
Group C33 Allayne22, alcotts, salemhouse, Ringo16
Group D33 prssrp, hootnoodle, MichelleW, sleepyhippo1
Group E33 MichelleW, uconn, CStar9, DaisyDekker
Group F33 StephofYorktown, salemhouse, uconn, alcott1
Group G33 hootnoodle, nursegarry, uconn, MichelleW
Group H33 MichelleW, prssrp, cstar9, Ringo16
Group I33 nursegarry, StephofYorktown, tippy0828, uconn
Group J33 Beachyblonde, MichelleW, uconn, nursegarry
Group K33 tippy0828, salemhouse, Beachyblonde, uconn
Group L33 prssrp, Hazygirl, Beachyblonde, uconn
Group M33 salemhouse, uconn, TwoDoggies, Alb
Group N33 nursegarry, dnrhott, ellistrations, uconn
Group P33 MichelleW, Hazygirl, uconn, tippy0828
Group QXYZ33 prssrp, Yarn-Lady, uconn, MichelleW
Group R33 MichelleW, Alb, alcott1, sleepyhippo1
Group S33 alcott1, Alb, salemhouse, TwoDoggies, Yarn-Lady
Group T33 MichelleW, ellistrations, TwoDoggies, Yarn-Lady
Group U33 salemhouse, uconn, nursegarry, Allayne22
Group V33 Hazygirl, ellistrations, tippy0828, prssrp, nursegarry
Group W33 uconn, jendallas, Alb, prssrp
Name Game Challenge33 7 participants

Groups A-34-Name Game-34

Group A34 AccentOnHakes, Hazygirl, hootnoodle, TwoDoggies
Group B34 hootnoodle, Yarn-Lady, jocrafts, prssrp, StephofYorktown
Group C34 Yarn-Lady, MichelleW, salemhouse, jocrafts
Group D34 nursegarry, jendallas, MichelleW, prssrp
Group E34 MichelleW, uconn, StephofYorktown, nursegarry
Group F34 prssrp, salemhouse, Yarn-Lady, kanosis
Group G34 Yarn-Lady, kanosis, MichelleW, jendallas
Group H34 MichelleW, hootnoodle, kanosis, jendallas
Group I34 salemhouse, kanosis, AccentOnHakes, uconn
Group J34 kanosis, hootnoodle, nursegarry, Hazygirl
Group K34 prssrp, Allayne22, kanosis, Cocosmom
Group L34 kanosis, salemhouse, Hazygirl, Yarn-Lady
Group M34 kanosis, Allayne22, nursegarry, Hazygirl
Group N34 Hazygirl, kanosis, prssrp, Yarn-Lady
Group P34 uconn, kanosis, Allayne22, hootnoodle
Group QXYZ34 kanosis, Hazygirl, prssrp, Yarn-Lady
Group R34 kanosis, jendallas, Hazygirl, nursegarry
Group S34 Allayne22, salemhouse, kanosis, jendallas
Group T34 kanosis, jendallas, Alb, Hazygirl
Group U34 kanosis, jendallas, AccentOnHakes, WrenAtTheBeach
Group V34 nursegarry, Allayne22, kanosis, jendallas
Group W34 jendallas, kanosis, AccentOnHakes, MichelleW
NameGame34 salemhouse, Cocosmom, Hazygirl, uconn, MichelleW

Groups A-35-Name Game-35

Group A35 Allayne22, Hazygirl, kanosis, prssrp
Group B35 jendallas, kanosis, nursegarry, salemhouse
Group C35 kanosis, salemhouse, CorgiMama, jendallas
Group D35 jendallas, ucon, nursegarry, MichelleW
Group E35 kanosis, jendallas, nursegarry, Hazygirl
Group F35 prssrp, CorgiMama, jendallas, salemhouse,
Group G35 CorgiMama, jendallas, sleepyhippo1, ellistrations
Group H35 sleepyhippo1, prssrp, uconn, jendallas
Group I35 CorgiMama, Hazygirl, kanosis, Allayne22, jendallas
Group J35 CorgiMama, ellistrations, jendallas, kanosis
Group K35 uconn, jendallas, kanosis, MichelleW
Group L35 prssrp, jendallas, Allayne22, CorgiMama
Group M35 Allayne22, CorgiMama, jendallas, WrenattheBeach
Group N35 prssrp, jendallas, Zeln, kanosis
Group O35 jendallas, Hazygirl, ellistrations, kanosis
Group P35 Allayne22, steresem, kanosis, MichelleW
QXYZ35 prssrp, MichelleW, ellistrations, kanosis
Group R35 kanosis, prssrp, ellistrations, jendallas
Group S35 kanosis, Hazygirl, ellistrations, jendallas
Group T35 kanosis, Hazygirl, jendallas, prssrp
Group U35 kanosis, Hazygirl, jendallas, Beachyblonde
Group V35 kanosis, salemhouse, Hazygirl, jendallas
Group W35 Beachyblonde, jendallas, prssrp, kanosis
Group NameGame35 multiple participants

