Meet-ups outside of London?

Hi @reiselustig! Absolutely no need for apologies at all - this is an open thread for anyone to read and contribute. :slightly_smiling_face::heart_hands:

I appreciate your response. As I mentioned previously, I could not understand why postcards were ordered first before numbers were fully known. @chrisbonham11 was kind enough to explain. And your contribution helps me further understand that everyone arranges things differently, according to what suits individuals. :thinking::upside_down_face:

I imagine it would be up to the meet-up organiser how they want to arrange things regarding the meet-up postcards? :grinning:

It is an unspoken/universally accepted thing that meet-ups ‘must’ have an accompanying postcard? :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t think it’s a must - more of a nice to have.
Some meetups don’t have meetup cards!


I think it is also a question of how many people meet. Here we have in some areas Mini-Meetups, where 5 - 10 postcrossers from one city meet every month for breakfast etc. - they don’t have a meeting card :-). Bigger meetups with 20 or more partidipants usually have at least one design, because there is alswasy one person who loves to design one :slight_smile: But as it was said above, it is not always the organizer but someone who feels talented to do so :slight_smile:
As @Seracker said, it is not a must at all but nice. At my first attended meetup I didn’t preorder meetup cards because at that time I didn’t really like them. So I decided to choose for every person from the forum who I wanted to surprise with a card a certain postcard according to their wishlist. After that I appreciatzed meetingcards, because it takes sooo much time to read 20 profiles or more and then to choose so many certain postcards - it was simply to much time for preparation. Since then I use meetingscards :slight_smile: (although I have more than enough postcards to choose from) And now I also know that many active forum members collect these meeting cards so I think they are more happy about them :slight_smile:


@reiselustig Thank you for explaining - and about your experience with picking out individual postcards - I think I finally get it!! :bulb::smiley: Makes absolute sense!! :grin:


@Seracker Thank you. :smiling_face::pray:

Thank you everyone for so many votes!

New Bristol meet-up details here!


Calling all Midlands residents!
I need suggestions in York: A place to visit and a place for a meetup (eat and sign postcards).
All suggestions are welcome :two_hearts:

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We will celebrate Postcrossing Anniversary in York


Testing the water……

It appears that Dorset is a popular choice for a meet-up location, at least according to the poll results for this time and date. :nerd_face:

So - any suggestions for a preferred town/location in Dorset in to which to meet? :slightly_smiling_face:


Unfortunately this would be 4+ hours each way for me so unlikely unless i could make a long weekend of it, I’d definitely consider it though so will watch with interest!

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@jobloggs I know :grimacing: - I did think of you. I nearly tagged you in but then thought, it is such a loonnngggg drive for you! :flushed: I am glad that you are at least considering thinking about it though, if something does come off - it would be nice to meet you! :smile:

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How about the Cerne Giant or Corfe Castle?


I love Corfe Castle!! :smiley:

It would be great to meet you too, and any others! It would be dependent on being able to get a few days off work!

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It’s not far from me, just 2h drive.
I think it’s good for @TinyMouse


Good suggestion!
I’m in.

Hi folks! @JustJo @jobloggs @JennyAssis @TinyMouse @Ali_caj @MoominMog @geo_ and anyone else who might be interested…. :smile:

Full disclosure/‘small print’ before we get any further into this because this seems to be getting a bit more serious nowwww!!!…. I have no idea what I am doing!!! Never planned a meet-up before - very much not a natural hostess - have absolutely no idea what to do about a meet-up card!!! Can’t quite work out how I got here!!! :crazy_face::face_with_peeking_eye:

Okay, phew - big girl pants on - here we go…… :nerd_face:

It looks like we’ve got a positive response for a meet-up at Corfe Castle then…?:grinning:

When’s a good day for everyone? Most meet-ups seem to happen on a Saturday - does this feel like the best day for everyone?

I was thinking that we should maybe book a table in one of the local places? Probably an indoor table, given changeable British weather. I have no idea where though. What do other people do? Ring round places and see what the reception is like for booking a table for a meet-up? I know I’m going to want a cuppa and to eat lunch etc, but not assuming others will. But I would assume that anywhere we might book would expect to make food/drink sales…… :woman_shrugging:t3:

When’s good meeting time? What’s the usual form?

Local knowledge suggestion I would very strongly advise not meeting up in the peak weeks of the school holidays, half terms etc. Corfe Village and the castle gets extremely busy and parking becomes very challenging. Plus, aesthetically, it affects the atmosphere of the place. Corfe Village is small and fills up with people very fast. A ‘normal’ Saturday in decent weather is going to make it busy enough.

Any questions/points that I haven’t thought of? More than happy to accept helppppp!!! :grin:


I fully sympathise @TeaCakesAndBooks , I’ve arranged a meet-up in Bristol next month where I’ve never even been :joy: (with lots of help from a local Postcrosser!)

Luckily we have wonderful people who will help! While i don’t want to offer her services without asking, @JennyAssis has designed many meet-up cards and they’re fantastic- something I wouldn’t ever be able to do unless they featured stick people! :joy:

I would suggest booking a table, I imagine everyone will have a drink and most will eat; the card signing is an important part of the day so a pre-booked table would definitely take away some stress, especially if it’s busy!

Saturdays are generally the day picked (sometimes Sundays too). Often something like meet for an activity at 11 and then lunch and signing cards at 1 (it’s useful to clarify this for people who might just want to come for lunch / signing, this often happens if people have visited the attraction / activity before).

Just ask here for any help, and remember everyone that’s ever organised a meet-up did it for the first time once! :hugs:


Thank yoooouuuuuu @jobloggs! Bless your heart for replying so quickly! :gift_heart::blush: Everything you say make sense. :grin:

So more questions then obviously!! (For anyone to answer if they can/want to - not intending to put pressure on @jobloggs :grin::heart_hands:)

Do we need to book a table for at least three hours then? :thinking::face_with_monocle:

Need to research Corfe Castle opening/closing times?

Need to research where we can book a table?

Does everyone want a meet-up card and is there someone (not automatically assuming @JennyAssis will/can do it :heart_hands::slightly_smiling_face:) who can do this?

Let’s call it a Saturday then, unless there is strong resistance! :smile:

Off to lie down in a darkened room for a while nowwww!!! :face_with_spiral_eyes::joy:


Hey, I’m sure it’ll all go to plan.

Corfe Castle is on my list of places to visit I think its 2 to 3 hours from me. So pop me down as a maybe :blush:

To make it possible for those traveling further a later start could be good. When i arranged a meetup in Portsmouth (the one time). We had a start of 1pm. People came from as far away as Scotland! on the same day. Which I was so surprised by! I like a later start as it gives time for travel but early birds can still arrive earlier and explore the area.

Weekend probably works best asauming people are working 9-5 and then a Saturday as places are normally open later. Although a Sunday could also work. But pick a day with enough notice so those who may need to book a day off have chance.

Ooh, also have a look at the other meetup dates and dont pick one too near the others.

With picking somewhere for food I’d try to get somewhere thats not too expensive and is possible just to buy a drink. So there is a choice especially for those on a budget.

Also if the attraction Corfe Castle has an entrace fee some may choose to just do the meetup part.

It sounds like a fab meetup location. Any questions just ask, everyone was so helpfull when I set up the Portsmouth one last year.