Meet-ups outside of London?

Hi everyone

I hope this is allowed, please delete or move if not. I don’t think you can put anything on the meet-up board without a date and location so posting here!

I have recently attended my first 2 meet-ups and loved them! But I’ve noticed the only 2 UK meet-ups now planned are both in London and wondered if there would be interest in more meets in other areas of the UK?

I have put together a poll (1st time doing this so hope I’ve done it right!). I’ve just loosely rounded up areas of the UK, I know people will refer to places differently, no offence intended to anyone! :blush:

Please do add comments below if you think I’ve missed anything, I didn’t want to have too many areas! Obviously I know people can’t commit until dates are arranged, just trying to gauge interest really, you can vote for as many areas as you like :slightly_smiling_face:

  • South / Mid Scotland
  • North Scotland / Highlands
  • North Wales
  • South / Mid Wales
  • North East England
  • North West England
  • South West England
  • South East England
  • East Midlands and Yorkshire
  • East of England
  • West Midlands and Heart of England
  • Northern Ireland
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Please feel free to remove this if it’s not allowed😄, but seeing as my area of interest is the south west of England, I thought I would provide a further breakdown for this area.

I am genuinely interested to see if a meet-up in my area could take place. :smiley:

(With gratitude to @jobloggs for putting this out there in the first place and no intention whatsoever of treading on @jobloggs’ toes. :smiling_face: Or causing offence to anyone - I did seriously consider doing a fully inclusive poll until I realised how many counties the U.K. has, so a full poll in one post was not practical! :grimacing:)

U.K.- England - South West counties
  • Cornwall
  • Devon
  • Dorset
  • Hampshire
  • Somerset
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Link to county information I used:

[Sometimes Hampshire is classed as ‘south west’, sometimes as ‘south’ depending on the source referenced. I am including it here because why not? :slightly_smiling_face:]

Thanks folks! Have a good day. :smiling_face::heart_hands:


Yay, thanks for doing this @TeaCakesAndBooks - although I’m really keen to see some meet-ups in other parts of the country, I would definitely need someone local to help with the details! More than happy if this inspires others to think about organising meet-ups too! :heart:


Could someone possibly explain how the ‘ordering special postcards for a Postcrossing meet-up’ thing works?

I am new, mystified and therefore will absolutely not be offended if you explain it to me like I am a small child! :laughing:

Thank you in advance. :grin::+1::gift_heart:


Hello @TeaCakesAndBooks , good question! When I organised a Meet-up last year, I asked @JennyAssis to design a card for me, then sent her design to Vistaprint for printing. You of course might have the art and design skills to produce your own design (I don’t)!

If including the Postcrossing logo, you need to include a sentence on the written side of your design to the effect that the logo is a registered trademark of Postcrossing. The meet-up guidelines include the exact sentence to use.


Hi @chrisbonham11,

Thank you for replying and explaining and so quickly too. :smiling_face::pray:

I assumed that the organiser designed the postcards - it never occurred to me that other people could and would help, so thank you for mentioning that! :smile:

One thing that confuses me - I have noticed that people seem to order cards from the meet-up organiser after the organiser has had the shipment of cards delivered - so how does the organiser know how many to order? :thinking::grimacing:

(Apologies to @jobloggs if it feels like I have hijacked your thread - but honestly, you read my mind with your initial post! :woman_shrugging:t3::blush:)

Thank you. :grin::pray:


Not hijacking at all, I’d love to see more people thinking about organising meets in their area, where they know the area and what there is to do there! :heart:

And I would never organise a meet-up if I had to design my own card - I’m not artistic AT ALL! :joy:

Some hosts do design their own cards but i know that @JennyAssis has designed many meet-up cards- she’s a meet-up guru! :hugs:


You’re welcome @TeaCakesAndBooks !

This is a tricky one! I decided to order 250 postcards in advance of the meet-up, before I had everyone’s requests in, mainly to ensure I actually had the postcards for people on the day. I based this number on the numbers of postcards generally ordered by those attending a similar sized meet-up (c.12 people), plus allowing some extra in case any more were requested by folks on the day. It also meant a reasonable price per postcard of 14p for the participants. I ended up with a fair few left over, but I’d rather that than running out of postcards on the day.


@chrisbonham11 Wowzers!! :exploding_head: That’s a lot of postcards! :laughing: But seeing how many people seem to want them, it does make sense now that you say it. :thinking::upside_down_face:

@jobloggs Thank you for not minding my ‘hijacking’ your thread with questions! :blush::pray:
Yes, I was that kid at school that kept asking questions when everyone else wanted to just leave!! :face_with_peeking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you both so much for answering my questions! :grin::pray::gift_heart:


Sorry for looking in your British part of the forum ( I was just curious) - in Germany there are many meetups. For some meetups there are even 2-4 different designs for meetup cards. Why I write here is, because I just know the procedure, that the participants first announce the amount of the cards they would love to receive and then the cards are ordered for printing! Some even let participants first pay to be sure, that they will not be left with the costs. :slightly_smiling_face:
I was so surprised to read here, that you let the cards print first :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @reiselustig! Absolutely no need for apologies at all - this is an open thread for anyone to read and contribute. :slightly_smiling_face::heart_hands:

I appreciate your response. As I mentioned previously, I could not understand why postcards were ordered first before numbers were fully known. @chrisbonham11 was kind enough to explain. And your contribution helps me further understand that everyone arranges things differently, according to what suits individuals. :thinking::upside_down_face:

I imagine it would be up to the meet-up organiser how they want to arrange things regarding the meet-up postcards? :grinning:

It is an unspoken/universally accepted thing that meet-ups ‘must’ have an accompanying postcard? :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t think it’s a must - more of a nice to have.
Some meetups don’t have meetup cards!


I think it is also a question of how many people meet. Here we have in some areas Mini-Meetups, where 5 - 10 postcrossers from one city meet every month for breakfast etc. - they don’t have a meeting card :-). Bigger meetups with 20 or more partidipants usually have at least one design, because there is alswasy one person who loves to design one :slight_smile: But as it was said above, it is not always the organizer but someone who feels talented to do so :slight_smile:
As @Seracker said, it is not a must at all but nice. At my first attended meetup I didn’t preorder meetup cards because at that time I didn’t really like them. So I decided to choose for every person from the forum who I wanted to surprise with a card a certain postcard according to their wishlist. After that I appreciatzed meetingcards, because it takes sooo much time to read 20 profiles or more and then to choose so many certain postcards - it was simply to much time for preparation. Since then I use meetingscards :slight_smile: (although I have more than enough postcards to choose from) And now I also know that many active forum members collect these meeting cards so I think they are more happy about them :slight_smile:


@reiselustig Thank you for explaining - and about your experience with picking out individual postcards - I think I finally get it!! :bulb::smiley: Makes absolute sense!! :grin:


@Seracker Thank you. :smiling_face::pray:

Thank you everyone for so many votes!

New Bristol meet-up details here!


Calling all Midlands residents!
I need suggestions in York: A place to visit and a place for a meetup (eat and sign postcards).
All suggestions are welcome :two_hearts:

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We will celebrate Postcrossing Anniversary in York


Testing the water……

It appears that Dorset is a popular choice for a meet-up location, at least according to the poll results for this time and date. :nerd_face:

So - any suggestions for a preferred town/location in Dorset in to which to meet? :slightly_smiling_face:


Unfortunately this would be 4+ hours each way for me so unlikely unless i could make a long weekend of it, I’d definitely consider it though so will watch with interest!

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