Groups A36-NameGame-36

Group A36 jendallas, nursegarry, prssrp, salemhouse
Group B36 Allayne22, Alb, AccentOnHakes, MichelleW
Group C36 salemhouse, Allayne22, Hazygirl, jendallas
Group D36 Allayne22, Hazygirl, nursegarry, hootnoodle
Group E36 Allayne22, sleepyhippo1, MichelleW, kanosis
Group F36 Allayne22, MichelleW, jendallas, kanosis
Group G36 jendallas, prssrp, hootnoodle, kanosis
Group H36 hootnoodle, MichelleW, JudyFL, kanosis
Group I36 alcott1, salemhouse, Hazygirl, MichelleW
Group M36 TeachLittleKids, StephyofYOrktown, salemhouse, Cynovian
Group N36 StephofYorktown, Allayne22, uconn, Hazygirl
Group O36 salemhouse, jendallas, hootnoodle, kanosis
Group P36 Allayne22, prssrp, Hazygirl, nursegarry
Group QZYZ36 nursegarry, Hazygirl, JudyFL, TeachLittleKids
Group R36 TeachLittleKids, jendallas, morningofthesun, nursegarry
Group S36 salemhouse, uconn, sleepyhippo1, Allayne22
Group T36 Allayne22, Zeln, sbmorrz, prssrp
Group U36 sbmorrz, prssrp, jendallas, alb
Group V36 sbmorrz, Hazygirl, Allayne22, jendallas
Group W36 JudyFL, Cynovian, Hazygirl, sunflak
Group Name-Game Challenge36 prssrp, salemhouse, uconn, Hazygirl, sunflak

Groups A37-W37

Group A37 Allayne22, TeachLittleKids, wmiz77, Hazygirl
Group B37 salemhouse, uconn, TeachLittleKids, prssrp
Group C37 prssrp, hootnoodle, MichelleW, Allayne22
Group D37 Cynovian, hootnoodle, TeachLittleKids, sleepyhippo1
Group E37 TeachLittleKids, sbmorrz, Cynovian, jendallas
Group F37 kanosis, nursegarry, Maslover12, jendallas
Group F37 TeachLittleKids, prssrp, Cynovian, jendallas
Group G37 prssrp, hootnoodle, nursegarry, kanosis
Group H37 hootnoodle, MichelleW, Maslover12, ReadWithMelissa
Group I37 sleepyhippo1, JudyFL, sunflak, jendallas
Group J37 MichelleW, clandysaws, jendallas, nursegarry
Group K37 sunflak, salemhouse, Cocosmom, jendallas
Group L37 salemhouse, prssrp, jendallas, kanosis
Group M37 nursegarry, kanosis, Maslover12, TeachLittleKids, StephofYorktown
Group N37 Maslover12, uconn, kanosis, jakaloping
Group O37 Maslover12, kanosis, jendallas, StephofYorktown
Group QXYZ37 kanosis, prssrp, TeachLittleKids, nursegarry
Group R37 Maslover12, TeachLittleKids, salemhouse, jendallas
Group S37 nursegarry, Cynovian, Maslove12, ReadwithMelissaGroup T37 JudyFL, kanosis, jendallas, TeachLittleKids
Group U37 JudyFL, kanosis, jendallas, Maslover12
Group V37 uconn, Maslover12, prssrp, kanosis
Group W37 prssrp, sleepyhippo1, jendallas

Group A38 salemhouse, jendallas, TeachLittleKids, sleepyhippo1
Group B38 salemhouse, jendallas, StephofYorktown, sunflak
Group C38 MichelleW, Maslover12, nursegarry, TeachLittleKids
Group D38 Maslover12, prssrp, jendallas, nursegarry
Group E38 TwoDoggies, TeachLittleKids, Maslover12, prssrp
Group G38 nursegarry, Maslover12, MichelleW, jendallas
Group H38 prssrp, MichelleW, uconn, kanosis
Group I38 salemhouse, uconn, nursegarry, hootnoodle
Group J38 jendallas, prssrp, Hazygirl, sunflack
Group K38 nursegarry, TwoDoggies, Hazygirl, MichelleW
Group L38 prssrp, Hazygirl, MichelleW, TeachLittleKids
Group M38 sunflak, salemhouse, sleepyhippo1, kanosis
Group N38 Cocosmom, MichelleW, hootnoodle, sleepyhippo1
Group O38 prssrp, TeachLittleKids, nursegarry, salemhouse
Group P38 CorinneJKS, Hazygirl, salemhouse, kanosis
Group Q38 nursegarry, kanosis, uconn
Grouip R38 MichelleW, TeachLittleKids, jendallas, kanosis
Group S-38 Cynovian, jendallas, prssrp, kanosis
Group T38 MichelleW, prssrp, kanosis, hootnoodle
Group U38 jendallas, sunflak, hootnoodle
Group V38 uconn, prssrp, MichelleW, kanosis
Group W38 salemhouse, GraceFamily, MichelleW, jendallas
Group X38 kanosis, MichelleW, Hootnoodle
Group Y38 prssrp, salemhouse, MichelleW
Group Z38 sleepyhippo1, jendallas, salemhouse
Group PAL38 kanosis, sleepyhippo1, jendallas, MichelleW

