Meet-ups outside of London?

You suggested it and are getting us organised so if you can’t do Sundays then a Saturday it is! :blush: Probably best to avoid Halloween anyway as I guess it will be in half term, it usually is?

If you don’t want to do a postcard then it’s up to you :blush: however the card and stamping is a crucial part of the meet for many. When a meet-up goes on the meet-up board, you’ll usually find that there are people who sign up who don’t come on this British Isles part of the forum, and they will probably expect a card as that’s how it’s always been done - that’s not to say you have to have one, just to let you know what expectations may be :blush: I’ve just sent off the Bristol meet-up card for printing so could help there, but not with designing :rofl: Jenny helped me enormously with the design and advice on printing! There are a couple of other people on the BI forum who have designed meet-up cards if Jenny isn’t able to assist this time, so don’t worry! :kissing_heart:


@jobloggs Thank you very much for the clarity! :smiley::heart_hands: Going to go and do another think! :laughing:


It’s the host who decides how the meeting will be at the end. If Saturday is better for you, Saturday it should be.
Do what you’re more comfortable with.

Whether you decide to print a postcard or use any other postcard is up to you. I already offered to help with the design if you need it. :blush:

About the date, just check if have any other meetings to avoid a date conflict.
Quick Reminder 1st October is World Postcard Day and is probable that a meeting will be happening in the weekend before.

But you definitely will need your personalised sticker or stamp, depending on the number of postcards at the end, because signing 500 postcards by hand can be hard. :sweat_smile:
Take your time, no need to rush.


@JennyAssis 500??!! Really??!! OMG!! :joy::joy::joy: Thanks for the warning!! :grin: I have been looking at the 18 May meet (for training purposes! :joy::joy:) and estimated that 250 were possibly ordered!!

I had a go at getting the logo on a lovely, copyright-free pic of Corfe Castle and it sort of worked! I’m still researching. :upside_down_face:

Yes, you have offered to help and that is very good of you. :blush::heart_hands: I am an adult, (allegedly! :crazy_face:) I should be able to work it out! :grimacing: But also, I am able to ask for help! Soooooo, if I can’t get it to work, do you feel okay if I come back to you on it? :nerd_face:

Thank you for all the help @jobloggs, @JennyAssis and everyone. :blush: I do appreciate it very much. :grin::gift_heart:


Sure not a problem.
You can get the Postcrossing logo at the website, check the meetup and logo guidelines ☝️ Meetup Guidelines


:woman_facepalming:t3: Yes, I probably should have mentioned I did find the logo pack! Thank you!

Thank you also for being okay about me coming back to you if I can’t work out the card. :grinning::heart_hands: On every U.K. meet-up I see, you seem to design the card - it’s very good of you. I do appreciate you ‘having my back’ about it. @jobloggs said you were very generous-hearted and helpful. :grin:

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Good idea to head to a meet before organising one, I think.

I went to my first meet last Autumn and my mind was blown by the number of cards to sign! Luckily I had bought a stamp beforehand on the basis of advice on the forum. The signing was a massive feat of organisation too!

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However you decide to go ahead just be clear of the plans. Then people will be able to decide if they can go.

This will be your meetup so you get to pick when and where.

Most people would be keen to have a meetup postcard.

Have a look at price to print. Ask attendees how many they would like and give a cost per postcard. With a deadline for letting you know. Then you can get the right number of cards. Although its likely you’ll have a few spares but they make great swaps.

It helps to update the meetup with a list of attendees and you can add the number of postcards by their name. Past meetups will show this.

I was surprised by how long signing took. There could be a lot of cards to sign and people will want to chat and likely eat some food. But thats why its so much fun.

At the start of the signing part of the meetup. You’ll give people their cards and collect the money. Then each person writes their initials on their cards so they get them back at the end.

Then the cards are passed round with each person signing or stamping them. A stamp certainly saves your hand.

Don’t worry if you dont get to a meetup before hosting. My first meetup was one i was hosting. There are bound to be people there who have been to many meetups.


Hi @TinyMouse, thank you for all that, very helpful! :grin::heart_hands: I have been looking at other meet-ups for ‘training purposes’. :joy: Especially @jobloggs May meet-up. I have noted much of what you say, but going to bookmark your list of advice! Thank you. :smile:

I’ve been drafting a plan, based on what I have learned, all the great advice I’ve received and what it appears people need to know. When it eventually goes up, everyone can whip out their red pens and give me a grade…. I am hoping for at least a B-!! :joy::joy:

Yourself, @jobloggs and @JennyAssis all talked about a personal stamp and I’ve seen the backs of meet-up postcards, so I am off to find a completely necessary and essential new Postcrossing toy now! :laughing:

Thank you @TinyMouse :blush: :heart_hands:


For your stamp, try customstampdesigns (i found them through Etsy). The owner is really helpful. Many GB users seem to have their stamps from him- it was a forum recommended place .
You have to upload your design but if you are stuck for that or want something really special I know @JennyAssis does designs(?as her profession?)


Yes, I definitely can create a personalised stamp.
Yes, I hold a degree in Design :grin:


Thank you for the recommendations for a stamp. :pray::hugs: I ordered one before I saw these posts, but I will keep the recommendations in mind for the future. One can never have too many stamps. :nerd_face:

If I am happy with my stamp, I will post on here where I got them in case anyone is interested. :slightly_smiling_face:


I rarely visit here on the Forum & have just read this thread. I would be up to meet at Corfe Castle, as long as it’s not during half term. I have somewhere to stay near Christchurch & there are various travel options (I don’t have a car). I sometimes visit Corfe Castle when on holiday in Dorset, but I don’t know it well enough to suggest a place to sign cards etc.


It’s on!! Thank you everyone!! :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:

(Please let me know if I missed anything!! :nerd_face::crazy_face:XXX)