Group A39 prssrp, hootnoodle, TeachLittleKids, GraceFamily
Group B-39 TeachLittleKids, sleepyhippo1, StephofYorktown, Cynovian
Group C39 GraceFamily, TeachLittleKids, salemhouse, hootnoodle
Group D39 prssrp, Cynovian, hootnoodle, Hazygirl
Group E39 uconn, sleepyhippo1, TeachLittleKids, kanosis
Group F39 sleepyhippo1, jendallas, TeachLittleKids, kanosis
Group G39 sleepyhippo1, jendallas, sunflak, MichelleW
Group H39 GraceFamily, salemhouse, prssrp, TeachLittleKids
Group I39 TeachLittleKids, prssrp, jendallas, kanosis
Group J39 hootnoodle, MichelleW, jendallas, kanosis
Group K39 uconn, GraceFamily, TeachLittleKids, Michelle
Group L39 TeachLittleKids, jendallas, hootnoodle, MichelleW
Group M39 sleepyhippo1, prssrp, jendallas, hootnoodle
Group N39 jendallas, hootnoodle, prssrp, HazygirlGroup O39 sunflak, salemhouse, jendallas, prssrp
Group P39* StephOfYorktown, sleepyhippo1, prssrp, kanosis
Group Q39 uconn, MichelleW, CStar9, TeachLittleKids
Group R39 tia272, sleepyhippo1, prssrp, TeachLittleKids, alcott1
Group S39 sleepyhippo1, TeachLittleKids, nursegarry, prssrp
Group T39 hootnoodle, Hazygirl, jendallas, kanosis
Group T39 jendallas, hootnoodle, prssrp, Hazygirl
Group U39 Hazygirl, prssrp, 4kids2pay4, rainandfog
Group V39 kanosis, salemhouse, Hazygirl, prssrp
Group W39 prssrp, salemhouse, Hazygirl, nursegarry
Group X39 kanosis, prssrp, Alb
Group Y39 MichelleW, kanosis, misslyss, Hazygirl
Group Z39 kanosis, MichelleW, sunflak, hootnoodle

Group B40 hootnoodle, salemhouse, Susaninutah, Cocosmom
Group E40 prssrp, kanosis, MichelleW, uconn
Group F40 jendallas, MichelleW, salemhouse, sleepyhippo1
Group G40 hootnoodle, Susaninutay, prssrp, kanosis
Group S40 kanosis, tia272, Allayne22, TeachLittleKids
Group W40 nursegarry, MichelleW, prssrp, Hazygirl

Group A41 tia272, kanosis, StephofYorktown, nursegarry
Group B41 hootnoodle, Maslover12, virgomar0918, prssrp

PLEASE DON’T DELETE! One more “save” for future info!

Michelle, you are amazing for taking over! You are doing double duty–props!

I’ll take a spot in N.


I held off thinking someone else might want to discover the joy of hosting…but I couldn’t wait any longer!

You’re our first “joiner!” Yay - thank you :bouquet:

I’ll finish off N and join O, too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you, @MichelleW for hosting!! :heart:

Wow - you’re putting me to work really quickly, huh!

I’m going to hold off sending address lists for the existing groups just to be sure everyone wants to stay in. Like, @TeamBearCat and @emilyann! :kissing_cat:

How’s that for stalling??? :smirk_cat:


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I’m definitely in! As soon as I get a little more organized at home, I’ll be jumping back into more groups :slight_smile:

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Wow @MichelleW, thanks for bringing this group back! And I love the idea of combining the hard letters like QXZ.

I’ll keep my place in N and O.


Hi! Can I join Group O-16? I’ve sent my address from another RR.

I’ll be joining in again soon. I’ve been rather disorganized and at loose ends.

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Please sign me up for K-16 and 0-16

Please put me in any group.

Mary, you’re catching up everywhere, aren’t you? Good to see!

Groups K-16, N-16 and O-16 closed and I sent the address lists.

I’m trying out our “Challenge Group - QXYZ-01” to see if it fits with the group dynamic. First come, first served as far as the letter - everyone must choose differently! :astonished:

Thanks for the updates.

N-16 cards should go out tomorrow.

The challenge group sounds fun! Can I try Q? I saw one card as I was hunting for N cards…the next three may have to get creative!

I sent N and O. :slight_smile:

My O-16 cards are going in the mail tomorrow!

What’s up for your weekend? I’m writing cards…and more cards…then more… Being a procrastinator often gets me into a heap of behindness!

Thanks for the update!!